Is a Gift Card a Good Gift for Father’s Day?

As the months of the new year trickle by and summer creeps steadily closer, it won’t be long before June comes along in blades of emerald-green grass and warm evenings aglow with periodic firefly flashing. June marks the true beginning of the summer season and is heralded as a time of leisure and joy for many, but don’t forget that this month is also home to one significant holiday: Father’s Day. 

Falling a month after Mother’s Day, Father’s Day may seem like an afterthought in wake of the matriarch, but it’s no less important for folks whose father plays a major role in their lives. Moms are generally viewed as the familial nurturers while dads usually fulfill the more strict and stoic, yet well-meaning, role of parental duos. While this generalization may be reality for some individuals, it’s not an inherent truth; father’s can show just as much compassion and emotional vulnerability as mothers do towards their children, and it is important to recognize and normalize that. 

A great way to show your father some love for Father’s Day is by getting him a gift that he’ll really appreciate. Gift cards are always a great option when you want to give someone a meaningful gift but aren’t quite sure what they will like. Since dads tend to be a notoriously difficult demographic to shop for, it’s handy to have a few gift cards as appropriate back-up presents. A gift card will allow dad to shop at any of his favorite retailers and choose items that truly interest him, which means you don’t have to worry about giving him something he doesn’t want or need. 

Some Father’s Day gift card ideas that we will discuss include:

  • Gift cards for everyday and athletic apparel
  • Gift cards for outdoor recreational activities 
  • Gift cards for personal interests and hobbies

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1. DSW

Even dads deserve to show off with a new pair of good shoes

Buy a DSW gift card

Every year that goes by is usually marked by a new pair of shoes purchased. After all, even well-kept shoes can’t last forever, especially when you work on your feet almost every day. 

Get dad a new pair of kicks with a gift card to the local DSW, where thousands of stylish pairs of shows await. In terms of men’s shoes, DSW offers sneakers, boots, loafers, Oxfords, hiking shoes, sandals, work shoes, slippers, and more. Why not enhance the outfit with a new top or a sleek pair of shades? DSW has tons of additional apparel and accessories to complete the look. 

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2. NFL Shop

Sports dads unite for the love of all things football

Buy an NFL Shop gift card

Dad always talking about the big game? Football is a topic of interest for many guys, so it only makes sense that a great number of fathers are passionately devoted to the sport whether they’ve played it themselves or prefer to observe from the sidelines. 

The NFL Shop is the perfect place for football-obsessed fathers to indulge in their interest without the slightest bit of ridicule. Shop a ton of authentic football gear for your favorite team including jerseys, hats, sweatshirts, tees, and collectibles that you won’t find anywhere else. 

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3. Outerknown

Help cultivate a more healthy planet with slow fashion

If your dad appreciates environmental consciousness and is looking for ways to contribute to a healthier planet, then there’s a good chance he’ll love having the opportunity to purchase new, sustainable threads from Outerknown. 

This apparel brand is conservative and understated in its fashion designs yet places emphasis on the quality, material, and ecological impact of their goods. Outerknown understands the limitations of the fast fashion industry and its harm on the environment, and they take pride in taking a slower approach to fashion with attire that is built to last. From crisp polos and breathable tees to strong denim and stylish sunglasses, Outerknown has plenty of apparel and accessories to appeal to dad’s reserved sense of fashion. 

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4. Lowe’s 

Fulfill all of your dad’s everyday home improvement with this handy retailer

Buy a Lowe’s gift card

A lot goes into looking after and maintaining a household, and dads are generally the go-to men when it comes time for repairs and DIY projects. Lowe’s, a retail company that specializes in home improvement, has an abundance of tools, appliances, and other household essentials to make everyday projects a little easier. 

Shop tons of useful appliances like dishwashers, ranges, refrigerators, washers, dryers, and even trash compactors. Lowe’s also sells plumbing supplies, lighting fixtures, flooring, heating and cooling units, wallpaper, and other hardware for all your household needs. Additionally, Lowe’s offers a variety of installation services alongside your purchases, saving you even more time and money. 

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5. Mountain Hardware

Conquer the toughest of terrains with high-quality apparel 

Buy a Mountain Hardware gift card

Know a dad who lives for the thrill of mountain-oriented sports? Whether it’s because he wants to achieve new personal records or it’s out of an admiration for the serene and photogenic beauty of the towering mountains, trustworthy equipment is a vital part of any mountaineer’s wardrobe. 

