15 Best Principals’ Day Gift Ideas They'll Love and Appreciate

Much like teacher appreciation, getting a present for your kids’ school principals is a great way to celebrate all these administrators do. Learn everything you need to know about this holiday as well as the best Principals’ Day gift ideas.

What is School Principals’ Day?

Janet Dellaria, a teacher in Michigan, founded School Principals’ Day to recognize all school principals. School Principals' Day takes place every May 1st. Every school principal makes a direct impact on the schools they work at, so she knew there needed to be a holiday that celebrated these amazing educational leaders, just like teachers.

While many students may see principals as people we deal with when we are in trouble, like teachers, principals are the backbone of every school. The role principals play is often overlooked, but they manage students and help them achieve more. They are essentially teachers playing an important part in the educational system, making a difference in many students’ lives.

Fun Facts About Principals

Now for some fun facts about principals that will help you appreciate them even more.

Principals Work REALLY Long Hours

According to Edweek, many principals work more than 60 hours each week. That’s way more than the average 40-hour workweek.

Principals are the Main Budgeters for Their School

The school principal is the person responsible for budgeting and requisitions like finding funds and grants to pay for school-related expenses.

Principals Wear More Than One Hat

Your school principal has more than one job. They organize board meetings, work as the go-between for students and teachers, and are often the first ones to get to school. And principles are usually the last ones to leave at the end of the day.

Principals Act as Mentors to Many

Principals aren’t just mentors to students; they are to teachers and other school staff too. They are mentors to all educators essentially, and even to people in the community.