The Best 20 Employee Appreciation Gift Ideas for National Employee Appreciation Day

Are you looking for employee appreciation gift ideas to reward everyone in your business? More than 91 percent of HR professionals say that reward and recognition make employees more likely to stay with the company.

Whether it’s for company milestones or recognizing employees based on their behavior and results, recognition leads to happier, more engaged employees who feel like they belong and have a purpose.

Giving corporate gifts or rewarding employees with other presents can be part of a company culture that ensures people want to stay and feel proud to work there.

So, if you're wondering what to get the people that work for you for National Employee Appreciation Day, we have some ideas for you.

What Gifts Do Employees Value Most?

Many employees like gifts with a personal touch that show you put thought into them. Custom gifts related to the company are nice to give as well as presents that make their life easier like organizational products, stress relief, food items and more.

You'll find plenty of great employee appreciation ideas for recognizing and rewarding the people that work hard for you.

What Do You Give Employees for National Employee Appreciation Day?

Here's a list of awesome company swag, holiday gifts, customized items, and other present ideas to give your employees.

Gift Cards

Gift cards are often the best gift to give employees you may not know a lot about if you run a large organization. Giving a gift certificate to a local restaurant or business, an Amazon gift card, or a Mastercard or Visa lets employees have some say in what they get.

Gift Card Granny has plenty of options for popular gift cards everyone loves, and large companies can buy cards in bulk. We make buying bulk gifts simple and easy.

Make Charitable Donations in Employees Names

One of the best gifts for employees is making a donation to a favorite or local charity. Donating is a unique way to give back to the community while still recognizing employees for good work.

S'mores Gift Set

Most people love s' mores, which is perfect for people who enjoy a sweet treat. If you have time, you can make the gift sets yourself. Or get this S'mores Gift Set that comes with vanilla bean marshmallows, graham crackers, dark chocolate, and two stainless steel sticks for roasting.

Provide Organizational Supplies

Other great gifts for employees are organizational supplies. These are great ideas for both on-site and remote employees because everyone needs a neat and tidy desk for more efficiency.

Snack Boxes

Other great gift ideas for employees are snack boxes or gift sets. Give them snack packs tailored to them, whether they have a sweet tooth, are a health freak, or love savory snacks. Creating a snack box just for them is sure to get a smile.

Have Custom Message Donuts Delivered

Custom message donuts are neat employee appreciation gift ideas if you’re looking for a more personalized gift. Think of messages that could be customized or even consider phrases such as "many more years" or "you're the best."

Angel Food Bakery makes these donuts and ships them all over the United States.

Offer Catered Lunches

Catered lunches also make nice employee gifts. Consider catering lunch occasionally, make it a regular occurrence, or even cater lunch for holidays.

Catering a lunch shows you appreciate your employees and can be perfect for an employee recognition ceremony.

You could also consider catering breakfast instead of lunch. It's often the most skipped meal for busy people trying to make it to work on time.

Family Care Packages

A family care package is a thoughtful gift because it shows employees that you value families and that you understand they play a key role in every family's life. It also highlights the company’s focus on a work-life balance.

Consider creating baskets with board games, picture frames, delicious family snacks, desserts, and more.

Self-Care Kit

Self-care kits for employees are also popular options, especially for remote employees that have a harder time with work-life balance when they work out of their homes.

You can include a weighted blanket, aromatherapy products, an oil diffuser, body lotion, or even adult coloring books.

Assorted Cookies or Brownies

Anyone with a sweet tooth would love to get a gift basket with cookies or brownies in it. Fairy Tale Brownies creates delicious brownies made with Belgian dark chocolate. They come in three sizes and 12 different flavors like walnut and cream cheese.

Another great option if you want to send cookies is Cookies By Design. They make fresh-baked gourmet cookies you can get delivered.

Gourmet Gift Basket

If you're looking for another great gift basket, giving your employees gourmet food baskets is another option. Harry & David creates some of the most popular gourmet food baskets out there.

Choose from mixed snacks, fruit, cheese, and more. Harry & David even sells plant and flower arrangements, wine gifts, and other fine foods.

Anker Soundcore Noise Cancelling Headphones

If you're looking for something other than food gifts, these Anker Soundcore Noise Canceling Headphones make a great present for work anniversaries, rewards, and more.

They have excellent sound quality, fit comfortably, have multiple modes, and have high-resolution sound. Your employees will know you're a cool boss if you give them these headphones.

Offer a Workout Pass or Gym Membership

Many employees value the gift of health, so offering to pay for a gym membership or even adding a gym area on-site can be very beneficial to everyone.

You can also give employees a set amount of time to use the gym during work hours. Other companies have done this quite successfully.

Offer Extra Time Off

One of the best employee appreciation gift ideas is rewarding employees with extra time off. This present also speaks to your core company values, and the fact that you value everyone's time off shows the importance of a better work-life balance.

Order a Pinata Filled with Treats for an Office Party

Pinatas aren't just for kids, so why not order one and have a fun office party. Pinatagrams has great options for miniature Pinatas that will level up the fun at your next celebration.

You can also include a personalized message that makes everyone feel special and valued.

Give Them Business or Self-Improvement Books

Everyone can better themselves so giving team members and employees helpful business books as a present is a great idea. Books are a relatively inexpensive present if you need to buy them for many people, but they are worth so much more.

Show employees that you care and want to help them get better in business, their industry, or improve themselves.

Offer the Gift of Home Services

We've all come home tired from a long day of work only to find more work. Many of us let household chores stack up during the week until our to-do list becomes overwhelming.

Consider helping employees by giving home service gifts like house cleaning, meal delivery kits, laundry services, and more. It can help alleviate stress at home so they can enjoy a more relaxing time with family and friends. It can help them be more efficient at work too.

Gifts For Employees Working at Home

Don't forget your virtual employees. There are other nice gifts for those in your company working from home.

Virtual Tasting and Pack of Wine

Consider hosting virtual events with wine tasting. You could even make it an after-hours work event, kind of like a Christmas Party. If having alcohol is against company policies, substitute the wine for another beverage.

You can have packages delivered with everything your employees need for the event. You can add tasty gourmet cheeses, crackers, and more.

Work From Home Survival Kit

A work-from-home survival kit is a great idea for remote employees. Employees working from home get virtual meeting fatigue, the absence of coworkers that make them feel like a team, and lack of personal space.

This Work from Home Survival Kit is the perfect present that can make everyone laugh at their predicament. Commiserating together can create a bond and increase job satisfaction.

Useful Accessories and Gadgets

Gadgets and accessories that make working from home easier make great employee appreciation gift ideas for remote workers. Gifts like a printer-scanner combo, a new laptop or iPad, and other helpful gadgets make life easier.

Some items to consider giving as gifts include:

  • Earbuds
  • Laptop bags
  • Extra-long charging cables for phones
  • Cord organizers
  • Portable power banks for power outages or travel

Final Thoughts on Employee Appreciation Gift Ideas

Some of the best employee recognition gift ideas are things that make a worker's life easier at home or work. Many employees also value personalized presents and gifts that help them bond with others.

We created this list of gift ideas to show your employees how much you appreciate them to make buying the perfect gifts easier.


You may even want to consider starting an employee recognition program and making it a part of your core company values and culture. Showing employees that you care can reduce your overhead expenses by reducing costs associated with turnover.