Is a Gift Card Okay for a Baby Shower?

Baby showers are fun events meant to honor the happy, expecting couple with thoughtful gifts for the incoming bundle of joy. Filled with loads of their closest friends and relatives, baby showers offer support and camaraderie to new parents who may be unfamiliar with raising a child. 

The simple gesture of showing your support for expecting parents through gifts that help them prepare for the birth of their new child is enough to make a difference in their lives. The possibilities for appropriate baby shower gifts are near endless, which means you have a lot of options to choose from including retailers catered to parents of newborns and young children. 

From soft and supportive clothing to keep babies warm and enriching toys for entertainment to practical items like strollers, cribs, and bouncers, there’s a lot of products perfect for expecting parents. With so much to choose from, finding a good gift in time for a baby shower shouldn’t be a hassle at all. But still, you don’t really want to risk the chance of giving a gift that isn’t actually wanted or is a duplicate of another gift given by someone else. 

That’s exactly why gift cards are the perfect gift for baby showers and similar occasions. Since you can’t be sure what parents are in need of for the delivery of their new baby, it’s better to just leave the final decisions in their hands with a gift card to an appropriate retailer. A gift card may seem as a cheap way out of finding a good present, but it is so much more than that when you put a little thought into it – even where baby showers are concerned. 

Some of the gift card possibilities perfect for baby showers include:

  • Gift cards for baby clothing and accessories
  • Gift cards for maternity and postpartum gear
  • Gift cards for health and wellness during pregnancy 

Keep reading to learn about all the different types of retail gift cards fit for a baby shower. 

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1. Carter’s 

The place to go for all your baby essentials 

Buy a Carter’s gift card

Carter’s has a long and rich history as an apparel company for children. Founded in 1865, Carter’s is now one of the top shopping spots for parents of babies, toddlers, and young children. Parents can easily find plenty of comfortable baby-friendly clothing items that both mom and baby will be happy with. 

Carter’s sells pretty much everything a parent would need for their child’s wardrobe. Their baby clothes range from preemie to twenty-four months and include articles like pajamas, bodysuits, bottoms, and tops. Toddlers and other children also have a variety of apparel options at Carter’s – there’s graphic tees, dresses, rompers, swimwear, hoodies, jackets, and more. Don’t forget to finish off any outfit with matching socks and shoes for a truly complete look. 

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2. Walmart

Help new parents save on everyday items they need for their baby

Buy a Walmart gift card

Walmart operates a chain of hypermarkets, discount department stores, and grocery stores all across the United States. For many American families, a weekly trip to Walmart is as routine as after school football practice. Even if it’s their first child, expecting parents will definitely find a Walmart gift card helpful for providing plenty of necessary baby supplies. 

Walmart has tons of deals on all kinds of baby products including diapers, blankets, cribs, sound machines, wipes, and apparel. Additionally, the integrated environment of this massive department store makes shopping for other household necessities and groceries simple, saving parents time on shopping trips. Whether it’s for the baby’s benefit or the parent’s, Walmart is certain to come in handy. 

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3. The Children’s Place 

Shop the best designs that kids will love wearing 

Buy a gift card to The Children’s Place

Some people may say babies are too young to have a sense of style, but so long as the parents have access to great apparel then there’s nothing stopping them from rocking outfits that look on point. 

The Children’s Place is one of the best destinations around for parents shopping for kids of all ages, including babies in sizes 0 through 24 months. Some of their baby clothing options include cotton pajamas, bodysuits, dresses, rompers, bottoms, shoes, outerwear, and accessories. Parents with multiple children will be pleased to know they can shop for their older children as well with a broad selection of apparel for toddlers and older boys and girls. 

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4. Happiest Baby

Because everyone is a lot more happy when baby gets some sleep

If you’re really looking to give expecting parents a special gift for their baby shower, then you will definitely want to consider a gift card for Happiest Baby. This company is science-backed and develops their products and services in conjunction with actual research, meaning you and your baby will only get the best of the best products designed to enhance well-being and solve parenting challenges. 

