How to Use a Darden Restaurants Gift Card

Practically everyone enjoys a meal out from time to time. Some folks reserve dining out for special occasions shared with friends and family members, while others make visiting their favorite restaurants a frequent habit that they show no signs of shaking anytime soon. Regardless of your preferences when it comes to eating out, we can all certainly appreciate the company of a delicious meal. 

With so many restaurants to choose from, finding a place that serves the cuisine you crave should never be a problem. Be it Mexican, Italian, Mediterranean, Korean, Indian, Thai, or good old-fashioned American fare, there are a surplus of dining establishments serving a variety of scrumptious dishes ready to give your taste buds a little piece of heaven with every bite. From small one-of-a-kind eateries that leave a lasting impression to restaurant chains found across the country, you will always have the opportunity to try something new and exciting when you go out to eat.

One premier dining company operating several well-known restaurant chains you likely know and love is Darden. With well over nineteen thousand restaurants spread throughout the United States, there is a good chance you have dined at a few of their establishments during your restaurant ventures. Whether it be Olive Garden, LongHorn Steakhouse, or one of their many other delicious restaurant chains, Darden certainly knows how to deliver an exceptional dining experience that leaves customers hungry for more. 

If you or someone you know is a lover of Darden establishments, then you won’t find a more suitable gift than a gift card for Darden Restaurants. Rather than only working at one particular retailer or brand, a Darden Restaurants gift card can be used to pay for meals at any restaurant that operates within the Darden company. This means you have plenty of cuisine options to choose from and you do not have to settle for dining at any place that you aren’t in the mood for. If you happen to be someone whose tastes change on a consistent basis and you never find yourself craving the same thing twice, a Darden Restaurants gift card is the perfect tool to satisfy your picky palate. 

Darden Gift Card: Where to Use It

The great thing about Darden Restaurants gift cards is their versatility. While many gift cards are locked to specific brands and may only be used at certain shops, a Darden Restaurants gift card can be used at many different dining establishments that operate under the Darden company, which is a phenomenal feature for folks who like to branch out and try new dining options. Even the tastiest restaurants can get a little old for your taste buds after a while, but a Darden gift card allows users to mix things up whenever they wish to. 

If you are not sure what restaurants are Darden owned and operated, worry not – we will provide you with the full breakdown of establishments that do business under Darden Restaurants. After all, the last thing you want is to go to a restaurant you previously believed to be Darden operated, only to find out that your Darden gift card will not work when you attempt to pay. That is also why it never hurts to have a backup payment on hand, just in case you run into any unexpected difficulties. 

The restaurant brands currently operating within the Darden family are the following:

  • Olive Garden
  • LongHorn Steakhouse
  • Seasons 52
  • The Capital Grille
  • Yard House
  • Ruth’s Chris Steak House
  • Eddie V’s Prime Seafood
  • Bahama Breeze
  • Cheddar’s Scratch Kitchen 

At this time, there are nine beloved restaurant brands operating under Darden. From savory steakhouses and grilles to upscale and casual dining experiences, there is surely a Darden restaurant that will make your mouth water when you get one look at their flavorful menu. 

You can use your Darden Restaurants gift card at any of the aforementioned dining establishments. It is also worth noting that your Darden gift card will work on any future restaurant chains that happen to join the Darden family, which means even more delicious options to pack your plate with. 

Whether you wish to enjoy a nice meal out by yourself or with those you love, you should always have access to good food and attentive service; you’re guaranteed to get both when you dine out using your Darden gift card. 

Getting to Know Your Darden Gift Card

Gift cards for Darden Restaurants work much like any other type of gift card and have cash value at any dining establishment that operates within the Darden company. Depending on the value of your Darden gift card, you can use it to purchase menu items from any Darden restaurant you are dining at, including appetizers, entrées, desserts, beverages, and anything else that piques your interest. 

A Darden gift card may have enough value to pay for a meal for your entire family with some funds left over, or the gift card balance may only be enough to partially pay for your bill. In either case, you get to enjoy a good meal and pay less than you normally would if you did not have a gift card to use. 

If you have depleted the funds on your Darden gift card but prefer the convenience it offers when it comes to paying for your favorite cuisine over traditional cash or credit cards, you will be happy to know that you can always reload your Darden gift card with more funds to continue using it. Most Darden Restaurants gift cards are made to be reloadable, which sets them apart from other branded gift cards that are one use only. 

