Grocery Gift Cards for Cancer Patients

Many Individuals Diagnosed with Cancer Struggle to Afford Medical Bills for Their Treatment, But You Can Help Them Put Food on the Table with These Gift Card Ideas

Cancer is never easy to deal with. Whether you’re the patient, a family member, beloved friend, or a close coworker – the reality of cancer is that it doesn’t care, and it will continue to affect everyone around it with the pains of grief.


There are so many aspects of cancer that are outside of anyone’s control, medical professional or not, and it can be difficult to cope with performing everyday activities when you have a close relationship with a cancer patient. Though you want to be there to offer support, you have no idea how to do that in a useful manner. 


Good news, though: simple gestures go a long way. 


The medical and financial burden caused by cancer can wreak havoc on a patient’s livelihood. People who seek cancer treatment rack up debt and suddenly cannot afford the basic necessities to live, like food. And while you can’t make anyone’s problems disappear, you can help make living with cancer a more bearable situation. 


Through a small gesture of kindness, you can help cancer patients afford to feed themselves. Continue reading to learn more about the different types of grocery gift cards available at Gift Card Granny, such as:

  • Gift cards for grocery shopping

  • Gift cards for home meal services 

  • Gift cards for delivery services

Earn Cash Back on Grocery Gift Cards for Cancer Patients with Gift Card Granny

On the off chance that you’ve been out in space orbiting Earth and away from civilization for the past year or two, you may be unfamiliar with what Gift Card Granny does. By providing an extensive catalog of local and national brands, we make shopping for gift cards a simple endeavor. Send them through the mail or digitally to anyone you need to, and earn cash back while you’re at it. It’s like a gift for two people!


Now that we’re on the same page, let’s get on with the list. 

Whole Foods

All You Need is a Little Nature

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Staying healthy becomes crucial when undergoing cancer treatment. When much of your energy is being sapped away through intense medical care, it becomes difficult to do even simple, self-care related tasks.


Cooking, too, becomes an issue of immense proportions. Who has time to care about trivial concerns about balanced meals and health-conscious decisions? 


You can make this hard situation a little easier with a gift card to Whole Foods. Give anyone with cancer the means to shop at a grocery giant, where all the ingredients they need to prepare their favorite meals are naturally sourced and at their fingertips. 


Whole Foods gift cards can be redeemed at any location, never lose their value, and give the gift of good, organic produce to any shopper. Purchase a gift card to Whole Foods at Gift Card Granny and earn cash back on quality groceries.  

Omaha Steaks 

For Meat Lovers Everywhere

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Being a cancer patient doesn’t mean having to abstain from favorite foods, and that goes for red meat too. 


Founded in Omaha, Nebraska, over one hundred years ago in 1917, Omaha Steaks serves as a food retailer that specializes in quality cuts of gourmet meat and other select types of food. Find the perfect filet mignon, sirloin, or porterhouse to fulfill the role of dinner centerpiece, or shop the various appetizers and starter plates. 


Place an order online to get a package of delicious meat delivered right to your front door, or take a little excursion outside the house and travel to your nearest physical retailer. No drive is too long when it comes to cooking up a delectable meal. 


And to accompany any romantic night in, Omaha Steaks has the best wine and dessert selections to choose from. Give a memorable evening with a Omaha Steaks gift card from Gift Card Granny, and don’t feel bad about earning some cash back either. 

Shop ‘n Save

Less Worrying, More Saving


For anyone who really needs to crack down on grocery spending hard, Shop ‘n Save could be the saving grace they’re searching for. 


Shop ‘n Save operates as a combination of a discount grocer’s and full-service grocery outlet, bringing the entire supermarket experience to its several locations in the northeastern United States. Shop ‘n Save offers butcher and deli services, a liquor and beer section, a bakery department, and pharmacy services. 


No matter which direction you turn your head, countless signs of immense savings and great deals will surround you. The weekly grocery trip does not have to become a financial burden on any household, and Shop ‘n Save can help anyone get the food they need. 


Blue Apron

Life Should Be Packed with Flavor

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Instead of traditional grocery shopping, let’s take a different route and explore the intricacies of meals prepped and delivered straight to your door. 


If, for any reason, a regular trip to the supermarket is off the table, there are other options out there to access delicious, healthy food. By prepping the ingredients and providing step-by-step instructions that detail how to cook the meal, Blue Apron makes cooking a simple task. 


The grocery store on any regular day can sometimes turn into a hassle, and pairing a shopping trip with cancer treatment can be more trouble than it’s worth. Bypass the issue completely with Blue Apron and get ready to experience some amazing food too. 


