Anniversary Gift Cards for Couples: 7 Ideas to Keep the Romance Alive

Rekindle the flame of love that has withstood the test of time with our list of gift card ideas perfect for any couple celebrating their anniversary

There are anniversaries for just about anything. From work milestones to religious commemorations, the term captures a broad range of recurring dates marking a notable event. Anniversaries can even be times marked by grief and mourning, where memories of funerals and accidents are at the forefront of the mind. 

But this article isn’t here for depressing thoughts or reminiscing over tragic events of the past; we’re much more focused on celebrating the positive, loving moments shared by couples during their anniversaries. 

Whether they are married, dating, or in an otherwise committed relationship, all couples deserve to commemorate their love during dates that are significant to them. The ten month celebration of dating a wonderful person is no less important than the fortieth wedding anniversary of high school sweethearts, and there are many gestures, both big and small, that show the romance flame is alive and bright. 

Gift card shopping at Gift Card Granny is just one way couples can celebrate their anniversaries. With plenty of options to choose from, the romance possibilities are endless, so be sure to go with a gift card that works for you. Some potential gift card ideas include the following:

  • Gift cards for romantic getaways 
  • Gift cards for home goods and furniture
  • Gift cards for jewelry and accessories

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Now then, on with the list!

1. Airbnb

Vacation in Your Dream House 

Buy an Airbnb gift card

Buy AirBnb Gift Cards 

Everyone dreams of going on a romantic vacation with their special someone, where the two of you can see beautiful sights together, make lasting memories, and have an overall splendid time overflowing with joy and unfiltered love. A getaway doesn’t even have to be a big deal; any escape with your partner is worth the time, even if it’s only to a nearby city.

With Airbnb, you can find a suitable place to stay in any area, from bustling urban streets lined by towering skyscrapers to the serene isolation of mountains and forests, where the only company is provided by insects and wildlife. Whatever your preference happens to be, Airbnb has a lodging to meet your needs.

Browse thousands of options for homestays, vacation rentals, and tourist activities from the convenience of your phone. Compare the best prices across multiple regions and find lodging that has the amenities you desire. And with Airbnb’s stellar customer service provided around the clock, you’ll never be left in the dark should you encounter any problems. 

Find your home away from home with an Airbnb gift card from Gift Card Granny!

2. Shutterfly 

Preserve Those Special Moments for Eternity 

Buy a Shutterfly gift card

Buy Shutterfly Gift Cards 

There’s no one right way to celebrate an anniversary. Some couples favor luxurious vacations where they can explore exotic places and dine on cuisine that costs more than a mortgage payment, while others are content with a peck on the cheek and a thoughtful box of assorted chocolates. Extravagance certainly has its appeal, but sometimes simplicity is the best gift of all. 

Shutterfly is a great option to consider when you don’t want to go overboard on lavish anniversary gifts, but still wish to surprise your significant other with something meaningful. Specializing in photography and design, Shutterfly allows customers to craft unique photo books filled with snapshots of unforgettable moments that deserve to be cherished forever. With dozens of different sizes, themes, and styles to choose from, customers have complete control over the final outcome, ensuring a truly unique anniversary gift. 

And if photo books aren’t your cup of tea, Shutterfly offers a plethora of fantastic alternatives that are just as special. Make memories last with a range of wall art options including acrylic prints, collage posters, and framed canvas prints. Accessorize your house with moments you treasure and shop a range of custom photo home decor, such as post-it notes and fleece blankets. 

A Shutterfly gift card goes a long way, so get one from Gift Card Granny today and earn cash back in no time.  

3. Hilton Hotels

Make the Most Out of Your Stay

Buy Gift Cards Online

Getting out of town is never a bad idea when it comes to doing something special for your anniversary. However, finding premium hotels that meet your needs isn’t always easy, especially when you aren’t really a hotel type of person. If that’s the case, allow Hilton Hotels to ease some of the burden so you can spend more time making memories and less time worrying about booking troubles. 

Hilton Hotels operates nearly six hundred full-service hotels and resorts in over ninety countries, but this list only gets bigger when you consider the various other subsidiaries owned by the giant hospitality brand. A gift card to Hilton Hotels is accepted by any hotel chain under the Hilton portfolio, meaning you’ll never run out of great destinations to pick from. 

Choose from a range of different hotels that all offer unique experiences for a budget that works for you; get direct access to the beach with your stay, escape and destress with a spa getaway, or travel to brand new Hilton locations around the world ready for your company. Whatever you and your partner desire, Hilton can deliver on. 

4. Carnival Cruises 

The Ocean is the Limit

Buy a Carnival Cruises gift card

Buy Carnival Cruises Gift Cards 

The sea is a prime destination for romance. The atmosphere of the open ocean, the salty nautical breeze, and the wide expanse of endless blue sky all come together to make for a lovely scene that rivals those seen in cinematic masterpieces. 

