Surprise Your Wife With These Ten Just-Because Gifts

Holidays, birthdays, and anniversaries are all great opportunities to show someone you love how much you care. But you know what makes a gift really special? When it’s a surprise! Deciding the right gift is not always easy. Chances are you’ve already given her a lot of awesome gifts, crossing some off the list. We are here to inspire you to greatness! This list contains ten amazing gifts for your wife. As you go through this list, keep your mind open. Think about your wife and what she likes, what she likes to do, and items that would make her life easier or more fun. The gifts you see on this list might not be the perfect fit, but chances are something will inspire you to find the gift that is. 

If your wife could use a little pick-me-up—or if you just feel like buying her something nice—check out these “just because” gifts!

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1. Clean Reserve Perfume Discovery Set

This Gift Set from Sephora Makes for a Sweet-Scented Surprise

Vendor: Sephora

Price: $26

This gift set from Sephora includes eight fun fragrances, including Warm Cotton, Rain, Sol, Radiant Nectar, and more. Chances are your wife has a go-to perfume that she loves, but if she is game to switch things up, then a tester set of perfumes is an amazing gift! These are all travel-size, so she can pick one out and take it the next time you two go out on a road trip. 

Keeping a journal lets you write down your thoughts and feelings. An I love you journal is a beautiful way to surprise your wife. 

2. Why I Love You Journal

This Guided Journal Will Help You Put Your Feelings into Words

Vendor: Barnes & Noble

Price: $10.99

Outline all the reasons you love your wife with this journal! Using a mix of fill-in-the-blanks, open-ended questions, notes, and places to put photos, the Why I Love You journal is a heartfelt gift that your wife will treasure for years to come. This sweet, romantic gesture is the perfect way to surprise your wife any day of the week.

3. The Smart Garden 3

An indoor garden that perfect for an aspiring gardener

Vendor: Click and Grow

Price: $100

This amazing gadget is an easy-to-use way to grow herbs and flowers all year long. The Smart Garden 3, from Click and Grow, is one of the products they offer that centers around ways to grow plants indoors without the hassle of keeping them in the right light with precisely the right amount of water. Alongside these indoor gardens (available in multiple sizes), this company offers biodegradable plant pods that fit perfectly into the system. From there, this machine calibrates a watering and light schedule to keep them healthy, happy, and thriving all year long.

While Click and Grow offers plant packages to make the process easier, their products are also compatible with your own plant seeds. 

4. Tea Light Set

An Elegant Addition to Any Home’s Decor

Vendor: Yankee Candle

Price: $10.00

Why settle for an ordinary candle when you can get so much more? Pink Sands by Yankee Candle blends together citrus, florals, and vanilla to create a relaxing, beachy scent. This set has 12 tea light candles. Pair it with a beautiful tea light holder, and the gift is complete. If you want to go the extra mile, you can always run your wife a relaxing bath and line the tub with these little lit candles. She’ll love the effort!

Candles are a fantastic part of any household. Big candles diffuse wonderful scents throughout the whole house, wood wicks add a lovely crackling sound, and tea lights add an unforgettable ambiance to chill situations, making them even better. Which kind of candle is your wife’s favorite?

5. Skin Care Sugar Cubes

Super Sweet Exfoliation

Vendor: Harper + Ari 

Price: $12.00

They may look good enough to eat, but these Skin Care Sugar Cubes aren’t for your taste buds—they’re for your pores! The main ingredients are sugar, aloe vera, and shea butter to exfoliate and soothe. Just add water for this skincare treat. There are many different scents to these products, and they are an amazing addition to any skincare routine. 

No home can have too many succulents! A succulent is a great surprise gift for your wife. 

6. Mini Pre-Planted Succulent

Perfect for a Desk, Windowsill, or Table Top

Vendor: Etsy

Price: Varies

Succulents are awesome gifts for plant lovers and novices alike because they require such low maintenance. On Etsy, you can find a wide variety of options for potted succulents. Your wife won’t have to worry about any hassle at all because the plants are already potted.

Just about every home could use another succulent! They work in every room and add a little life to the decor style. If you are into gardening at all, you probably know how quickly the work required increases. Some plants need a lot of attention, and potting your own plants or planting a garden comes with a lot of watering, weeding, and various strategies to repel curious and hungry animals ready to put a stop to all your hard work. Succulents turn all of that on its head! They are indoors, resilient, and only need a bit of water each week or two. They are perfect if your wife doesn’t want to spend hours each week caring for her beautiful flowers and garden. 

