Get Going this Holiday Season with the Top Travel Gift Cards for Christmas

It’s never too early to start thinking about Christmas gifts this year! Sometimes when the holidays roll around we find ourselves extra busy. Whether it’s attending parties with friends, doing family dinners, or participating in some winter fun, there are so many things to enjoy during the holiday season.

Of course we all have Christmas lists, and people we love to shop for each year. But what if you’re at a loss as to what to buy for each person this year? It can get kind of stressful when you’re trying to figure out the best gifts for everyone on your list. Why not make it super easy this year and get everyone something they’re sure to love?

You can easily do this with a gift card! Gift cards are always appreciated because they allow the recipient to pick out exactly what they want. That way, it’s always in the right size, and comes in the right color! No need to guess.

Gift cards are also great because you can use them whenever you want to. Whether that’s the day after receiving them, or months after. The freedom of choice that gift cards offer just can’t be matched.

If you know someone on your Christmas list that loves to travel and is excited to get out there and try new things, you’ve got to consider our top travel gift cards for Christmas. We have cards that help them:

  • Go to a new destination
  • Stay in a fun location
  • Take a road trip!

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1. Trip Gift

Give the gift of travel with a Trip Gift card to someone you know for Christmas this year

Buy a Trip Gift gift card 

Buy TripGift Gift Cards

One of the best gift cards you can get for someone who loves to travel for Christmas is a gift card to Trip Gift. This is your one stop for all things travel! If you know someone who has a bucket list of places they’d like to visit, you can easily help them out by getting them this gift card. You can choose from all kinds of special places such as Paris, Thailand, Greece, London, or Dubai, and so many more! With a Trip Gift you can choose to purchase their air travel, a stay in a hotel, or even book a private tour in the location of their dreams. 

You can’t go wrong with giving the gift of travel for Christmas. It’s such a great way to show you care, and that you really took the time to think of a thoughtful gift that any recipient would be sure to enjoy.

Buy a Trip Gift gift card 

2. Hyatt Hotels

Stay in one of the most popular hotels in the world, no matter where your destination is!

Buy a Hyatt Hotels gift card 

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Do you know someone who likes to travel to new and exciting cities? If so, then you should definitely consider getting them a gift card to Hyatt Hotels! This chain of hotels has locations all over the world, and offers many different kinds of customized experiences to their guests. You will enjoy all the comfortable amenities that make Hyatt Hotels some of the most popular places to stay around the world. From their cozy rooms, relaxing beds, premier restaurants, and even health and wellness options, if you’re looking for a place to stay while you enjoy new sites and sounds, make sure it’s at a Hyatt!

Buy a Hyatt Hotels gift card 

3. Airbnb

Take time to get out there any explore something out of the ordinary

Buy an Airbnb gift card

Buy Airbnb Gift Cards

Have you always wanted to stay in a special type of place? Have you dreamed of staying in a castle, a log cabin, a high rise, or even a beach bungalow? Well you can do all that and more when you book your stay with Airbnb. This company has transformed the hospitality industry by giving guests all kinds of options when it comes to where they stay. You can choose to get a place that’s near all the attractions, or get one that’s private and remote. One of the best parts of going with Airbnb is that you have the freedom to cook and enjoy your own meals!

That’s right, many options come with a kitchen, so you can pick up some groceries and make an exquisite meal while you’re away from home. There’s something that’s just so convenient about that! 

Buy an Airbnb gift card

4. Southwest Airlines

You’re just a flight away from making some amazing travel memories

Buy a Southwest Airlines gift card

Buy Southwest Airlines

If you’re at a loss as to what to get a loved one for Christmas, you’re not alone. It’s difficult to get people gifts, especially when you don’t want to get them the same thing each year. This is where a gift card to Southwest Airlines comes in handy. This gift card will allow the recipient to travel to the locations they’ve always wanted to visit! Whether there’s a specific city they want to visit, or they’d like the opportunity to spend more time with family and friends that live in another city, you can’t go wrong with giving the gift of air travel for Christmas!

