Gift Guide to Destress

We all have a loved one or friend who is in need of serious relaxation. Consider giving them a gift that will encourage and allow them to take some much needed time to themselves and destress. Read our gift guide to discover items that help to relax and where to find them. Many of the products are a great gift on their own, but you can also mix and match items together and create the ultimate relaxation package.

A Fuzzy Robe
A soft robe is quite possibly the most realxing piece of clothing in the world.

Vendor: L.L. Bean
Price: Varies

In order to relax, you have to be comfortable, and what’s more comfy than a cozy robe? Just being wrapped up in something so loose and fluffy will be able to promote relaxation. L.L. Bean has comfy robe options for both men and women that come in a vareity of sizes and colors. 

A Face Mask
The rejuvenating powers of a face mask shouldn’t be underestimated.

Vendor: Sephora
Price: Varies

These go perfectly with the spa day vibe of the robe, or make for a great gift all on their own. Whether you go for a sheet mask, or a smooth, hydrating cream, this gift will allow your recipient to go forward with a fresh mind and a fresh face.

Essential Oils and a Diffuser
Diffusing essential oils such as lavender, lemon, and chamomile help promote calm vibes.

Vendor: Walmart
Price: $23.73

Aromatherapy has long been touted as a way to shed stress. Essential oils on their own can make for a great gift, as they can be diluted and applied to the skin, which will then absorb some of the healing chemicals present in the oil. If you want to go the extra mile, you can gift your stressed recipient with a diffuser, which will allow them to inhale the essential oils. When inhaled, odor molecules from the oil interact with the limbic system, which controls — among other things — your heart rate, blood pressure, hormone balance, and stress levels.

A Weighted Blanket
Weighted blankets are a relatively new trend, but many find them to be worth the hype.

Vendor: Macy's
Price: Varies

Weighted blankets are equipped with plastic or glass beads that allows it to wrap you up in what feels like a big, warm hug. It’s great for just chilling on your couch with Netflix, but it might also help your stressed recipient sleep better as well.

A Massage
This can help your recipient to shake off their stress, at least for a little bit.

Vendor: SpaFinder
Price: Varies

In the realm of relaxation, nothing can quite compare to a massage. Massages can lower your blood pressure, relax your muscles, lower your levels of cortisol and insulin, and trigger the release of endorphins — those hormones that make you feel good. It’s a great method of self-care, and should leave your recipient in a happy, calm haze for the rest of the day.

A Back Neck Massager
A trip to a massage therapist may be great for one relaxing day, but a home back massager will let your recipient relax any time they want.

Vendor: Amazon
Price: $49.95

The Zyllion Shiatsu massager is good at working out those knots, with an automatic direction change every minute and an easy-to-use heating function. As well as molding perfectly to your recipient’s back, this massager can also be used on their abdomen, calves, or thighs. This is an especially good gift for those with jobs that require them to do manual labor.

Bath Bombs
The fizz from your bath bomb makes your water picturesque, healing, and, most importantly, super relaxing.

Vendor: Ulta Beauty
Price: Varies

Just a plain bath is relaxing, but when you add a bubbly, sweet-smelling, beautiful bath bomb to the mix, it takes it to a whole new level. Watching the bath bomb fizz is mesmerizing, and it smells so good that your recipient will want to stay in their bathtub forever. Many bath bombs also contain ingredients that are good for your skin. However, it’s very important to make sure your recipient has a bathtub in which they can use your gift.

A Journal
They can get out all of their stress on those blank pages.

Vendor: Barnes & Noble
Price: $19.95

Journallng has actually been proven to help your health in many ways — reducing stress, strengthening your immune system, and improving your problem-solving abilities. Encourage your loved one to start this healthy habit by gifting them with their very own journal. If they keep up with it, this practice can help them feel calmer and more in control in the future.

A Foot Massager
The perfect way to unwind after a long day.

Vendor: Sharper Image
Price: $179.99

If your recipient is on their feet all day, especially in uncomfortable shoes, this foot massager makes for the perfect gift. They can unwind and forget all about their aching feet. This particular foot massager uses electrical impulses to stimulate muscles in your feet and comes with an infrared heat option.

An Eye Mask
An eye mask is like a soft pillow for the eyes.

Vendor: Bed Bath & Beyond
Price: $16.99-$22.99

We all just want to shut out the world sometimes, and an eye mask can be perfect for that. No more unreasonable boss, no more looming deadline, just you and your face mask. This eye mask also helps to provide relief from headaches, sinus pain, and puffy eyes. 

An Acupuncture Session
Despite those scary needles, acupuncture has been shown to relieve stress.

Vendor: Groupon
Price: Varies

If your recipient is a little more on the adventurous side, or has already experienced acupuncture, this gift is sure to be a hit. Acupuncture can have serious health benefits, like relieving back pains or migraines and stimulating blood flow to key areas. Visit Groupon and enter the city of your recipient to find an acupuncture center near them.

In short, we all deserve at least one day of relaxation every once in a while. With these relaxation gift ideas, you can choose whatever you think would best suit your loved ones de-stressing needs.