Access premium attire perfect for the demanding needs of mountain sport athletes and enthusiasts alike with Mountain Hardware. This sportswear company manufactures and distributes premium outdoor apparel and equipment including a range of insulated jackets, weather-resistant tents, and spacious backpacks for activities like climbing, hiking, camping, and general snowsports. 

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6. WellnessMats

Take the strain off standing with these innovative and comfortable mats

Has your dad been complaining more and more about physical pain? Of course it’s natural to expect physical changes to occur to our bodies as we get older, but there are plenty of ways to take preventative action against debilitating health issues such as back and joint pain as you age. 

Even something as simple as the surface you stand on can have a profound impact on your physical health. WellnessMats accepts this fact and is committed to making a difference in the lives of adults by providing health-conscious, 100% polyurethane standing mats designed for active folks. All of the mats this retailer offers promote anti-fatigue, comfort, and longevity to help transform your home or workplace into a cushioned paradise. 

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7. Bridgewater Chocolate

A piece of chocolate to make your day a little brighter 

If you have a dad who’s a fan of chocolate, then there’s no reason to not get him a gift card to a gourmet chocolate shop like Bridgewater Chocolate. Their luxury handmade boxed chocolates are simply divine, almost as if biting into a rich and sweet morsel from heaven. 

Bridgewater Chocolate is based in Connecticut, though they complete retail operations through their online store. Customers can browse many delicious options like toffees, turtles, caramels, truffles, peanut butter patties, hazelnut pralines, and many more. Bridgewater Chocolate offers multiple assortment boxes that are perfect for sharing with friends or for folks who enjoy variety in their snacking. 

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8. Outback Steakhouse

Get your steak dinner done right with this celebrated restaurant chain

Buy an Outback Steakhouse gift card

Make Father’s Day delicious this year with a steak dinner at one of the country’s most loved steakhouse chains around – Outback Steakhouse!

This Australian-themed restaurant company offers a casual dining experience and traditional American fare. Treat dad to juicy steaks, slow-roasted prime rib, fried chicken, spicy meatloaf, grilled salmon, lobster tails, and other tasty carnivorous delights. Plus, Outback Steakhouse features a variety of fun and fruity cocktails, draft beers, and wine to truly make your meal memorable. 

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9. Bass Pro Shops

The adventure starts with some of the best equipment on the market

Buy a Bass Pro Shops gift card

Cater to your dad’s love of all things outdoors with a trip to your local Bass Pro Shops retail outlet. From hunting and fishing to camping and boating, Bass Pro Shops has everything a man who appreciates nature could need. 

Outdoor recreational activities are a popular pastime among many and they help folks cultivate an appreciation for the natural world, inspiring them to protect the wilderness and local wildlife. Shop tons of appropriate apparel at Bass Pro Shops including rain gear, camp cookware, kayaks and canoes, archery equipment, and footwear. 

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10. Huckberry

Everyday gear that will inspire you to be your best self

Dads tend to value practicality over style when it comes to finding durable gear, but what if you could have both? Huckberry designs attire for active, working lives by combining comfort and quality with style. 

Huckberry has a wide selection of men’s clothing items for various lines of work and physical activities, including flannel-lined jackets, waterproof duck boots, wool blazers, fisherman sweaters, and plenty of accessories. Huckberry even sells gear for a number of specific activities like hiking, cooking, fishing, surfing, biking, and workouts. 

Huckberry gift cards are not currently available on Gift Card Granny.  

11. Callaway Golf

Enhance your game with reliable golf equipment 

Buy a Callaway Golf gift card

There’s a considerable portion of dads out there who are passionate about golf. If your dad happens to fall into that category, there’s nothing better than gifting him a Callaway Golf gift card. 

Callaway Golf has all of the sports equipment competitive and casual golfing enthusiasts could need for a great game. They sell a variety of club designs including hybrids, fairway woods, drivers, wedges, and odyssey putters. Browse different types of golf balls and golf gear as well, such as golf bags, headwear, gloves, and footwear. 

Transform your dad’s golfing experience with a gift card to Callaway Golf from Gift Card Granny!


Gift cards are great when you might not have better ideas for a present, and they definitely come in handy when you don’t have much time on your hands. Hopefully you will be able to find the perfect gift card right in time for celebrating Father’s Day!