How to Use an eBay Gift Card

If you are someone who has been shopping on the web for the better part of a decade, then you are likely well acquainted with many major online shopping destinations and the influence they have had on consumers just like you. For so long shopping was dependent on what we could find in local stores or order through the mail via shopping catalogs, which made having a curated shopping experience rather difficult for the average person. But with the rise of the internet and the growth of web-based marketplaces, the way in which we approach shopping transformed for the better. 

There are now a practically unlimited assortment of online shops and retailers currently in operation with millions of customers from across the globe. The types of online shopping destinations available offer a variety of unique shopping experiences for buyers, with some providing products directly from a business and others giving customers the opportunity to connect with independent sellers. One such website built around consumer-to-consumer transactions is eBay. 

Pretty much anyone who uses the internet knows about eBay and its longstanding success as an e-commerce business. Folks can find all sorts of items being sold by independent sellers and small businesses on eBay, from common goods you could find in a department store to the more niche and rare collectibles that have long since stopped being produced. They’ve got books, toys, clothes, shoes, electronics, handbags, accessories, video games, comics, vintage items, home decor, and anything else you could possibly want. Sometimes the prices are even negotiable, which is definitely an added perk of not shopping in a traditional store. 

The selection of products available on eBay is about as vast as the ocean, and an eBay gift card can help anyone get one step closer to the items they’ve had their eyes on. Stick around until the end of this article to learn all about how you can use your eBay gift card and make the most of your time shopping online.  

Where Can I Buy an eBay Gift Card?

There are two types of places consumers can purchase eBay gift cards: online and in retail stores. Depending on your preferred method of shopping and how you plan to deliver the gift card to your gift recipient, you will want to choose a method that works for how you intend to use it. 

When it comes to online shopping, there are a lot of options out there that offer gift cards for your favorite stores, eBay included. You can pick up gift cards from online shops of stores you already shop at, such as Target and Kroger, or you can purchase through payment services like PayPal and gift card specific retailers, including websites like Gyft and For anyone familiar with buying gift cards from Gift Card Granny, know that you may also purchase eBay gift cards and earn cash back when you shop with us. It’s worth it to save a little bit of moolah on gift cards for others or for yourself. 

Buy an eBay gift card

Buy an eBay gift card

If you are wondering how to activate an eBay gift card, you will be pleased to know that there are no additional steps outside of purchasing the gift card. eBay gift cards will automatically activate upon purchase so that you can enjoy shopping with your gift card funds almost immediately. Be aware that it could take several hours before your eBay gift card is able to be used once purchased, so if it does not work right away you may simply just have to wait a little longer. 

How to pay with an eBay gift card

Paying with an eBay gift card is a straightforward process that should not take you longer than how you would normally pay for your online transaction when using a credit or debit card. Access the eBay website and load your cart with products that you would like to purchase. Once you have selected all of the items you want, proceed to the checkout screen to begin the transaction. Follow these steps to use you eBay gift card:

  1. Enter your shipping and payment details
  2. Scroll down to the bottom of the checkout page and enter the gift card redemption code in the ‘Add Coupons’ field
  3. Select ‘Apply’ to view your new total
  4. Double-check your details and select ‘Confirm and Pay’

If your gift card total cannot cover the entire cost of the purchase, you may pay the remaining cost with an alternative payment method of your choice. 

How to check eBay gift card balance

If you have been actively using your eBay gift card for online shopping but still have a remaining balance, it is a good idea to know exactly what that balance is so that you know what to expect when you use it next. You can access the eBay gift card balance checker to view your card’s current balance. You must enter the 13-digit gift card redemption code into the appropriate field. If there is a remaining balance, it will pop up and stay on your gift card until the next time you decide to use it. 

Shopping on eBay is always a fun experience, and you never know what sort of awesome products you will find being sold by folks just like you. An eBay gift card only makes the experience that much more fulfilling.

eBay Gift Card Questions and Answers 

Q: How does paying with eBay gift cards work?

