10 Life-Changing Tips For The Ultimate Pizza Lover

You aren't a true pizza connoisseur until you've tried these 10 pizza hacks.   

1. Keep The Heat
Keep pizza warm on the way home by using your seat warmers. Cover the top of the box with an old towel or blanket for extra warmth.   

2. No Bun, No Problem
Use your pizza crust as a hot dog bun. Believe me, it actually tastes pretty good.  

pizza hot dog bun  
3. Guaranteed Crispy Crust
Leftover pizza is the best. Soggy crust is the worst. Get crisp crust (try saying that three times in a row) when you reheat your pizza in the oven at 400 degrees for 5 to 7 minutes. You can also get the same results (in a shorter amount of time) using your stovetop with a covered pan on low.   

4. Hold The Toppings
Extra toppings can sometimes be pricey. Order a plain cheese pizza and add your own toppings by raiding the pantry or fridge. 

vegetables on a cutting board   
5. Microwave Pizza Like A Pro
Put a small glass of water in the microwave when warming your pizza. This helps prevents mushy crust.     

6. Soothe A Burnt Tongue
It's inevitable that you'll burn your mouth on that first bite of pizza. How does anyone have the patience to wait for the cheese to cool down?! When this happens, sprinkle some sugar on your tongue and rub it on the top of your mouth. This will soothe the pain so you can quickly get back to eating your slice.  

7. Pizza For Breakfast
Switch up breakfast with your leftovers. Cut a slice of pizza into small pieces, add two eggs, a little milk and cook in the skillet until ready. 

pizza in a box  
8. Go Light On The Carbs
Craving pizza but want to stick to your diet? Use a Portobello mushroom as the crust and add your favorite toppings.   

9. Costco Pizza
Oftentimes a membership isn't needed to visit the Costco food court (depends on the location). Which means you can get a jumbo-sized pizza for only $9.95.   

Granny Tip: call ahead to confirm whether or not your local Costco requires membership to access their food court.

10. Picky Eaters
Do you have picky eaters on your hands? Remove unwanted toppings from your frozen pizza before baking it in the oven. Add the toppings to your own pieces and everyone's happy.  

pizza party

Have any pizza hacks of your own? Share 'em in the comments below!