Gift Cards to Give to Mom for Christmas

The holidays are right around the corner, which means you had better start thinking about making a list of all the gifts you need to grab for friends, family members, and anyone else important in your life. Of course, the spots at the top of your list should be reserved for the extremely special folks that you know, such as your parents. They were the ones who made Christmas during your childhood a whimsical affair filled with wonderful presents and magical experiences, so it only makes sense to return some of that magic through thoughtful gifts they are certain to appreciate. 

If you are in need of some gift ideas to help inspire you while you shop for your mom this Christmas, we have come up with this marvelous list of gift card ideas that are perfect for the holidays. Gift cards may not be very high on your list when it comes to shopping for mom, but don’t let their mundane appearance fool you – gift cards are a fantastic gifting option that enable your recipient to purchase exactly what they want with your funds. This makes them an extremely helpful shopping tool and an asset to folks who prefer to make their own purchases or are difficult to shop for otherwise. 

If you know the types of stores that your mom likes to do her shopping at, then you already have some gift card possibilities to sort through. However, if you are having trouble coming up with retailers your mom likes, you will definitely want to check out the gift card retailers featured in this list. There are many gift card options perfect for the needs of all kinds of different moms, so don’t pass up a potential match made in heaven!

Some gift cards you will find mentioned in this article include:

  • Gift cards for clothing and accessories
  • Gift cards for beauty products 
  • Gift cards for bed and bath products 

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Gift Card Granny offers all kinds of gift cards for a range of different categories, including restaurants, drug stores, supermarkets, fashion boutiques, and online retailers. When it comes to moms and their many needs, you’re bound to find exactly what you’re looking for when you do your gift card shopping with Gift Card Granny. 

1. Custom Visa Gift Card

Simplify shopping with this useful gift card

Buy a Visa gift card

Want to give mom a gift card that can be used at almost any store she goes to? Get her a Visa gift card to make her shopping dreams come true! 

A Visa gift card is useful for any shopper’s needs. Unlike your typical retail gift cards that can only be used at specific stores, Visa gift cards are nearly as versatile as cash and may be used at all kinds of different businesses. Funds on Visa gift cards are not locked to particular brands or retailers, which means you can purchase a variety of goods and services using your Visa gift card as payment. 

Gift Card Granny offers a personalized Visa gift card option where customers can build their own unique gift cards for their recipients. This feature is available any time of year, but it could be just what you need right in time for Christmas. Give your mom something that will make shopping easier and mean a lot at the same time. 

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2. White House Black Market

For the mom who is serious about business

Buy a White House Black Market gift card

Mom could always use some fresh new additions to her wardrobe so that she can stay looking on top of the world. Her sense of fashion should be catered to by selecting a retailer who embodies her personality. Any mom with a bold personality and need to succeed attitude would pair nicely with a White House Black Market gift card. 

This upscale women’s clothing retailer has shelves packed with well-tailored apparel to suit a range of women shoppers. White House Black Market offers plenty of stylish garb for every occasion, from momentous business meetings to fun-filled wedding receptions. White House Black Market allows customers to embody luxurious looks without coming off too strong, achieving the perfect balance of elegance and charisma. 

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3. Ulta

Get everything you need for your beauty needs

Buy an Ulta gift card

Have you often found your mom wearing a beautiful face full of makeup before attending an event or going out with friends? While she’s definitely beautiful with or without cosmetics, your mom deserves to feel her best using the tools she adores. If makeup is what your mother uses to express herself, help her purchase some new products with a gift card for Ulta. 

Ulta is a beauty retailer that sells everything you would need to feel and look your absolute best. From premium beauty brands that dominate the market to small indie brands that you may never have heard of before, Ulta has tons of amazing cosmetic and beauty products that shoppers are sure to obsess over. Get eyeshadow palettes, blotting papers, blush, lip plumpers, press on nails, hair extensions, face masks, body lotions, and anything else you need to feel pampered at your local Ulta store.

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4. Mejuri

A lot of work goes into finding a jewelry retailer that fits within your budget and has the products you’re looking for. You don’t want to make mom settle for subpar jewelry whose beauty only happens to be superficial, and you definitely do not want to sacrifice quality for a low cost if it means your jewelry falls apart merely a month after you started to wear it. You can guarantee well-made, long-lasting jewelry for your mom with accessories from Mejuri. 

