Can You Reload a Mastercard Gift Card?

There are many brands out there that offer unique cards with different features that make payment a breeze for users. But before you pick up an arbitrary card from just any brand on the market, you should do your fair share of thinking and research beforehand to be certain you choose something that is right for your needs. 

A Mastercard gift card is one of many prepaid payment methods offered under the Mastercard brand, a familiar name to almost any shopper. Though undoubtedly convenient and an amazing gift, a Mastercard gift card functions in its own unique way from other prepaid Mastercards. Some of these differences may be negligible to you, but others may see them as significant drawbacks that affect shopping abilities. Having a reliable form of payment that is secure and serves its purpose as intended is more necessary than ever before, which is why it is crucial you find out everything you need to know regarding Mastercard gift cards and prepaid Mastercards.

If you have been wondering things like ‘can I set up automatic reloads for my Mastercard gift card’ or ‘are there any restrictions for reloading a Mastercard gift card,’ then you definitely do not want to miss out on all the details we have to share with you. 

In this article, we are going to take time to delve into relevant information pertaining to prepaid Mastercards and Mastercard gift cards and supply answers to popular questions folks just like you ask. From finding out if you can perform a Mastercard gift card top-up to understanding the mechanics behind prepaid Mastercards, you will discover answers to many of your questions shortly. 

Some of the topics we will address include:

  • If a Mastercard gift card reload is possible
  • What separates a prepaid Mastercard from a Mastercard gift card
  • How to use Gift Card Granny to buy Mastercard gift cards 

How Do I Reload my Mastercard Gift Card? 

Mastercard gift cards are an incredibly convenient form of payment that may seem worth saving. Gift cards personalized with custom photos and messages make for worthwhile keepsakes, and even the range of different background designs available to Mastercard gift cards can be tempting to hold onto. The question now is: is adding funds to a Mastercard gift card possible? 

Can I Add More Money to my Mastercard Gift Card? 

Unfortunately, you cannot add subsequent funds to an active Mastercard gift card beyond what was initially loaded onto the card. The funds on a Mastercard gift card are prepaid and may be used for payment until entirely depleted from the card, but there is no way to load more funds onto the card once it is void of value. 

Prepaid Mastercards, though similar to Mastercard gift cards, do have the ability to be reloaded. A prepaid Mastercard can be loaded with an initial amount of funds, used to make purchases, and then have additional value applied to it. This significant feature makes a prepaid Mastercard a great asset to the wallets of many people, as it allows for them to use and rely on their prepaid Mastercard for an extended period of time. 

What Are the Fees for Reloading a Mastercard Gift Card? 

Since a Mastercard gift card is not able to be reloaded, there are no specific fees for that. However, it is important to note that a prepaid Mastercard can incur fees after prolonged durations of inactivity. Not using a prepaid Mastercard for a year or longer can cause inactivity fees to be applied to your account, affecting the balance you owe. 

There are also flat fees you must pay in order to activate Mastercard gift cards. Since Mastercard gift cards are more versatile than their retail counterparts, they cost more to operate. These costs are met by those who purchase the gift cards, who must pay a certain fee depending on the value of the gift card. Retailers of Mastercard gift cards can choose to set their own fees, which means you may pay more when buying from some retailers in comparison to others. 

The Mastercard gift card fees at Gift Card Granny are as follows:

  • Mastercard gift cards with a value of $10.00 to $74.99 have a $2.95 fee
  • Mastercard gift cards with a value of $75.00 to $149.99 have a $3.95 fee
  • Mastercard gift cards with a value of $150.00 to $249.99 have a $4.95 fee
  • Mastercard gift cards with a value of $250.00 to $349.99 have a $5.95 fee
  • Mastercard gift cards with a value of $350.00 to $500.00 have a $6.95 fee

There is a lot of shopping potential to unpack in a Mastercard gift card, and the many advantages that Mastercard gift cards offer users far outweighs any negative thoughts regarding the activation fees.

Prepaid Mastercard 

If you are looking for a reloadable and reliable form of payment that is akin to a Mastercard gift card, then you will find exactly what you need with a general prepaid Mastercard. Though Mastercard gift cards are technically prepaid, they do not function like general prepaid cards and will not serve your needs if you need something that can be reloaded. This is generally why Mastercard gift cards are better suited for those you are buying for while prepaid Mastercard are mainly for yourself. 

