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Tips and tricks

  1. Sign up for exclusive Levi’s offers. Get on the email list and get access to discounts and be the first to know about new arrivals. When you sign up, you also get 20% off and free shipping on your first order.
  2. Get free shipping. When you find that perfect pair of jeans, you just have to have them. That’s why Levi’s offers free ground shipping on all orders over $100.
  3. Always check the Clearance items. Everyone loves getting a great deal on an amazing pair of jeans, but getting them on clearance is even better! Make sure to check the clearance section before you shop, you never know what you might find.
  4. See if you qualify for a discount. Levi’s offers both military and student discounts on all of their items, so make sure to let them know if you qualify for either.

Answers to your questions about Levi's gift cards

Where can you buy a Levi’s gift card?

When you think of durable, classic, and stylish jeans, you think of Levi’s. These jeans are designed to hold up to anything you can throw at them, and keep you looking good while you do it! If you want to pick up some Levi’s gift cards, you can stop into any one of their 500 store locations and pick up a gift card. You can also visit and get your Levi’s gift cards that way. You can choose between purchasing a plastic gift card or an electronic gift card.

Furthermore, check Gift Card Granny for a discount Levi’s gift card offers. 

Can I use a Levi’s gift card online?

You sure can! Just stop by and pick out the items you wish to purchase. When it’s time to check out, simply enter your gift card number and PIN as the form of payment. If there is not enough balance left on the gift card, make sure you either have another gift card to redeem, or a credit or debit card.

How do I find out the value of my Levi’s gift card?

Find out exactly how much you have left on your Levi’s gift card

Can I use my Levi’s gift card at Macy’s?

Although Macy’s and other department stores might sell Levi’s denim, you cannot redeem your Levi’s gift card there.

Are there any fees with my Levi’s gift card and will it eventually expire?

Sometimes you just can’t find the right style or color of Levi’s jeans that you want. Not to worry, Levi’s gift cards do not expire, and there are no fees associated with these cards. That means you have all the time you need to find that pair of jeans that will fit you like a glove!

About Levi's

Perhaps the most well-known American success story is that of Levi Strauss and his blue jeans. He wanted to create a garment that could withstand the tough working conditions many workers endured, which led him to patent his riveted reinforced denim-- forever known now as jeans. Jeans quickly became synonymous with America and progress, and appealed to people of all ages and occupations. Today, Levi’s has over 500 stores that sell a variety of colors, sizes, and styles of their famous denim. No matter what you’re looking for, you’re sure to find a piece at Levi’s that will become your new favorite.

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