Is it OK to Give Gift Cards to Teachers?

Teachers are busy individuals whose entire attitudes have the ability to shape qualities of the next generation, and it is certainly not a career fit for just anyone. As well-educated and professional as you may be, being a teacher entails much more than that, along with the added chaos of rowdy youths. Once you mix it all together, you quickly realize just how overwhelming a teacher’s job can be. 

Knowing this, you must be wondering if there’s anything you can do to make their lives a little stressful. While you can’t control the demands of their job, you can easily express your gratitude in a multitude of ways, including giving a thoughtful gift. There’s no shortage when it comes to all the different gifts you could buy any teachers you know, but a gift card may be the best option out of them all. 

Gift cards make giving a gift a simple process that won’t leave you second-guessing your choice of present later on. There’s way too much room for error when you pick out a gift for someone you may not know very well, which is why gift cards are the perfect present in professional settings. Any teacher would be delighted to receive a gift as thoughtful and convenient as a gift card from someone who cares. 

Let’s go over some great gift card ideas that teachers are guaranteed to appreciate. Keep reading to learn more about the following:

  • Gift cards for department stores
  • Gift cards for classroom supplies
  • Gift cards for coffee 

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1. Michaels 

Learning is more fun when you have the tools to enjoy it

Buy a Michaels gift card

Many teachers also happen to be creators, whether they work as art teachers or not. Being able to create and educate through artistic expression can be an integral part of a teacher’s job, especially when dealing with younger children who may easily bore and become distracted. A Michaels gift card is just the thing to help teachers access creative materials that will help their students flourish. 

Michaels has all of the art material a teacher could need – there’s drawing supplies like pencils, pastels, charcoal, and calligraphy tools; sewing materials such as fabric, thread, and button; and plenty more products for all kinds of creative hobbies, including baking, sculpting, and knitting. Michaels is the number one place to be to channel your creative energy and get your artistic juices flowing, making it a wonderful resource for teachers and students alike. 

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2. Barnes & Noble 

Inspire a passion for reading within the next generation

Buy a Barnes & Noble gift card

Books are a teacher's best friend and a great asset to any curriculum. There are tons of titles at the school library free for students to check out, but it never hurts to have their own selection of books that students can pick from in the classroom. After all, there’s no such thing as too many books. 

Barnes & Noble has pretty much everything a teacher could want to help build their classroom collection. Young readers will be enthralled with books of all genres including fantasy, comedy, mystery, and more. From classic children’s book series to contemporary youth literature that is equally as compelling, Barnes & Noble has all that and much more to explore. 

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3. Office Depot

Never worry about running out of the office supplies you need

Buy an Office Depot gift card

Whether it’s for the classroom or a home office, teachers need a lot of supplies to help them get their job done well. If you want to help a teacher transform their space into a quality environment for educating young minds, then hook them up with all the office essentials by way of an Office Depot gift card. 

School supplies don’t last forever, so be sure to stock up on all you need at your local Office Depot. This retailer provides low prices and great deals on a range of office and classroom paraphernalia, including items like filing folders, calculators, pencil cases, printer paper, writing pads, office furniture, and education software – and that’s only a fraction of everything Office Depot has to offer. 

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4. Amazon

Order what you need exactly when you need it 

When you aren’t that well-acquainted with a teacher, knowing what type of gift card they would best appreciate can be difficult. Since the last thing you want to do is gift a disappointing present, you might as well choose a massive online retailer like Amazon to be your perfect gift card option. 

Amazon offers pretty much anything and everything shoppers could want. It’s similar to your typical department store, except for the fact that the inventory is near-endless. Products are sold by a variety of individual and corporate sellers, giving customers the option to look around for cheaper versions of items they want. While it would be impossible to list everything available for sale at Amazon, popular items include apparel, books, electronics, sporting goods, and pet supplies. 

