Treat Yourself With These Gift Card Ideas

Gift cards are something a lot of us fall back on when it’s time to give presents to those we care about, from close friends and family members to work colleagues and even loyal clients. Giving a gift is a kind yet risky gesture that always has the potential to end in disappointment if your recipient doesn’t like what they receive, but gift cards take away that risk by allowing your gift recipient to do the gift shopping for themselves and purchase exactly what they want using the funds on the gift card. As long as you buy a gift card for a merchant that your recipient is a fan of, you will always be able to depend on gift cards to do the heavy lifting for you. 

And while that’s all well and good, have you ever taken a moment to do any shopping for yourself when it comes to purchasing gift cards? As unusual as it may sound, folks purchase gift cards to use on themselves all the time. It may seem a little redundant when you can just use your own funds to buy the products, services, and other merchandise you want, but sometimes a gift card can provide the best way to pay for what you want, especially when using a gift card means savings for you. 

Learn how you can treat yourself to a good time with some of these great gift card ideas!

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1. Uber Eats

A good meal that is only moments away from your door

Buy an Uber Eats gift card

Though you may think an Uber gift card to be unnecessary when you drive your own vehicle, there is a lot more to this little gift card than meets the eye. An Uber gift card can be the magic tool you need to get connected with tasty meals from your favorite local eateries and fast food chains, and it all gets delivered right to your front door. Use your Uber gift card directly on Uber Eats to order exactly what your stomach craves. 

Uber Eats partners with restaurants, diners, and other local eateries to bring the delicious food you love straight to you. Users can browse tons of dining options near them for all kinds of different cuisine options, including traditional American, Italian, Mexican, Chinese, Japanes, Indian, Thai, and French. Whether you’re craving a greasy pizza loaded with gooey cheese, want a warm bowl of spicy curry, or a hearty dish of pasta, you can find all that and more available on Uber Eats.  

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2. Barnes & Noble

Reading can take you to places you’ve never dreamed of

Buy a Barnes & Noble gift card

It’s always nice to reward yourself with a good book or two once in a while. Simply living out your day-to-day life and handling your regular responsibilities can be draining on the soul, which is why it’s important to keep your mind nourished with the entertainment you desire. For readers, a new book is just the thing to keep them feeling like their best selves. 

A Barnes & Noble gift card gives you access to thousands of book titles both in retail locations and online. Find books across all genres, from fantasy and sci-fi to historical fiction and thriller horrors. Barnes & Noble is a great place for readers of any age, and with a section dedicated to kids and younger readers it’s easier than ever to inspire developing minds with words. Barnes & Noble also sells toys, board games, and collector’s items to keep you occupied and entertained in more ways than one. 

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3. Lowe’s

Care for your home with vital tools, products, and decorations 

Buy a Lowe’s gift card

Home improvement can be a costly venture, which is why it’s so important to save where you can. A gift card to Lowe’s from Gift Card Granny can help you earn cash back while giving you the funds necessary to purchase hardware, appliances, building supplies, and anything else you need to enhance your household. 

From preparing your house for a chilly winter to refreshing the patio in time for summer, Lowe’s has the necessary equipment to help you get ready for anything that comes your way. Shop for drywall, insulation, air conditioners, furnaces, shower heads, faucets, ropes, window treatments, and much more at any Lowe’s location. You can also request professional installation services on appliances, flooring, doors, windows, countertops, and fencing from home improvement experts you can rely on. 

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4. Williams Sonoma

Kitchen equipment that allows you to cook to your heart’s content 

Buy a Williams Sonoma gift card

Is cooking a passion of yours? Do you find yourself most at home when you’re whipping something up in the kitchen? Maybe you simply like to explore your creative side with delicious food. Whatever the case may be, you deserve to splurge a little on quality cooking equipment and kitchenware that will help you feel more at peace in your abode. Good thing the expertly crafted kitchen products available at Williams Sonoma can help you achieve even your wildest cooking dreams. 

Williams Sonoma is a retail company that focuses on delivering you premium kitchenware and home furnishings for your household. Customers can browse an array of products at Williams Sonoma, including well-made cookware like cast iron pans, tea kettles, and even pots for fondue. Williams Sonoma also offers electronics and kitchen appliances like espresso machines, ice cream makers, rice cookers, and food processors. Don’t forget to give your kitchen a splash of color with tasteful dinnerware sets, tablecloths, flatware sets, and centerpieces for the dining table. 

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5. Bath & Body Works

Feel good about yourself with quality body care products

Buy a Bath & Body Works gift card

Everybody deserves to feel at home in their bodies. While there’s no store that can do quite that much for its customers, Bath & Body Works comes pretty close by providing shoppers with an array of fragrances, body, and bath products made to make you feel amazing while going about your daily business. 

At Bath & Body Works, customers can look through an assortment of bath and body care products to help enhance their quality of life. From alluring fragrances with room sprays and candles to refreshing lotions, scrubs, and soaps, this retailer carries everything you could ever want in regards to beauty and personal care. Scents from Bath & Body Works are iconic and can range from earthy and natural to overly sweet and intoxicating, so you can always find something to fit your preferences. 

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6. One Kings Lane

A home that you’re proud to call your own 

Buy a One Kings Lane gift card

Getting quality new furniture can be expensive, but if your couch is falling apart or your dining table is standing on its last legs, then it’s something that you can’t put off forever. A gift card for One Kings Lane can nudge you in the right direction when it comes to shopping for reliable, chic furniture and home decor. 

One Kings Lane sells all manner of home furnishings, decorations, bed and bath products to fill your heart and your home. Browse living room staples such as console tables, settees, sectionals, and bookcases; dining room furniture like counter stools, cabinets, and dining chairs; and bedroom necessities including vanities, nightstands, and headboards. Don’t forget to make your home pop with beautiful rugs, lighting fixtures, stunning artwork, mirrors, and decorative pillows and throws. 

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7. Victoria’s Secret

Dressing your best doesn’t have to be complicated 

Buy a Victoria’s Secret gift card

Ladies, you need nice things just like everybody else. It can be hard to focus on your own desires when so much is happening in the world around you, but don’t be afraid to splurge on cute apparel, lingerie, and beauty products from Victoria’s Secret every now and again. 

Women can find tons of gorgeous clothing items available at local Victoria’s Secret stores and online. Victoria’s Secret sells a variety of quality bras to give ladies the support and comfort they need, including options like wireless, push-up, and sheer bras. They also have a nice selection of panties, sleepwear, leggings, workout clothes, and accessories to peruse. Finish off your shopping with delightful fragrances, body mists, lotions, and scrubs. 

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Don’t feel bad about buying things for yourself every now and again. Everybody deserves to feel special, and you shouldn’t be left out of the picture either. Gift cards provide an excellent way to encourage shopping at specific retailers and brands that you may otherwise try to avoid shopping at simply because you feel like you need to stop spending money. If you need to give yourself a helpful nudge in the right direction, go ahead and grab some gift cards from Gift Card Granny and take advantage of the cash back rewards!