Darden Restaurants Gift Card Q&A

Q: How do I check a Darden gift card balance? 

Before you go out to eat at your favorite restaurant, you should be aware of the value on your Darden gift card so you can budget accordingly. If you are not sure what the amount on your gift card is because you have not been keeping track, don’t sweat it – you can easily check your remaining gift card balance right here. All you need in order to check your gift card balance is the 16-digit gift card number, which you can find on the back of your Darden gift card. 

Experiencing any difficulty with checking your balance online? You can get assistance over the phone by calling 877-500-9706 for a 24/7 automated gift card balance inquiry. If you need to contact customer service, please dial 800-642-7339 during normal operating hours Monday through Friday, 9am to 6pm EST. 

Q: How to activate a Darden gift card?

A Darden Restaurants gift card will be activated upon purchase, so you do not have to complete any extra steps before using your gift card to purchase your favorite meals. You can view the various Darden gift card options on their website. Whether you want to order an egift card that can be sent in a matter of minutes or a physical gift card that will be shipped out within two business days, you can immediately make use of your Darden gift card once it is in your possession. 

Q: Can you use a Darden gift card online?

Yes, you can use a Darden gift card when placing online orders to your favorite dining establishments so long as they are a part of the Darden family. In some circumstances, such as placing a takeout order or catering order where you are not physically present in the restaurant, you can pay for your order using your Darden gift card online or through the restaurant’s app. You will need to enter the 16-digit gift card number into the payment field and fill out any other necessary information in order for your order to be processed. Once you verify that everything is correct and submit your order, the funds will be deducted from your Darden gift card and you will be able to pick up your order. 

Q: How do Darden gift cards work?

A Darden Restaurants gift card works just like any other retail gift card that you’re used to. As long as you use your gift card at a restaurant that is within the Darden family, you will be able to apply the gift card funds towards the total of your purchase. The amount on your Darden gift card will vary and can either be enough to fully cover the cost of your meal or partially cover it. 

Once you are finished eating and ready to pay, simply hand your Darden Restaurants gift card over to your server and they will handle the rest. Once the transaction is completed, you will receive your gift card back along with a receipt containing any leftover funds still on the gift card. If your gift card does not have enough on it to cover the cost of the meal, you will be required to present an alternate payment method for any part of the bill that still remains. 

Q: Where is the 16-digit number on a Darden gift card?

If you plan to place a to-go or catering order from one of your favorite Darden restaurants and you are not physically present at the location, you can pay for your order ahead of time by using your Darden gift card. These orders can be placed through apps or online and will require you to enter the information on your Darden gift card, specifically the gift card number. Not sure where to find your gift card number? Simply flip your Darden gift card over to the backside and you will see the 16-digit card number. Enter this number as the payment method you plan to use and you should be able to place your order without any issues. 

Get a Darden Restaurants Gift Card from Gift Card Granny

You can purchase Darden Restaurants gift cards from a variety of merchants for your convenience, but it may be worth it to seek out retailers that help you get more value out of your money by providing discounts and deals on gift cards for your favorite brands. Gift Card Granny works to give you cash back on numerous gift cards for all kinds of retailers and brands you love, including Darden. The more money you spend on a gift card, the more cash back you will earn, meaning you have even more money to spend on future gift card purchases. 

Buy a Darden Restaurants gift card

Buy a Darden Restaurants gift card

Darden Restaurants gift cards from Gift Card Granny are available as digital egift cards and will be sent to the email address of your choice, so you can either put in your own or send it directly to someone you know for a sweet surprise they will definitely appreciate. The 16-digit gift card number will be available in the email, which means you can use your Darden gift card even if you are not physically present in a Darden restaurant. 

Gift Card Granny also offers individual gift cards for specific restaurants that operate under the Darden brand, so you can purchase gift cards for establishments like Olive Garden, Bahama Breeze, and any others that you wish. And if you decide you don’t actually want a restaurant gift card at all, you can browse the many other gift card options available on Gift Card Granny for other categories such as supermarkets, entertainment, travel, beauty, office supplies, and many more. 


Everybody likes food, and you can ensure you always give something amazing with a Darden Restaurants gift card. With so many cuisine possibilities in one little card, you never have to worry about giving a disappointing gift ever again!