Four Gift Cards for Her

Alongside surprise gifts for your wife, gift cards are another fantastic way to show your appreciation. Gift cards are perfect ways to inspire a fun outing to shop in the future. Along with giving the gift card, we recommend that you take the initiative in planning the trip, but the gift card is a great way to start the process. Here are three gift cards for your wife to show your love!

1. Macy’s

The perfect gift card for affordable seasonal shopping 

Buy a Macy’s gift card

Macy’s is an affordable department store with tons of amazing clothing from various retailers. Their whole store is full of fun and fashionable items, making it a great place to browse and pick out a new fun outfit for the fall. Macy’s has a large range of brands and clothing options, almost guaranteeing that your wife will find some new and exciting items for her wardrobe. 

Macy’s is a great store to shop around when you don’t have a specific item in mind. There are so many colors and styles laid out in a way where inspiration can strike at any moment. Macy’s is a good gift card for your wife, even if she is not a huge clothes shopper. This card could be the inspiration she needs to go to the store and pick out the new clothes she’s been talking about recently. Knowing that you’re there to pay for them will make it much more fun for her!

Buy a Macy’s gift card

2. Ulta

Personal-care products are always in! A gift card to Ulta could be a big hit

Buy an ULTA Beauty gift card

We’d wager your wife has a skincare routine. It may be as simple as a face wash in the morning and at night or a magical, multi-product affair that baffles your mind. Regardless: an Ulta beauty gift card is a great gift for your wife. We like this gift card because your wife will always need refills on her products, but no one knows better than her which ones need to be refilled and when they need it. 

A gift card like this is not likely to sit forgotten or unused as long as your wife uses some sort of makeup or skincare products. These products are often rather expensive! They will guard that gift card with their lives, and isn’t that the best? This gift card is a sure bet to ensure that your wife will appreciate and enjoy her gift as well as put it to good use! 

Buy an ULTA Beauty gift card

3. Airbnb

A gift card for traveling couples

Buy an Airbnb gift card

Do you and your wife love to travel? A gift card to Airbnb is an excellent way to take the initiative in planning your next trip. Airbnbs are becoming an excellent alternative to hotels when it comes to vacationing. They offer a wide variety of locales and experiences, and your gift card can help pay for that next weekend away. This gift card adds a bit to vacation savings without setting anything in stone. A gift card to Airbnb can be redeemed at any time, but it is always there as a reminder to get out and see the world. 

Little gifts like this are great ways to show your wife that you care. If she’s been talking about traveling a lot and you two just haven’t made it out yet, then a gift card to Airbnb shows her that you’ve been listening to her wants and are looking to make it happen. 

Buy an Airbnb gift card

4. Caribou Coffee

Is there a better way to start the morning? 

Buy a Caribou Coffee gift card

Caribou Coffee is an amazing gift card for any coffee drinker out there. They offer many items, like ground coffee, whole beans, mugs, and other accessories. If you and your wife brew a pot of coffee every morning, then a gift card to Caribou Coffee is sure to put a smile on your wife’s face. She can order a fun, flavored bag of coffee or the classic roast (a great treat) of extraordinary morning coffee. Spending extra to buy a fun bag of coffee every now and again is a great way to start the morning. Gift cards are always great because she can spend it whenever she wants. 

Buy a Caribou Coffee gift card

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These are our favorite surprise gifts for your wife

So, how are you feeling? Are you ready to pick out the perfect surprise gift for your wife? We hope so! This list is full of great possibilities for gifts and gift cards that may make her day. Outside of that, we hope that even if nothing on this list is the right gift, you’ve been inspired with the perfect present. 

If not, don’t give up hope yet! Go back to the basics. What does your wife like? Is there anything she’s been talking about recently that she wants and doesn’t have yet? Gifts of food, coffee, and her favorite drinks are great ways to surprise her, as you know she’ll enjoy that. 

If you are feeling sentimental, you can gift something that calls back a beautiful moment in your relationship. There are so many possibilities out there, and we are sure you’ll find the perfect one. 

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