11 Valentine’s Gift Card Ideas For Her

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and if you find yourself searching for that perfect gift for the special lady in your life, then look no further. Whether you’re shopping for your mom, a girlfriend, wife, or even just a friend, there’s one gift idea that is universal and can be given to anyone.That’s right, we’re talking about a gift card. A gift card is the perfect gift idea for that special woman in your life, whoever she may be. With a gift card you don't have to worry about getting her what she really wants, because she’ll be able to pick it out herself! And with so many gift card options out there, you’re sure to find one to her favorite place. So if you need some ideas on what to get the special lady in your life, then keep reading for our top Valentine’s gift card ideas for her!

In this article we’re going to talk about gift card ideas that are great for the special Valentine in your life. Here is a list of the gift card ideas that you can expect to see as you read through this article:

  • Gift cards for fashion and accessories 
  • Gift cards for fine jewelry and handbags
  • Gift cards for cosmetics and body care

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But how and where can you get started saving money on gift cards with Gift Card Granny? Well, now that you know about the many great benefits of using Gift Card Granny to search and buy all the gift cards you need, let’s get into some Valentine’s Day gift card ideas for the special woman in your life that she’s sure to love! 

1. Macy’s 

A stylish tradition that just won’t quit 

Buy a Macy’s gift card

This staple American department store chain continues to attract consumers even after all these years. Similar chains can only wish to be as coveted as Macy’s is among shoppers. If quality fashion, eye-catching jewelry, and cute accessories are something that your partner is into, then you can bet on a Macy’s gift card to be a perfect match for Valentine’s Day.

Macy’s carries tons of essentials that no lady wants to be without. Macy’s is the top destination for the latest fashion brands for both men and women, along with beauty products, shoes, purses, furnishings, home goods, and more. The whole family can benefit from shopping at a local Macy’s for the everyday products they can’t be without. 

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2. Jared

Because diamonds are a girl’s best friend 

What better Valentine’s Day gift to give than a Jared gift card? With a Jared gift card the special lady in your life will be able to pick out and buy the jewelry she really wants. It’s no secret that women love jewelry, so why not make sure she gets the jewelry piece she really wants? The great thing about a Jared gift card is that she can use it in store or online so her options are endless when it comes to picking out what she loves. 

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3. Bath & Body Works 

Bath supplies she will fall for

Buy a Bath & Body Works gift card

It’s easy to feel good about yourself when you put in the effort to take care of your body. Retailers like Bath & Body Works are around to ensure shoppers have direct access to quality self-care products that will make anyone feel whole and rejuvenated. 

One step into a Bath & Body Works location will immediately entice you with captivating fragrances that you won’t be able to get enough of. From rich candles and room sprays to shower gels and body lotions, Bath & Body Works carries all kinds of products meant to enhance your lifestyle. You’ll be charmed by their year-round fragrance options that are good during any season, or you can wait for their seasonal releases that are only available during the holidays. Whether you want something flowery and sweet or a scent that’s deep and earthy, Bath & Body Works has got you covered. 

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4. American Eagle

Get quality clothing that keeps you comfortable 

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Is your girl really into fashion? Has she been talking about how bland her wardrobe has been lately? In either case, a gift card for American Eagle may be the perfect gift to surprise her with this Valentine’s Day. 

American Eagle excels in providing customers with vintage fashion and styles to give any outfit a retro look. Shop for tons of women’s clothing items including their iconic denim jeans, tops, bottoms, activewear, loungewear, and plenty of great accessories. With an emphasis on the needs of their clients, American Eagle stands out from many similar competitors and makes shoppers feel uniquely themselves. 

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5. Bloomingdale’s 

Give her the gift of a shopping spree she’ll never forget 

If the special woman in your life loves to shop, then a Bloomingdale’s gift card is the perfect Valentine’s Day gift idea. Give her the gift of a shopping spree of a lifetime at an upscale department store packed with charming choice apparel, accessories, cosmetics, furniture, and home goods. 

With a Bloomingdale’s gift card she can pick out whatever she wants so you can be sure that she’ll love whatever she gets. A Bloomingdale’s gift card is also a great way to make sure she’ll love her gift from you! 

Check out Bloomingdale’s if you think it’s right for you. Gift Card Granny does not offer gift cards for this retailer at this time. 

6. DSW 

For the woman who loves her shoes 

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A DSW gift card is the perfect gift idea for any woman in your life who loves a good pair of shoes. DSW has a wide selection of shoes to choose from with anything from flats to sky high heels. With so many options, you can be sure she’ll get the perfect pair! A DSW gift card is also great because you won’t have to worry about getting her the right shoe style that you know she'll like or picking out the wrong shoe size. With a DSW gift card she can choose the shoes she loves. 

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7. Nordstrom

Stellar fashion finds that you can’t beat

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Are luxury clothing and products something that your girl takes seriously? If so, she can find all that she’s ever wished for and more when she shops at Nordstrom, one of the most notable upscale department store chains around. 

A Nordstrom gift card connects shoppers with plenty of products from some of the most well-known brands on the market. From great shoes and dresses to home decor and beauty products, Nordstrom carries pretty much anything and everything a woman could want. So whether she’s got designer fashion on her shopping list or simply wants to look around for sweet new finds, she can rely on Nordstrom to provide her with the best of the best. 

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8. Tiffany and Co. 

Because a woman can never have enough jewelry 

Tiffany and Co. has a huge selection of jewelry to choose from, with jewelry ranging from all styles. Whether the special woman in your life loves a more flashy piece of jewelry or she prefers something more minimal and simplistic, Tiffany and Co. has a jewelry selection that will fit her own personal style. With a Tiffany and Co. gift card she can choose her own piece of jewelry so you won’t have to wonder if you got her something she’ll love or not. 

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9. Dooney and Bourke 

For the woman who is always in need of a new handbag

If the special woman in your life loves handbags and is always looking for a new purse, then a Dooney and Bourke gift card is the perfect gift idea for your next Valentine’s Day! Dooney and Bourke are known for their high quality bags and wide selection of handbag styles. Dooney and Bourke have a handbag to fit everyone’s style, so the special woman in your life will easily be able to find something they love. From wallets, to crossbodies, to large purses, Dooney and Bourke have something for everyone! 

Take a look at the offerings currently available at Dooney and Bourke to see if they have what your partner needs. 

10. Ulta Beauty 

For the beauty guru in your life 

Buy an Ulta gift card

Ulta Beauty is a great gift card option for the woman in your life who considers herself a beauty guru. If you need a Valentine’s Day gift idea for the special lady in your life who loves all things makeup, then an Ulta Beauty gift card is sure to be a hit. If she’s not a fan of makeup, no worries! Ulta Beauty also has a large selection of hair and skin care products as well that she can choose from. With a gift card, she can shop both in store as well as online so she’s sure to find something to get! 

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11. Michaels 

The perfect gift for the craft lady in your life 

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Any creative lady will be thrilled to receive a Michaels gift card, which she can use to explore her imaginative side and create the most impressive of projects. Whether she is a painter, a sewer, a knitter, or someone who is simply exploring the realms of artistic expression in general, a Michaels gift card can help her out in the most splendid of ways. 

Michaels carries an array of arts and crafts supplies to support creatives during every stage of their journey. Find painting tools, sewing machines, thread, yarn, frames, bakeware, drawing pads, floral arrangements, and so much more at any Michaels location. No matter where your passions lie, Michaels is there to have your back. 

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Finding the perfect gift card for her doesn’t have to be a complicated affair. Let Gift Card Granny help you make the right choice!