You can check out the official Mastercard website to view all the information you need to know regarding prepaid Mastercards. Since this article is about the facts behind reloading Mastercard gift cards, it is most relevant to note that reloading a prepaid Mastercard is no trouble at all and can be completed easily. For folks who need a secure payment method for everyday purchases, travel, and anything in-between, a prepaid Mastercard is probably going to be your best bet. 

What are the Advantages of a Prepaid Mastercard?

Of course, the outstanding advantage of prepaid Mastercards is the fact that they can be reloaded with funds after activation. Normally gift cards will simply get thrown out after their funds are exhausted, but prepaid Mastercards are meant to be held onto for long-term use to help you make payments for a variety of things. 

Reloading aside, prepaid Mastercards have a slew of other benefits that make them appeal to a wide demographic. First off, prepaid Mastercards do not require their users to have bank accounts and no credit checks are performed, meaning they are quite easy for folks to get no matter what kind of finances you have at your disposal. Prepaid Mastercards are not attached to any bank accounts either, so you do not have to provide sensitive financial information to anyone. 

Prepaid Mastercards are safer and more convenient than cash, too. Whereas cash can get stolen or misplaced, a prepaid Mastercard keeps all of your funds secure and in one place. With only one compact card to worry about, you do not need to concern yourself over organizing bills and coins in your wallet. If your prepaid Mastercard ends up lost or stolen, you have the opportunity to recover your lost funds, which is usually not the case when you lose cash. The convenience of prepaid Mastercards mostly stems from the fact that they can be used as payment everywhere that Mastercard debit cards are accepted – you can even have your paycheck deposited directly to your registered card if you wish. 

Let us not forget how great prepaid Mastercard are for folks who prefer to keep things digital. Prepaid Mastercards can be activated right from your phone or computer, and users can manage finances, view past transactions, and send or receive funds in a matter of moments. Keeping things digital makes life a lot less cumbersome and allows you to spend a lot less time worrying over the possibility of misplacing your funds. 

Get a Mastercard Gift Card on Gift Card Granny

If you are not interested in reloading a prepaid Mastercard and would much rather pick up a Mastercard gift card for a friend or relative who you know would appreciate one, then you should know that you can easily buy a Mastercard gift card right here on Gift Card Granny

Rather than take a trip to your closest retailer that supplies Mastercard gift cards, you can order a Mastercard gift card from the comfort of your couch by using Gift Card Granny. With prompt and dependable service, Gift Card Granny makes sending gift cards to anyone you know an easy feat. Friends, family members, coworkers, and anyone else you wish to send a gift card to will be delighted to receive a timely delivery of such an amazing gift, and you can be satisfied knowing you picked the right gift. 

In order to purchase a Mastercard gift card using Gift Card Granny, go to our homepage and navigate over to the Mastercard gift cards page. Once on this page, or from the dropdown menu, select a Mastercard gift card that is suited for your needs. Choose from predesigned Mastercard gift cards, custom Mastercard gift cards, Mastercard virtual eGift cards, and Mastercard business reward cards. All distinct in their own ways, these Mastercard gift card options are great for all kinds of gifting scenarios. 

If you are simply buying a gift card to give to someone you know for a special occasion, then you will not go wrong with the impressive array of predesigned Mastercard gift cards available at Gift Card Granny. Simple in design and relevant to the situation you are purchasing the gift card for, these predesigned Mastercard gift cards cannot be beat.  

However, if you wish to add your own personal touch to a gift card for someone special, there is always the custom Mastercard gift card. More sentimental than the predesigned gift cards, custom Mastercard gift cards can be personalized with unique photos that distinguish the card from others like it. 

You can purchase a predesigned Mastercard gift card here.

You can purchase a predesigned Mastercard gift card here.

Activate Mastercard Gift Card on Gift Card Granny

Not looking to purchase a Mastercard gift card, but to activate one instead? Gift Card Granny can help you with that too. 

You can activate a Mastercard gift card on Gift Card Granny by providing your 16-digit activation code and 3-digit security code located on the plastic card. Once you submit this information, your gift card will be able to be used to make purchases in stores and online. If you have already activated your Mastercard gift card and re-enter this information on the activation page, a picture of your card and your available balance will appear instead. 


There is quite a lot to know about the functionality of Mastercard gift cards. While not reloadable like prepaid Mastercards, Mastercard gift cards have their own purposes and can be the perfect present to give to someone you care about. Use Gift Card Granny to browse a variety of Mastercard gift card options to find one that feels right for you!