All You Need to Know About DoorDash Gift Cards

DoorDash is a delivery service that specializes in getting food from all over the town delivered right to your door. These services are perfect for nights when the larder is running dry or perhaps on nights when cooking seems like an insurmountable task. DoorDash has also recently expanded to add more stores. You can now order groceries and other items from supermarkets on the app and website. 

DoorDash uses independent contractors to make all their deliveries. The restaurant does not participate in the delivery. For the restaurant, they create a to-go order the same way they make it if you pick it up yourself. Once the Dasher picks it up, it is completely out of their hands. This is the main reason you cannot use restaurant gift cards on DoorDash. DoorDash gift cards are the only accepted gift cards on DoorDash, even though you can order from countless restaurants across the states. 

Let’s break down everything you need to know to use a DoorDash gift card!

How to Use a DoorDash Gift Card

There are many ways to use a DoorDash gift card! You can order on DoorDash through their mobile app or on their website. When you have a DoorDash gift card, you can add it to your account by following these steps:

  • Log into your DoorDash account on your desktop or on their mobile app
  • Click the menu icon in the top left corner
  • Click “gift card”
  • Enter the gift card’s 11-digit PIN
  • Click “redeem gift card”

Once the gift card is accepted, the balance is added to your account and is automatically added to your next purchase. With a DoorDash gift card on your account, you can use it on any kind of purchase. You can use it on your next restaurant purchase, getting groceries, or on a supermarket purchase. 

How does a DoorDash gift card work? 

DoorDash gift cards add money to your DoorDash account. Each card has a unique 11-digit code. The physical gift card is a bit of an out-moded form because there are no physical stores or places to spend the card. Each one is, in essence, a way to deliver the code to your DoorDash account. Physical gift cards are great for gifts because you can personalize the gift and add some set dressing to make the gift even more exciting. Are you interested in giving a DoorDash gift card? Let’s check out some of our favorite restaurants on DoorDash. 

What’s your favorite kind of delivery meal? 

1. The Cheesecake Factory

Pasta, wine, and cheesecake make this a fantastic choice for anyone

Get a DoorDash gift card

We are huge fans of Cheesecake Factory. They are a nice mix of great atmosphere and decor, delicious food, and affordable prices. It is more expensive than something like Applebees or Buffalo Wild Wings, but it delivers a different experience all around. This is a great way to give your friend a fun night out with a nicely reduced bill as a fun reward. 

Oh, and one more thing: the cheesecake! Their cheesecake alone makes this a top pick for food gift cards, and the rest of the package elevates it even further. We really like it here, and we think your friend will too! There are a lot of options for every kind of diner, and your friend is sure to find something that they like for dinner or dessert. We love giving restaurant recommendations with DoorDash gift cards because figuring out how to use a DoorDash gift card can be a bit overwhelming. There are so many restaurants on the app that analysis paralysis is a proper problem. 

Get a DoorDash gift card

2. Papa John’s

When in doubt, order some good old-fashioned pizza

Get a DoorDash gift card

They say that you don’t mess with a classic. Pizza is the king of delivery, so it’s no surprise that it found its way onto this list! Papa John’s has so many different pizza options to choose from and customize that everyone is sure to find something they love here. Whether you like pineapple on your pizza or you’re an OG pepperoni fan, Papa John’s has something for everyone. Have a family movie night or game night with your friends catered next time with a pizza that is so good you’ll wish you’d ordered out sooner. 

Pizza is an excellent meal. When you purchase your friend a DoorDash gift card, a recommendation to order from Papa John’s points them in a fantastic direction. 

Get a DoorDash gift card

3. Buffalo Wild Wings

A gift card for wings, beer, and a game on the big screen

Get a DoorDash gift card

Buffalo Wild Wings is perfect for enjoying a big game on the big screen. Sports fans may stay home with some game day snacks and drinks of their choice to watch the game reclining in their most comfortable chair (when they aren’t jumping out due to the game’s rollercoaster of emotions!) They may like to meet up with their buds, rotating who is hosting and having a bit of a watch party. 