Happiest Baby has a catalog filled with tons of products to make putting your baby to sleep as easy as ever. There’s smart bassinets, organic sheets and bedding, soothing mobiles, swaddles, crib mattresses, white noise machines, and more. In addition to products for the baby, Happiest Baby sells maternity apparel and other products for mom’s comfort as well. 

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5. Bebcare

Keep your baby safe with innovative and trustworthy technology 

If you’re a new parent and haven’t had much experience with babies before, it’s only natural you find yourself worrying over their well-being every single minute you don’t have your eyes on them. That’s why baby monitors exist: to help ease the minds of anxious parents by assuring you that everything is totally okay with your infant. 

Any baby monitor could get the job done, but when it comes to your kid you want to make sure they are receiving the best care possible. Bebcare develops baby monitors and surveillance devices with zero wireless emissions, which means far less potential risk to your baby’s health with technology we are still trying to understand the ramifications of. Bebcare sells baby video monitors, audio monitors, breathing sensors, and air purifiers to ensure your baby has a safe and sound sleep while you rest easy. 

Bebcare gift cards are not offered by Gift Card Granny at this time. 

6. Cadenshae 

Make motherhood more easy on the body with science-backed activewear 

Pregnancy is an exciting time for all involved, but it can certainly take a physical toll on the mother. Make maternity leave a time of comfort with functional clothing from Cadenshae. Whether you’re still on your feet, bound to the couch, or are postpartum and require apparel to support your healing body, Cadenshae has plenty of items for all types of women. 

The Cadenshae catalog is filled with a variety of clothing products designed for all stages of maternity and beyond. Shop nursing and pumping bras, maternity leggings, loungewear, postpartum shorts, accessories, and even swimwear. Cadenshae is medically endorsed and their apparel truly makes a difference in the level of comfort mothers experience throughout pregnancy. 

Unfortunately, Gift Card Granny does not offer Cadenshae gift cards at this time. 

7. Spafinder 

Give mom the relaxation session she needs with a trip to your local spa 

Buy a Spafinder gift card

You can’t gift an expecting mom a full spa for a baby shower, but a gift card to a local retailer is just as good. Search Spafinder to find a variety of luxury services for personal wellness including massages, fitness studios, and even exotic destination resorts. Even if it’s for a place close to home, Spafinder makes finding the right spa services a breeze. 

Spafinder is sure to have exactly what any mom-to-be could be in need of to feel relaxed and refreshed. It can be a gentle massage, a revitalizing session at a yoga studio, a bold new cut at a salon, or any number of other personal care services. 

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8. Bump Boxes

Deliver safe and healthy pregnancy products to expecting moms 

If you want to stand out with a gift for pregnant moms, Bump Boxes offers a personalized monthly subscription box tailored to your due date. Choose from multiple monthly or prepaid box options, with subscriptions that are either month-to-month or as long as twelve months. 

Bump Boxes includes a curated selection of products for the comfort of mom while she prepares to bring her baby into the world. There are bath bombs, nursing accessories, bath soaks, body lotion, and plenty of products for the baby. Being a mom can certainly be tough, but it’s easier when you have Bump Boxes to deliver the supportive products you and your baby need. 

Gift cards for Bump Boxes are not currently offered on Gift Card Granny. 

Send a GiftYa 

If a traditional gift card isn’t your style, consider sending a GiftYa to the expecting couple. GiftYa works like any other egift card, with the addition of some great perks. GiftYa can be delivered through text or email, or you can create a custom gift URL that you can share personally with whoever you choose. GiftYa gives recipients the option to choose from different merchants if they don’t like the retailer you picked out, which is a super convenient feature for all parties involved. 

Send a GiftYa to over two hundred thousand national and local locations and shop tons of awesome brands in minutes! Whether you send one or many, GiftYa makes sending a digital gift a piece of cake. It’s a great backup present if other plans fall through, and it can be delivered at essentially the last minute, so it’s never too late to choose GiftYa.  


There’s no shame in giving a gift card as a baby shower gift. New parents could use all the support they can get, and your small gesture of kindness with a gift card can go a long way. There’s plenty of great retailers out there selling products perfect for the well-being of parents and baby alike, so take your pick of the bunch and stay confident that your gift will be well-received. After all, it’s always the thought that counts the most!