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Answers to your questions about Lands' End gift cards

What kinds of gift cards does Lands’ End offer?

Lands' End gift cards are available in both electronic and physical formats at participating retailers,, and Gift Card Granny. Both types of gift cards can be personalized with messages.

How long before my Lands' End gift cards expires?

Lands' End gift cards do not expire as long as there is a balance above $0 maintained on the card. 

Where do I check the value of my Lands' End gift card?

You can check your Lands' End gift card any of the following ways.

Are Lands’ End gift cards reloadable?

Sorry, but at this point in time, Lands’ End gift cards are not reloadable.

How much value can I load onto my Lands' End card?

That depends on the type of gift card purchased. Traditional Lands' End gift cards are available in denominations of $15 to $200. Electronic gift cards are available for $10-$500 denominations. 

I have a Lands’ End gift certificate-- is that the same thing as a gift card?

A Lands’ End gift certificate is an outdated version of the gift card and is no longer offered for purchase. However, you may use it towards a purchase on orders placed over the phone or at Lands’ End Inlets ONLY. If you do not use the entire amount of the gift certificate, you may be issued a gift card or check for the remaining balance. 

Where can I use my Lands' End gift card?

You may use your Lands’ End gift card online, over the phone, or in Lands’ End standalone stores in the United States.

Does Lands' End still accept Kmart or Sears gift cards?

We apologize, but as of October 13, 2018, Kmart and Sears gift cards are no longer accepted forms of payment at Lands’ End.

Does Lands' End replace lost or stolen gift cards?

Call 1-888-462-4704 to report your gift card as missing. Please be aware that without proper information or proof of purchase, Lands’ End may not be able to replace your lost or stolen gift card.

About Lands' End

Lands’ End was founded by writer and adventurer Gary Comer and some friends in 1963 in Chicago. Originally a mail-order venue for yachting gear, Lands' End expanded to include home decor, bags, and apparel.

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