Get a Blue Apron gift card from Gift Card Granny to experience a world of delicious flavors and sweet cash back. 


Shop Local Stores from Your Couch

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Spending money on medical treatment, grocery costs, and gas? If that doesn’t sound like a fun time for anyone, then you can only imagine how a cancer patient feels. 


Channel some good samaritan energy and make grocery expenses less of a pain with a Instacart gift card. Not only are you helping someone afford their next meal; with Instacart, you’re cutting gas completely out of the equation. 


Shop old favorites and exciting new products from the convenience of a phone, schedule automatic deliveries, and receive great service through one convenient app. Instacart is truly a game changer, so don’t miss out on this opportunity!


We offer a large selection of retailers to choose from on Gift Card Granny, though Instacart has yet to join our catalog. Stay on high alert, though – we’re always adding more brands to the list. 


Grocery Shopping Made Simple


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What’s better than fulfilling all of your grocery needs without having to run and visit five or six other stores? Considering the immense waste of gas and time, it’s safe to assume not much.


Time and secure finances are big concerns for a cancer patient, who’s already balancing an obnoxious load of burdens on their proverbial plate. As a friend (or coworker, acquaintance, or distant relative), do what you can to take a scoop of stress out of their life with the power of Albertsons. 


Stocked with quality products, fresh baked goods, and even personal care items to improve your well-being, Albertsons has anything you could ever want from a grocery run. Make shopping easy by placing a pickup order, go the traditional route, or place a delivery order online. 


Grocery shopping should be easy, so get a gift card to Albertsons today and earn cash back with no hassle. 

Hello Fresh

Become Your Own Personal Chef

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Never miss out on a good meal with a subscription to Hello Fresh. Create a custom meal plan fit for households of all sizes, correctly proportioned with the key ingredients needed to create excellence in the kitchen.


Cancer is a disease that can impact mobility and cause physical exhaustion, making tasks like cooking and detailed grocery shopping bothersome, even painful. With Hello Fresh, the shopping and meal prep is already done, which leaves you with the task of following simple steps in the kitchen to create tasty meals brimming with flavor and nutritional value.


Unfortunately, Gift Card Granny does not host Hello Fresh quite yet, but check back to see which brands get added to our catalog next! 


Giant Eagle

Bigger is Better and All that Jazz

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Ever since its beginning in 1918 in Pittsburgh, PA, Giant Eagle has provided millions with a convenient location to purchase fresh produce and quality ingredients. By increasing accessibility to different types of food, Giant Eagle makes tasteful cooking as easy as ever. 


You can help pass on that gift to anyone in need of an extra dose of flavor in their life. A Giant Eagle gift card lessens the financial burden of groceries and gives easy access to a diverse selection of nutritious products. Traverse through the misty vegetable section, browse the fine cuts of meat at the deli, or smell the aroma of freshly baked bread.


Don’t forget to take advantage of the useful services offered by Giant Eagle to make grocery shopping easier for everyone. Swing by the store for a curbside pickup, stay inside with delivery, or treat others by placing a catering order.


A gift card to Giant Eagle will be appreciated by anyone, so grab one today and start earning cash back.

Peet’s Coffee

A Truly Tasteful Gift

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Surely, you must be thinking something like coffee is a ridiculous thing to add to this list. It isn’t an essential food item, it isn’t notably nutritious, it’s just dirty bean water – you get the picture. 


Good news, though. This list was made to consider the needs of everyone who is a cancer patient, and some of those individuals are dedicated coffee drinkers. They should be able to get their caffeine fix even during medical treatment, and as a supportive figure, you should indulge their desires. 


Peet’s Coffee is a specialty coffee roaster based in the San Francisco Bay Area that operates a chain of coffee bars around the vicinity. Browse the intricate, complex coffee roasts available in their stores, or opt to experience their diverse array of loose leaf teas that bring fresh aromas and tantalizing tastes to any tongue. 


The gift of coffee goes a long way, so give your own with a gift card to Peet’s Coffee! Cash back awaits your kindness. 

Not all cancers are the same, and neither is every patient. Make sure you know which grocery services would best fit into the lifestyle of the individual you’re shopping for before you make your pick. 


With so many fantastic retailers of quality food products and the various options that are available to make cooking more accessible for everyone, it’s a wonder that more people haven’t become master chefs. Maybe you can help give them the nudge they need with a gift card to encourage them to try out their talents in the kitchen. 


Even if that doesn’t end up working out exactly like what you had in mind, your gift is still going to go a long way for someone struggling with cancer. A healthy diet can do wonders for the mind and body, and a grocery gift card makes for a truly appreciated gift.