Buy a Southwest Airlines gift card

5. Delta 

No matter where in the world you want to visit, Delta Airlines can get you there

Buy a Delta Airlines gift card 

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Do you have a friend or family member that’s always talking about their next big trip? Have they caught the travel bug and just can’t seem to wait until it’s time for vacation? If this sounds like someone you know, then you might want to consider getting them a gift card to Delta Airlines! Giving the gift of airline travel at Christmas is a great way to show your loved one that you’ve been paying attention to all their talks about taking trips to new cities and countries. 

Delta flies all over the world and is known as being one of the premier airlines that take care of their customers. Whether they want to travel across the U.S., journey to Costa Rica, or take in the sights of London, Delta Airlines can help get them where they want to go.

Buy a Delta Airlines gift card 

6. Wawa

Fill up your car and enjoy some yummy road trip snacks

Buy a Wawa gift card

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If there’s someone on your Christmas list who’s always wanted to take a road trip, you can’t go wrong when you pick them up a gift card to Wawa! This place is a great place to fill up your tank with gas, but it also offers you so much more! Stop in and check out all the drinks they have available that will make any road trip that much more fun. You can choose from coffee, lattes, chai, and even fruit smoothies. And what goes better with a drink than one of their yummy food options? Make sure you pick up a sandwich, hoagie, panini, salad, or their popular ice cream treats!

You can’t have a road trip without snacks, and Wawa is the perfect place to stock up before you travel.

Buy a Wawa gift card

7. Autozone

Make sure your car is all set for a trip on the open road

Buy an AutoZone gift card

Buy AutoZone Gift Cards

If you know someone that would love the chance to take their car out on the open road for an extended road trip, you’ve got to make sure their car is in the best shape possible. After all, a road trip wouldn’t be very much fun if their car broke down or needed repairs on the trip. That’s why it’s essential to get your car looked at before the trip, and what better way to ensure it’s in tip top shape for any traveling than with a gift card to AutoZone? The professionals at this place will make sure your car is running as it should, and can provide you with any tips and tools to make sure you have the best road trip possible.

Whether you need to pick up a battery, wheels, or even make sure you bring the right oil along the way, you can count on AutoZone to ensure your car is in the best shape it can be.  

Buy an AutoZone gift card

8. BP 

Whether you need gas or just snacks, BP has got you covered

Buy a BP gift card

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When you’ve decided to take a road trip, it can be an exciting time! You’ve got to make sure you plan out your trip, and leave time to visit interesting locations along the way. After all, when you’re road tripping to a new city, you’re going to experience a lot of fun while you’re on the journey! No matter where you’re headed to, it’s a good idea for your road trip to start out at BP. You can fill up at BP and then make sure you have all the necessary snacks and drinks to get you on your way.

Gas is expensive, which is why giving a gift card to BP would be most appreciated by anyone on your Christmas list. Even if they don’t have a trip planned out just yet, they can definitely use the gas in the meantime!

Buy a BP gift card

9. Uber

Leave the driving to someone else with a gift card to Uber

Buy an Uber gift card

Buy Uber Gift Cards

Sometimes you just don’t want to be bothered driving or having a car, which is when a gift card to Uber would come in handy! Uber is also super convenient when you’ve flown into a new city and don’t have a car available to you. When you give the gift of an Uber gift card, you’re giving the recipient the chance to get out and explore a new city, and not have to worry about driving and parking a car.

Buy an Uber gift card

10. Enterprise Rent a Car

Leave your car at home and rent a car for your next trip!


If you’d rather not put the wear and tear on your own car when you’re embarking on a road trip, why not get a rental from Enterprise? This company prides itself on providing top of the line vehicles for customers to use across the U.S. If you want to take a road trip in style and experience what it’s like to drive a new car, consider picking up a gift card to Enterprise!

Unfortunately, Gift Card Granny does not yet offer Enterprise gift cards, but make sure you check back often! 

Those are our top 10 travel gift cards for Christmas. We hope you’ll consider picking some of these up for those in your life who love to travel. Happy trails!