Jewelry from Mejuri adds a beautiful touch to any outfit, from those worn during simple evenings shared at home with loved ones to elegant dresses donned at formal dances and pageants. Mejuri provides customers with high-quality pieces made from responsibly-sourced materials, all while maintaining a devoted commitment to sustainability efforts within the jewelry industry. Mejuri offers a range of gorgeous products to bedazzle your life with, including hoop earrings, chain necklaces, charm bracelets, embedded gemstone rings, pendants, and many more head-turning accessories to emphasize your style. 

There’s a lot of fine jewelry to get lost in when you shop with Mejuri. Though gift cards for Mejuri are not currently available at Gift Card Granny, this online jewelry retailer may be exactly what your mother needs to celebrate for Christmas this year. 

5. Nordstrom

Everything you need to live life to the fullest

Buy a Nordstrom gift card

Is your mom all about designer fashion and luxurious finds from top brands? If so, then Nordstrom is sure to be her cup of tea. This upscale department store chain is packed from floor to ceiling with stunning apparel, footwear, cosmetics, accessories, and home decor to give your life the makeover it deserves. 

Above all else, Nordstrom prides itself on quality and its commitment to genuine customer service. No matter what your needs as a customer happen to be, Nordstrom will do its best to deliver the experience best suited to you so that you can walk away feeling satisfied and delighted. The Nordstrom catalog is overflowing with stylish clothing choices to help mom look her best, from distinguished jackets and blazers to glamorous dresses and jumpsuits. 

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6. Spafinder

The best gift to destress and relax 

Buy a Spafinder gift card

We all know that moms work hard. While taking a break is far easier said than done, your mom definitely deserves some time for herself every once in a while. Give her the chance to recuperate and spoil her with a Spafinder gift card. 

A Spafinder gift card gives its user access to dozens upon dozens of participating locations for all manner of spa-related services. Spafinder gift cards may be used as a universal form of payment at thousands of spas, salons, fitness and wellness studios around the world. Folks may redeem Spafinder gift cards on spa products as well, including beauty products, apparel, jewelry, and exercise equipment. 

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7. Parachute

Spoil your mom with luxury bed and bath products 

Has your mom mentioned her tattered old bedsheets, the irksome stiff bath towels, or the embarrassing holes in her bathrobe that let in uncomfortable cold drafts? If she has, then she’s long overdue for new home goods to give her household a fresh appearance. Help her find lovely bedding, bath essentials, and more when she shops with Parachute. 

Parachute is an online retailer of bed, bath, and other home products that have the potential to transform a customer’s home and lifestyle. Parachute products are manufactured with your comfort in mind, and their style easily fits into modern sensibilities. Shop for a range of blissful bedding made from quality materials such as linen, sateen, organic cotton, and percale. Parachute also sells decorative pillows, throws, mattresses, soft towels, bath accessories, furniture, slippers, and more to give you the best bed and bath experience around. 

Parachute gift cards are not currently available through Gift Card Granny. 

8. Seasons 52

Good cuisine any day of the year

Buy a Seasons 52 gift card

Even moms should have the opportunity to dine out with their besties now and again. Tell your mom to grab her crossbody and don a snazzy dress, because you’re giving her a phenomenal evening out with her girlfriends at Seasons 52! 

Seasons 52 offers an upscale-chain dining experience that makes its customers feel good about what they’re eating. The food at Seasons 52 is palatable and overall healthy, packed with fresh produce and in-season ingredients that taste as good as they get. Their menu adapts as the weather changes and new produce comes in, so you know they will always have something new and delicious to dine on. Pair any dish with a delectable glass of wine for a truly dignified meal out. 

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Did you happen to see any gift cards on this list that you think would be a marvelous match with your mother? We certainly hope so, but even if you have any doubts regarding the retailers above, you at least got some ideas about the types of gift card options out there and available to you during the holiday season. Whether your mom is a bold fashionista who’s always on the hunt for new outfits or considers herself more of a practical shopper with minimalist sensibilities, you can always rely on Gift Card Granny to help you find the gift card right for your needs. 

Have a magical Christmas and show your mom all the love this and every year!