Buy Bulk Gift Cards

Are you looking to purchase more than $2,500 in Gift Cards? If you're planning a big event and need prizes, or you're looking for the perfect corporate gift, consider going with gift cards. Most cards don't expire or include fees, so they can be ordered in bulk and used at your convenience. We can help you find the seller that offers the best bulk pricing to meet your needs. Fill out the form below and we will contact you shortly with more details.

Please Note: Bulk gift cards are typically purchased brand new so the discounts are usually less than the individual discounts you'll see on Gift Card Granny. Available discounts are dependent on the merchant.

In order to quickly align your request with a bulk seller, please be specific with your request. Specify the quantity, merchant, value, and format (plastic or electronic) you prefer and feel free to list multiple merchants if you have flexibility in what you're seeking.