Visa Gift Cards for College Students and Young Adults

Being a young adult in college can be an expensive endeavor. With a schedule packed full of classes and recreational extracurricular activities, most students only have time for a part-time gig to foot the growing number of bills. Some even manage to work full-time, yet still struggle to keep up with the cost of everything. 

If you have any past experience of dealing with everything the college lifestyle entails, then you can likely sympathize with some of the struggles that young adults currently enrolled in school face. They deal with quite a lot and must manage all of their stress on top of intense academic work, so it’s important they have the opportunity to catch their breath and take a break every once in a while. 

While you may not be able to give them extra vacation time or bonus credits in the classroom, you can make a small difference in the lives of any busy college students you know with a Visa gift card. Consider getting Visa gift cards for students you know to provide them a little financial help during a busy period of their lives. 

  • Can I use Visa gift cards to pay for textbooks or school supplies?
  • Can I use Visa gift cards for off-campus meals and transportation? 
  • How do I use Visa gift cards for study abroad programs? 

Use Visa Gift Cards for College Costs

The cost of tuition may be the primary concern of most college students, but there are plenty of additional college expenses that cost a good chunk of change. Food, clothes, cleaning supplies, and a number of other things are all on the average college student’s shopping list. While a bottle of shampoo and Chinese takeout every other week may not cost much, the little expenses add up and create pretty big bills. 

In order to succeed in school, college students need to be prepared in the classroom. A Visa gift card can help students pay for essential items like textbooks, notebooks, pencils, binders, electronics, and other school supplies. Whether you are picking up Visa gift cards for back to school necessities or because you know a college student who finished their semester with phenomenal grades, Visa gift cards are extremely convenient to have on hand and can help pay for all kinds of things. 

A lot of college students leave home to attend college, staying in dorms in nearby cities or several states away. Since distance is a big factor, a Visa gift card can be the perfect gift to send via mail. Unlike large packages, Visa gift cards don’t have large shipping fees and may even be sent inside greeting cards. College students can receive Visa gift cards promptly and can use them as a secure way to pay at stores on and off campus. 

Visa Gift Cards for Dorm Room Necessities 

If a college student doesn’t commute to campus every day, then they most likely stay in a dorm. Some people even brand dorm life as a staple of the college experience, a time to fondly look back on later in life. Having a good experience in the college dorms depends pretty heavily on the environment of your dorm room. After all, it is where students will spend most of their time while away from home. 

A Visa gift card can be extremely helpful for purchasing essential dorm room items such as toiletries, pillows, cleaning supplies, desk lamps, laundry supplies, and much more. A lot of college students go into dorm life without the knowledge of what they need, meaning they are likely to buy more products for their dorms as time goes on. Visa gift cards can be helpful for freshmen in college who are just getting their feet wet to upperclassmen who are well-adjusted to living in dorms.

Cultivate a healthy living space on campus to make the most out of your college experience.  

Visa Gift Cards for Study Abroad

Since Visa gift cards are generally good for payment anywhere that accepts debit cards, Visa gift cards make for convenient forms of payment while traveling. It’s important to note that some gift cards cannot be used internationally and are only good in the country in which it was activated in. Even though most Visa gift cards are US-bound, there are a number of Visa gift cards that may be used abroad through certain banks, like the PNC Bank Visa Gift card. 

College students who are considering studying abroad and require a reliable source of payment may want to opt for prepaid Visa cards that can be used for international spending. These cards can be reloaded with funds and make it so you avoid paying interest, overspending, and dealing with credit checks. If you do not wish to go the prepaid route, then you can always go for a credit card with no foreign transaction fees. This is one of the better options when it comes to travel, and making transactions with certain credit cards can even earn you travel-related rewards. 

Off-Campus Meals and Transportation

Any college student can tell you that eating the same cafeteria food for dinner every day gets old, which is why dining off campus from time to time is to be expected of most students. Restaurants, fast food joints, diners, and any number of other eateries in town that accept debit cards will be able to take a Visa gift card as payment. This means college students can seek out any type of cuisine they crave and use their Visa gift card to get their favorite items on the menu.