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5. Target

You can bet on finding everything you need at this retailer

A gift card doesn't have to be catered towards a teacher's profession to be useful; some teachers might simply want to alleviate a portion of their everyday expenses with the help of a gift card. For this situation, any retailer that functions as a department store or supermarket is an excellent choice, as it gives teachers a lot of options to consider. This makes Target an ideal place to shop.

As one of the nation's most popular retailers, Target locations occupy neighborhoods across the country and provide people with access to products from beloved brands, alongside great values to keep your shopping trip cheap and efficient. Target carries more items than can fit in one list such as clothing for kids and adults, appliances, books, video games, toys, home goods, furnishings, pet supplies, office supplies, electronics, and groceries. Most Target locations even offer food and beverages choices at in-store shops, so if you need to grab a snack while you shop there’s nothing stopping you. 

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6. Caribou Coffee

Keep your senses alert and energy up with carefully crafted coffee beverages

Buy a Caribou Coffee gift card

Staying alert and efficient is crucial to a teacher’s ability to perform their job well. For a majority of people, caffeinated beverages are the morning drink of choice, with coffee being the reigning champ. There’s tons of local coffee shops and reputable coffee chains out there that you could have a cup from a different location for every day of the year and beyond, but let’s talk about how amazing Caribou Coffee is. 

This Minnesota-based coffee retailer can be found throughout a handful of states, though their presence is primarily felt throughout northern states. Caribou Coffee offers a variety of tasty drinks and breakfast items to suit your preferences, from the super sweet and creamy to the bold, dark brews. Their menu features signature coffeehouse staples and charming contemporary creations, which makes it a great place for all ages, no matter what you’re used to. 

They have lattes, cold-brewed coffee, shaken espresso drinks, mochas, americanos, cappuccinos, hot chocolates, iced teas, frozen shakes, and much more. Be sure to fill up your empty stomach with menu items like the maple waffle sandwich, the chicken apple sausage sandwich, bagels smeared with cream cheese, and even cute cake pops. 

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7. Custom Visa 

A special teacher deserves an equally as special gift

Buy a custom Visa gift card

If you really want to give back to the teachers who shape our youth, then you may as well get them a Visa gift card. Unlike typical retail gift cards, Visa gift cards are issued directly by a banking service and act similar to real cash, in that it can be used as payment in a variety of places for various goods and services. 

A custom Visa gift card takes the basic Visa gift card and turns it into something even more special. Custom Visa gift cards can be personalized by uploading your own photos, writing a unique message for your recipient, and by adding a co-branded logo of your institution. If you are buying gift cards for employees or coworkers, then choosing to upload a co-branded logo signifies that your place of work is acknowledging and showing appreciation for the teachers. 

As long as you don’t exceed the fifty gift card limit, you are free to place a business order with Gift Card Granny for customized Visa gift cards. Keep in mind that corresponding fees apply based on the value of your gift cards. 

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Send a GiftYa to Your Teacher 

GiftYa provides a modern way to give gift cards to folks you know with a simple text message. Choose your digital gift by selecting from thousands of different locations for brands you know and love; you can even customize your digital gift by uploading a personal photo, video, or opting for a cool design. If you wish to send gifts to more than one teacher, GiftYa allows users to schedule multiple gifts at a time, saving you from a lot of work. 

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Giving back to teachers doesn’t have to be a big deal, and something as simple as a gift card can be just the thing you need to show how much teachers matter to you. Parents are there to support and guide their children, but they can only do so much on their own. When you entrust your child to the care of a teacher, you are showing that you have faith in their ability to take children under their wings and give them the quality education they deserve. 

No matter what kind of gift card you choose to go with, rest assured that any teacher will be delighted to receive such a thoughtful present. It will make them feel appreciated for the hard work they put forth in their efforts to teach the nation’s youth, giving them the motivation to continue doing the work they do. It’s amazing how much of a difference such a little gift can make in somebody else’s life, don’t you think? 

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