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Tips and tricks

  1. Cater your Yogurtland order to fit your specific dietary needs. Yogurtland’s flavor finder page gives you options to filter your search using categories such as those containing allergens, certain flavors, milk options, and even the option to liquify your froyo.
  2. Mix and match your favorite froyo flavors! Yogurtland is a self-serve multi-franchise establishment, so there’s no rules to how you build up your cup of yum. Any available flavors and toppings are at your disposal. (Just keep in mind that the price is based on the overall weight of your froyo.)

More on Yogurtland gift cards

Is it balmy beyond belief outside? Are you desperate to taste that specific flavor you can’t quite name but you know you can never get out of a pint of ice cream? Well the cool, flavor explosion relief you’re looking for is right at your fingertips with a discounted Yogurtland gift card from Gift Card Granny!

Where can I use my Yogurtland gift card?

Yogurtland gift cards are accepted by any Yogurtland location. Just hand your gift card to the person at the register, and it’ll be like cash towards the best part of your day.

I hate carrying around a million gift cards. Is there a way for me to get around having to bring a physical Yogurtland gift card with me when I get a craving?

There is, actually! If you download Yogurtland’s app, you can enter your gift card number in to be a form of payment. That way, when you go to purchase your froyo, all you need to do is scan the payment from your phone. You can do the same with eGift cards.

I tried to add all of my gift cards as a payment method and my account was suspended. Why did this happen?

Yogurtland has security measures for their system, so no more than 8 cards may be used on an account at a given time. Please contact if you have any further questions.

I tried to register my gift card under Yogurtland’s Real Rewards program, but received the message, “This card cannot be used with real rewards. If you would like to register this card, click here.” Why?

Yogurtland currently only accepts gift cards that are bought through them as participating payments towards the Real Rewards program.

Are there any additional fees for using a Yogurtland gift card?

Absolutely not! Yogurtland accepts gift cards as a form of payment at all of their locations, free of any extra fees, as long as it’s been purchased from a Yogurtland location or any approved 3rd party gift card retailer.

Will my Yogurtland gift card expire?

You can use your Yogurtland gift card for as long as it still has a balance.

How can I check my Yogurtland gift card balance?

Find out all the ways you can check your Yogurtland gift card balance

About Yogurtland

Yogurtland first opened its doors in California in 2006. Since its inception, it’s been the goal of owner Phillip Chang to provide customers with the best frozen yogurt experience by filling up their cups with the highest quality ingredients and flavors.

Their method is pretty simple: The best way to get authentic flavors is to use authentic ingredients. If you look closely at your yogurt, you can see this. The fresh strawberry froyo even has strawberry seeds mixed into it!

There are over 200 flavors of froyo at Yogurtland, and their team of Flavorologists works tirelessly every day to bring new, exciting flavors to the game for customers to try. On the regular menu, flavors range from classics like chocolate and strawberry to fan favorites like Pop Socket Sorbet, which is an ode to the old red, white, and blue Firecracker popsicles. On top of this, Yogurtland provides options for almost any allergy! See their Flavor Finder to discover which ones work best for you. With all your favorite toppings, to boot, there’s a Yogurtland order to fit all your needs.

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