How to Use a Texas Roadhouse Gift Card

A nice meal shared with good friends and relatives you love is one of life’s most simple pleasures, but in terms of value it is irreplaceable. From the coziness of your dining room to the hustle and bustle of a busy restaurant, being surrounded by the ones you are closest to is enough to elevate any meal.

While the company you dine with certainly has an influence on the quality of your meal, it’s also important to find food that will leave everyone at the table feeling satisfied. There’s a good chance you have a resident chef living in your household (or in a home close by) whose meals you always look forward to digging into, but putting all that pressure on one person can be quite the demand. If you guys need a break from home cooking but still want to maintain that familiar quality and charm, you might as well plan your next meal out at a Texas Roadhouse location near you. 

For decades, Texas Roadhouse has provided its patrons with scrumptious and filling American cuisine, cheerful service, and an all around fun environment to kick back and enjoy life with loved ones. With generous portions and a reputation for impressive steaks and ribs that draws folks in, it’s no wonder Texas Roadhouse is going strong even after all these years. As a matter of fact, Texas Roadhouse gift cards are fairly commonplace and likely to make any gift recipient with a passion for savory meats and delicious cocktails feel appreciated. 

Do you have a Texas Roadhouse gift card sitting inside of your wallet? Don’t let it get lost in the clutter and get your money’s worth out of it by putting it to use in a way that works for you. Let’s take a look into how you can use your Texas Roadhouse gift card to have an incredible meal out with your favorite folks to keep you company. 

Where to Buy a Texas Roadhouse Gift Card?

Getting your hands on a Texas Roadhouse gift card is far easier than traveling all the way down to the Lone Star State when you live thousands of miles away. From restaurant locations near you to the many gift card options offered via the Texas Roadhouse website, there are plenty of ways to get your hands on a gift card that suits your needs.  

Texas Roadhouse gift cards can be sent to your recipient through either traditional mail or by digital delivery. If you need a gift card that comes with a personalized touch, you can order customizable Texas Roadhouse gift cards and choose from an array of pre-designed options and add a short message to make it stand out. Texas Roadhouse also offers customizable greeting card packaging to make the experience even more special. 

Looking for Texas Roadhouse gift card deals? While there are no official year round deals for the average consumer offered by Texas Roadhouse for gift card purchases, you may be able to save on gift giving during the holidays by checking to see if any limited time offers are available, or by buying from a different company that offers shopping discounts and happens to sell Texas Roadhouse gift cards. 

It can certainly be worth it to save your gift card shopping for certain times of year when you expect to encounter sales and discounts. Depending on where you shop, there may be special occasions throughout the year where retailers offer deals on gift cards to your favorite places, allowing you snag gift cards of specific values at a discount without forfeiting any of the gift card’s spending power. 

Other than that, the only other deal you will find for Texas Roadhouse gift cards is available through bulk orders. Orders of one thousand dollars or more will receive an automatic 10% discount. These gift cards can be personalized with your company logo or an image of your choice and work as thank you referrals, employee gifts, or to welcome new clients. 

If you don’t plan on stopping by a Texas Roadhouse location anytime soon, you should know that you can also purchase gift cards for Texas Roadhouse in-store at major retailers and online at gift card websites. You can even send someone a gift card for Texas Roadhouse in mere moments with a simple text message when you use GiftYa.  

Buy a Texas Roadhouse gift card

Buy a Texas Roadhouse gift card

You can save big time by earning cash back on your gift card purchases when you buy from Gift Card Granny. Not only are there gift cards for Texas Roadhouse, but there is a whole gift card catalog filled with cash back rewards for restaurant, grocery, department store, travel, beauty, clothing, and special occasion gift cards. With so many gift cards to choose from, you’re guaranteed to find something that will resonate with you. 

How to check balance on a Texas Roadhouse gift card?

Already have a Texas Roadhouse gift card in your possession? Perhaps you’ve even used a portion of your gift card funds already. After all, it’s hard to wait when they serve some of the tastiest meals in town. But if you still have some funds left on your gift card and want to budget for your next evening out accordingly, it’s important to know what your current gift card balance is so you aren’t caught with a bill you weren’t expecting. 

You can click here to check your Texas Roadhouse gift card balance online free. Make sure you have your gift card on hand, because you will need to provide the gift card number and the PIN to view your current balance. You will be able to find both on the backside of your Texas Roadhouse gift card. You can also call 1-800-964-0111 to find out the current amount on your gift card. 