How Do I Send Visa Gift Cards to College Students? 

Don’t worry – sending a Visa gift card to a student away at college is a piece of cake. There are many ways you can go about doing this since Visa gift cards are sold by a variety of retailers, both in-store and online. If you are considering ordering Visa gift cards online, then be sure to check out Gift Card Granny for a quick and convenient ordering process. 

Gift Card Granny sells Visa gift cards that can be customized with multiple designs, personalized photos, and unique messages of up to twenty characters. From predesigned cards to cards that capture moments dear to you, there are many ways to order Visa gift cards on Gift Card Granny. Check out the predesigned Visa gift cards currently available on Gift Card Granny now and see if any designs catch your eye! 

Visa gift cards purchased via Gift Card Granny can be sent to your recipient by mail or digital delivery. If you send your Visa gift card through the mail, know that orders received at Gift Card Granny before 4PM will be shipped out the same day--orders placed later will be processed on the next business day. Digital purchases should arrive in your recipient’s inbox within fifteen minutes of purchase, though we suggest waiting up to twenty-four hours for your order to be received. 

If you decide to have your Visa gift card delivered via traditional mail, you can also opt for a greeting card to be included in your order. It adds an extra touch of sentiment to your gift and is bound to be appreciated by your gift recipient, especially if they are a stressed-out college student who could use the extra boost.

Can I Reload Visa Gift Cards for Ongoing College Expenses? 

A Visa gift card can’t last forever. Before long, the funds you have on a Visa gift card will be spent on purchases and the balance will be reduced to zero. Unfortunately, your college expenses are not going to get the same treatment – they will still need to be paid for, Visa gift card or not. 

If you liked paying for things with a Visa gift card, you may be wondering if you can add more funds onto the card and continue using it. Unlike a Visa debit or credit card, a Visa gift card is only good for its total value at the time of purchase. A Visa gift card cannot have additional funds added to it after it has already been purchased. While that may not be the answer you were hoping to get, prepaid Visa cards are similar enough to Visa gift cards and can be used in much the same fashion, but are reloadable. 

Check out reloadable prepaid Visa cards to see if they are the right fit for you. Like Visa gift cards, prepaid Visa cards are not linked to any personal bank accounts and can be used where Visa debit cards are accepted. Since the funds are preloaded onto the card and you cannot spend more than your available balance, you do not have to worry about overdraft fees when using prepaid Visa cards. 

Young adults deserve a lot of praise for their accomplishments. Celebrate alongside them for the big and small moments in their lives with a Visa gift card.

Visa Gift Cards for Young Adults Who Aren’t in School

Visa gift cards do not have to be reserved just for college students. Whether you know someone who has already completed college or who went into the workforce right after graduating high school, Visa gift cards serve as great gifts for young adults from all kinds of different backgrounds. 

A Visa gift card is a spectacular present to get for young adults when they accomplish certain milestones. If college isn’t on that list, then there are various other celebratory occasions worthy of a Visa gift card. Here are a few ideas of what events a Visa gift card is appropriate for in regards to young adults:

  • Visa gift cards for graduation 
  • Visa gift cards for first job 
  • Visa gift cards for summer job
  • Visa gift cards for internship

Visa gift cards are a great way to recognize the accomplishments achieved by young adults. Adults are quite used to the chaos of working full-time jobs and having several responsibilities, but young adults are just getting used to how the world works and could use a gentle form of support. A Visa gift card can provide some support and encouragement without being overwhelming or undeserved. 

Graduation, whether for high school, an undergraduate program, or even a Master’s degree, is always worth celebrating. Even if you are buying a gift card for someone who completed a nontraditional academic program, their achievements are equally as valuable as those who complete their studies at a prestigious university. 


There are so many paths for young adults and college students to venture through in life, and keeping them limited to certain experiences or opportunities is not conducive to a well-lived life. You should always encourage these young souls to seek out new things and to do what makes them happy. Words of encouragement can be powerful, and when they are paired alongside a Visa gift card, you can make an even greater impact. 

If you believe a Visa gift card is right for any college student or young adult you know, don’t hesitate to check out all your Visa gift card options available at Gift Card Granny right now!