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Tips and tricks


  1. Sign up for rewards. Make sure to sign up for BJ’s reward program and start earning points toward a free meal!
  2. Daily specials and deals. Check the BJ’s website daily for their list of specials and super deals.

Answers to your questions about BJ's Restaurant and Brewhouse

Where are BJ's Restaurant Brewhouse gift cards sold?

BJ's Restaurant Brewhouse gift cards are sold at participating retailers, including Gift Card Granny! Don't ever pay full price for your BJ's gift card. You can also buy e-giftcards at BJ's Restaurant Brewhouse and at

How do I know what my BJ's Restaurant Brewhouse gift card balance is?

It’s easy to find out your balance in either one of two ways. You can check your BJ's Restaurant Brewhouse gift card from Gift Card Granny here. You can also check the balance a BJ's Restaurant Brewhouse store or at As always, when you are checking your balance online, you will need the pin number on the back of the card. Use a coin to scratch off the security cover and feel free to redeem your gift card!

Are you able to reload gift cards?

Unfortunately, BJ's Restaurant Brewhouse cannot offer reloadable gift cards at this time.

Is there a limit to gift card amounts?

BJ's Restaurant Brewhouse offers both traditional and e-giftards in values of $5 increments, up to $250.

What are the restrictions for gift card orders?

BJ's Restaurant Brewhouse is happy to assist with large gift card orders! However, gift card sales cannot exceed $10,000 per person per day. Gift cards may not be used to purchase other gift cards. Gift cards may not be reloaded and are not returnable nor are they eligible to be exchanged for cash. E-giftcards may be paid for with a valid Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, or PayPal only.

How can I redeem a BJ's Restaurant Brewhouse gift card?

You can redeem your BJ's Restaurant Brewhouse gift card inside BJ's Restaurant Brewhouse stores, it’s just that easy!

Am I able to redeem my BJ's Restaurant Brewhouse gift card online?

No; BJ’s Restaurant Brewhouse gift cards are not redeemable on the app or online. They are redeemable inside participating locations only.

Does my gift card expire?

Your BJ's Restaurant Brewhouse gift card is good forever, unless you live in a state with unclaimed property laws that specifically refer to unused gift card balances. Refer to those laws for more information.

Are BJ’s Restaurant Brewhouse cards ever replaced?

You are responsible for your gift card. If you suspect your e-giftcard has been compromised, contact customer service immediately. Lost or stolen cards will not be replaced without proof of purchase. Make sure to hold on to your card just like cash!

About BJ's Restaurant

BJ’s Restaurant and Brewhouse began in 1978 and grew famous for their carefully crafted beer and California twist on Chicago deep-dish style pizza. They now have over 18 different flavors of pizza, including made-to-order combinations. Their deep dish pizza dough is double-proofed, meaning it’s allowed to rise and is kneaded down twice. This process makes our dough unique in look and taste. They have 11 signature, award-winning beers and cider on tap, and they make sure to stock seasonal and local brews as well. BJ’s now offers a new menu aimed at those who wish to eat healthier or those who have food sensitivities-- it’s called their EnLIGHTened menu. However, they still stock some amazing desserts!

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