Using an eBay gift card to pay for your transaction on eBay is simple. Create an eBay account if you do not already have one, add items to your cart, and then go to the checkout page. Once you are on the checkout page, you can enter your shipping information and payment details, then scroll to the bottom of the page where you can enter your redemption code in the ‘Add Coupons’ field. After you apply the gift card, your new total will appear and you can finish the transaction by selecting ‘Confirm and Pay.’ 

Q: Can I use my eBay gift card anywhere?

You can use your eBay gift card to pay for purchases on the official eBay website. Do not use your eBay gift card to pay for anything outside of the eBay platform, as you could potentially give scammers access to your gift card information and lose access to your funds. 

Q: Do you need the PIN number to use an eBay gift card? 

In order to use an eBay gift card, you will need access to both the gift card number and the PIN, which are hidden behind security coating that must be scratched off to view. If you are going to buy an eBay gift card and notice the coating is already or partially removed, do not purchase that gift card. Anyone with access to these numbers can use the gift card, so do not put your funds at risk and fall victim to potential scams. 

To apply the value of your eBay gift card to your transaction, provide the necessary details of your gift card during checkout. Enter the 13-digit redemption code located on the backside of your gift card under the security coating; if your eBay gift card is digital, the redemption code will be provided in the email sent to you. The last four digits of the redemption code will function as the gift card PIN. 

Q: How do I add an eBay gift card to eBay? 

The great thing about paying for your purchase on eBay with an eBay gift card is that your gift card information is automatically saved and registered to your eBay account, allowing you to apply the remaining balance to future purchases without needing to reenter the gift card details. All you need to do to ensure your gift card is added to your eBay account is designate your gift card as your payment method during checkout by entering your gift card information. Once you complete that and proceed with your purchase, your eBay gift card will remain saved to your eBay account. 

Q: How to get money back from eBay gift card scammer?

You must be careful when purchasing an eBay gift card in-person at stores where they are sold and ensure the security coating on the back of the card has not been removed. While scams are unfortunate and not your fault, there is no guarantee that eBay will be able to recover any funds you have lost due to a gift card scam. However, if you can provide documented evidence that you were scammed to customer support at eBay, they may be able to help you recover those lost funds. If you realize you have fallen victim to a scam, the first step you must take is to report the incident to eBay. 

Q: How to get a free eBay gift card? 

Free stuff is nice, and a free eBay gift card really takes the cake. There are a variety of ways you may earn a free eBay gift card. You can join certain rewards websites and convert points you collected into gift card codes, take online surveys with gift cards as rewards for your time, review procuts, watch videos, play games, and participate in other online tasks that promise gift cards as compensation. 

Q: How to use a Visa gift card on eBay?

If you do not have an eBay gift card redemption code but do have a Visa gift card to use for your shopping needs, you are more than welcome to apply your Visa gift card funds to your eBay order and pay for it that way. Shopping with a Visa gift card can be done both in-person at stores and online at various websites, and eBay is included on that list. 

Paying with a Visa gift card on eBay is fairly simple and is not unlike paying with any other payment method. A Visa gift card can be used like a debit or credit card – all you need to do is provide the necessary card information, which consists of the 16-digit gift card number, the 3-digit security code, and the expiration date. Once all of the payment information is entered and you have provided your shipping details, you can proceed through the remainder of the checkout process. Verify that all of the information you have entered is accurate and then submit the order. The funds should be deducted from your Visa gift card shortly and your eBay transaction will be processed. 

There are a variety of sellers who operate their businesses on eBay, from small independent shops to individuals who are simply looking to rid themselves of items they no longer want. An eBay gift card can be used to buy anything you want that is being sold on eBay. 


So many folks make purchases from eBay every single day. Though it is nothing new, eBay remains to be a fundamental part of online culture and does not appear to be falling out of the mainstream anytime soon. Even if you have never shopped at eBay before, there is no doubt you will find something that interests you when you see everything that eBay has to offer. 

An eBay gift card gets you one step closer to buying products that you have always wanted. Use your eBay gift card to your advantage and shop like an expert in no time at all!