Football season is upon us, marking a season of plenty for sports lovers. There are almost always great games on each weekend. For those sports fans who like to stay home during the games, a recommendation to get delivery from Buffalo Wild Wings is sure to put a smile on their face. Sometimes, a pile of delicious wings or a big burger is exactly what they need to enjoy the game to the max. 

Get a DoorDash gift card

How to Send a DoorDash Gift Card

Sending a DoorDash gift card is easy! You can send a DoorDash gift card right here on Gift Card Granny. We have options to send a physical gift card in the mail or an e-gift card directly to their email. If you shop with us, you can even earn cash back while you do it! 

Virtual or Plastic

Gift Card Granny offers virtual or plastic gift cards for purchase. The virtual gift cards are sent immediately to your email address, and the plastic cards are shipped. Plastic gift cards are more fun to receive, and it is easy to add the card to their wallet and use it at the appropriate time. Virtual gift cards are just about impossible to misplace and are extra easy to add to the DoorDash app. 

As there are no DoorDash stores, the plastic gift cards are pretty much just a vehicle for the gift code. We recommend sending a virtual gift card unless you have a larger gift planned. A gift card basket, for instance, with a few $5 or $10 gift cards is a great gift and made so by the physical gift cards inside it. Any food-related gift is made more exciting with a DoorDash gift card beside it, and in that moment, the plastic gift card is a great part of the overall gift.

If you just give a DoorDash gift card, however, we recommend going virtual. There is an unfortunate quantity of gift cards that go forever unspent because they sit at the bottom of a drawer, deep in a purse, or are simply forgotten. A virtual gift card is much more likely to get added immediately to the DoorDash app. 

How to Use a Visa Gift Card on DoorDash

As long as you have enough money on the card, you can use a Visa gift card on DoorDash. All you have to do is input the prepaid Visa details as if it were a credit card. You can use a Visa gift card on DoorDash, but using Visa gift cards for online purchases is much more difficult than using them in-store because you cannot split purchases. DoorDash can get fairly expensive, and if your Visa can’t cover the price, then you must use a different payment method.

We recommend keeping Visa gift cards for in-store purchases since it is easy to use the entirety of the card’s balance when you split the purchase with cash or another card. One of the biggest challenges of prepaid gift cards is finding a time and place to spend the last few dollars. 

Utilizing food delivery services is an excellent way to get a great meal without cooking or cleaning. 

This is how to use a DoorDash gift card!

We hope that this article has answered all your questions regarding DoorDash gift cards! These are an incredibly versatile gift card that works wonders when giving gifts. There are many gift-giving occasions throughout the year, and a DoorDash gift card is a low-risk gift. As long as the recipient uses food delivery services in some capacity, we’d wager they would love a DoorDash card. 

DoorDash and other food delivery services are convenient, speedy, and expensive. Many people avoid using food delivery services too much because it is cheaper to go and pick it up or to cook their own meals. A gift card solves that problem! Even $5 gift cards are enough to cover the service fee, making the meal a similar price as ordering out directly from the restaurant. 

DoorDash gift cards are so easy to add to the app and get spent automatically, taking any risk of losing or forgetting the gift card out of the question. The next time you have a gift coming up and aren’t sure what to purchase, go with a DoorDash gift card! 

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Frequently Asked Questions 

Why can't you use gift cards on DoorDash?

DoorDash does not accept restaurant-specific gift cards because it is a third-party service and uses its own payment structures. 

How do I checkout with a gift card on DoorDash?

You can use a DoorDash gift card by adding it to your account. On the DoorDash mobile app, you can add gift cards to your payment methods, and they are automatically used in addition to other payment methods on your account. 

Can you use a DoorDash gift card to pay for food?

Yes! Your DoorDash gift card is accepted to pay for any part of your order, from the food itself to service fees and tips for your driver. DoorDash also offers grocery delivery from various nationwide locations. 

How do I use my McDonald's gift card on DoorDash?

You can only use DoorDash gift cards when ordering through the app. DoorDash is its own service, and only DoorDash gift cards are accepted on the platform.