No gesture is too grand when it comes time to celebrate an anniversary with your beloved, which is exactly why you should consider a cruise. Carnival Cruises is the number one international cruise line out there, and with all the amazing experiences they offer, it’s no question why. From short weekend getaways to excursions that last a full week or more, Carnival Cruises has a range of great deals and custom cruising durations that work for any lifestyle. 

Choose from a variety of breathtaking destinations that will truly make you and your partner feel like free spirited adventurers, including New Zealand, Bermuda, Europe, the Bahamas, Hawaii, and Alaska. No matter where you decide to go, the experience will be truly unforgettable, and the speciality dining services are just another bonus the two of you can take advantage of while overseas.

Start planning your next cruise with a Carnival Cruises gift card from Gift Card Granny!

5. Tinggly

Never Underestimate the Gift of Experience

Buy a Tinggly gift card

Buy Tinggly Gift Cards

If you’re a dear friend of a couple who you know are planning on doing something special for their upcoming anniversary, there’s a good chance you want to help them celebrate the occasion. While a new kitchen appliance or embroidered pillow are sure to be appreciated, you feel like you could go beyond the typical anniversary gifts and give them an experience unlike any other. 

Tinggly helps you do exactly that by offering a range of exciting gift boxes containing personalized experiences from around the globe. Plus, you don’t even have to do any of the planning; Tinggly leaves the final decision up to the gift recipient, sparing you the burden of coordinating a trip in secret. 

A couple who loves adventure and traveling to new places is certain to get a kick out of a Tinggly gift box. From international stays and nature excursions to exotic dining and safari experiences, the potential of a Tinggly gift box is limitless and inspiring. You don’t even need to travel far from home to experience the joys of Tinggly, as there are a variety of fun destinations to choose from, both in country and overseas. 

Unfortunately, Gift Card Granny does not offer gift cards to Tinggly at this moment, but that shouldn’t stop you from finding the perfect experience to share with any couples who have an anniversary on the horizon. 

Buy a Tinngly gift card 

6. Pottery Barn

Fill Your House with Love and Style

Buy a Pottery Barn gift card

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Making the decision to live together as a couple is, aside from marriage itself, a very serious step in a relationship. As months turn into years, you two encounter new discoveries about each other’s lifestyles, habits, and a number of other mundane things that never come up during normal conversations. You also get a sense for each other’s preferred stylistic choices when it comes to decorating the home, which can sometimes lead to division and tension.

Rather than allow a minor disagreement over furniture choices to put a sizable dent in your relationship, use your upcoming anniversary celebration to take the opportunity to shop for new home goods together. Pottery Barn is an upscale chain of stores specializing in premium home furnishings crafted to last. Their catalog consists of a wide range of products to breathe life into any home such as indoor and outdoor furniture, stunning decor, accessories, and so much more. 

Find inspiration for any room in the house and shop a variety of durable, timeless designs that won’t need replaced a year or two from now. Whether you’re looking for classic bookcases and armoires, eye-catching dinnerware collections, lovely quilts and throws, or elegant lighting options like chandeliers and sconces, Pottery Barn has a fine selection to sift through that any couple can come to an agreement on. 

Taste matters, so don’t settle for anything less than the best with a Pottery Barn gift card from Gift Card Granny!

7. Pandora Jewelry 

Give the gift of bling this year with something sparkly from Pandora Jewelry

Buy Gift Cards Online 

While not every couple is mesmerized by beautiful gems and fine jewels, it would be shameful to exclude the folks who have a passion for luxurious goods and fashionable accessories. The demand is there. Now begs the question: how do you determine a quality retailer when you know next to nothing about quality jewelry? The answer is simple enough – you go with Pandora! 

Pandora isn’t the second-most popular jewelry manufacturer among shoppers for nothing, and even non-experts can understand the appeal of Pandora’s selection of stunning, unique jewelry. This Danish manufacturer of jewelry has been in the business since 1982, which might not seem like a long time in comparison to other brands, but that hasn’t stopped Pandora from capturing the hearts of millions all over the globe. 

From gorgeous necklaces and pendants to diamond rings and silver earrings, Pandora has plenty of stunning pieces to fit the taste of even the pickiest buyers. Their bracelets are top notch and they offer a variety of premium charms to help you accessorize your pieces, making them uniquely yours. 

See anything that catches your fancy on this list? With so many great gift card options to choose from, we over at Gift Card Granny certainly hope so. But what matters most of all is being able to celebrate the love you and your significant other share, so whether it’s your first anniversary or your fourteenth, be confident and do what feels right for the both of you!