Texas Roadhouse Gift Card Policy 

As with any other retail gift card out there, certain terms and conditions apply when it comes to using a Texas Roadhouse gift card. In order to have the best experience using your Texas Roadhouse gift card, it would be wise to familiarize yourself with their policies so that you do not run into any unexpected trouble. 

Texas Roadhouse gift cards are redeemable at any accepted locations across the United States. Gift cards have cash value and should be treated with care just like any other funds. If you believe your gift card has been stolen or copied by someone else, you must immediately contact the Texas Roadhouse customer support team so that they may assist you with recovering your gift card. Gift cards that have been lost or stolen cannot be replaced without proof of purchase, which means it is important to keep your gift receipt somewhere safe. Once the gift card falls into the hands of the purchaser or gift card recipient, Texas Roadhouse forfeits all responsibility of the gift card. 

There are no fees for using or purchasing a Texas Roadhouse gift card, though you may face shipping charges on plastic gift card orders. Texas Roadhouse gift cards cannot be returned or canceled once the order is received. If you wish to purchase a gift card order prior to its delivery, you must immediately contact customer support for assistance. 

To view the full list of terms and conditions associated with Texas Roadhouse gift cards, please click here

A warm and inviting atmosphere paired with excellent American fare that will leave you feeling plenty full makes any Texas Roadhouse location feel like something truly special indeed. Image courtesy of Texas Roadhouse Inc. 

Answers to other relevant Texas Roadhouse gift card questions 

Q: Do you have to activate a Texas Roadhouse gift card?

A Texas Roadhouse gift card bought in-store at the restaurant or online through their official website will be activated upon purchase and does not require any further steps on your part before you can use it. As for Texas Roadhouse gift cards you purchase from other retailers such as Walmart or Sam’s Club, all you have to do to activate it is see the cashier and checkout as you normally would. Once you pay for your gift card, the cashier will ensure it is activated and provide you with a receipt for proof of purchase. You should be able to immediately use your Texas Roadhouse gift card after you finish the transaction. 

If you order a Texas Roadhouse gift card for pickup from a retailer of your choice, there is a good chance the gift card will not be ready for use upon reception. This is generally for security purposes and will require you to manually activate your gift card through the merchant’s website. The exact steps may vary depending on where you purchased the gift card, but you will need to enter the 19-digit gift card number and any other relevant information needed by the merchant. 

Q: Can you pay with a gift card on the Texas Roadhouse app? 

Apps make everything more convenient when you do not have time to wait around for a takeout order to be ready. When you order with the Texas Roadhouse app, you can schedule a pickup time that works for you and bypass those irksome wait times with ease. And while you may think your Texas Roadhouse gift card is only good for paying for your order at the restaurant, you will be pleased to know that you can also make use of your gift card funds through their mobile app. 

In order to use your Texas Roadhouse gift card on the Texas Roadhouse app, you must designate the gift card as your payment method after adding your desired items to your cart. Once you are on the payment method screen, specify that you will be paying with a gift card. Input the 19-digit gift card number along with any other necessary billing information and verify that you have entered everything without any mistakes so that your order can be completed without any issues. You may need to have enough funds on your Texas Roadhouse gift card to cover the entire bill, otherwise you may experience issues with placing your order.  

Q: Can you tip a Texas Roadhouse server with a gift card?

Since tipping is standard in most restaurants around the country, you should be prepared to tip your server when dining at Texas Roadhouse. If you are paying for your meal by using a Texas Roadhouse gift card, you may be wondering if you can also use the funds on your gift card to add a tip. Generally speaking, the answer is yes. Of course, your gift card will need to have the necessary amount of funds to cover both the bill and how much you plan to leave as a tip. 

If the amount on your gift card is only enough to pay for your meal and doesn’t quite cover the tip portion, you will need to find another way to leave your tip, such as leaving cash for your server to pick up later. Even if you think you have enough funds on your Texas Roadhouse gift card to cover everything, including the tip, it never hurts to bring some extra cash just in case you exceed your spending limit. 

We all may have different tastes when it comes to dining out, but a Texas Roadhouse gift card gives you the opportunity to share a new experience with a company that makes you feel good. 

Whether you are stopping by for lunch, dinner, or something in-between, you will never be let down by the quality food and impeccable service that Texas Roadhouse has to offer!