9 Best Food Gift Cards for Christmas

‘Tis the season, and we are all looking forward to celebrating the end of the year in style. But alas! It is not all cinnamon spice and everything nice for the Christmas season. There are gifts to purchase and prepare for friends and family. Gift-giving is hard! Finding something that fits in with their life and schedule is a supreme challenge for people all over the country. It can be risky getting a gift when you aren’t sure if the receiver will like it or not. Enter — the gift card. Gift cards are awesome (we are only a little biased)! 

Gift cards allow you to fund a future expenditure of the recipient when they choose to go out and purchase something that they want. Now, of course, getting a gift card is not so simple either because they will likely still have to spend some money when they go out and use it. But, with our help, we hope that you can find the absolutely perfect gift card for this Christmas season! This article will be all about the best food gift cards for Christmas. 

Gift Card Granny is an excellent site where you can shop for all of your gift cards. Not sure where to start? No worries! In this article, we are covering the best food gift cards for Christmas, including: 

  • Gift cards for takeout
  • Gift cards for dining

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Now that we’re on the same page, let’s jump right into our list!

1. UberEats

For the meal accompanying a relaxing no-cook night

Get an UberEats gift card.

UberEats gift cards never go out of style. One of the dangers of getting a gift card is that it isn’t used in the first month or so and then it is forgotten and is resting either in a piece of plastic or in a long-forgotten code deep in their e-mail. Some gift cards, of which UberEats is one, allow the recipient to upload their gift code straight into the app where it will automatically be used the next time they order. An UberEats gift card is a very safe bet when it comes to a food gift card for Christmas. 

Later in this article we will cover a wide selection of awesome restaurants that your friends might love, but they are dependent on location, style, and whether or not your friend is into that restaurant! There are more ways where a gift card to a specific restaurant might not land, but if one of them catches your eye and you know they like it it will allow them to either order takeout directly from the restaurant or dine in. 

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2. DoorDash 

A gift card for friends whose Christmas leftovers have run out!

Get a DoorDash gift card.

Perhaps the best thing about hosting a Christmas party is that everyone brings food, you make a lot of food, and then after the party is over you’ve got a tremendous amount of leftovers in the fridge to enjoy at your leisure over the holidays. Alas, not everyone is that lucky! Perhaps they were guests and did not manage to take any food home, leaving them leftoverless. Just like UberEats, DoorDash lets your friends supplement their cooking schedule with a delicious meal delivered right to their door. 

When you are deciding between UberEats and DoorDash it’s best to check with your friends to see which service they primarily use. Getting them a DoorDash gift card for Christmas is nice, but if they have to download the app and set up an account it will get needlessly tedious. 

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3. Olive Garden

A gift card for lovers of big pasta dishes and unlimited breadsticks

Get an Olive Garden gift card.

There are few restaurants as widely well-regarded as Olive Garden. Unlimited soup, salad, and breadsticks paired with a fine glass of house red and a mouth-wateringly good pasta dish? Yes, please. This is one of the best food gift cards for Christmas. There are a ton of Olive Gardens in the United States and we bet there’s one nearby. All that’s left is the question — does your friend love the Olive Garden as much as we do? 

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4. Chipotle

The best after-gym meal 

Get a Chipotle gift card.

Chipotle is a fantastic food gift card for Christmas. Chipotle is the kind of restaurant that is a great treat on a random day. This gift card could convince your friend to enjoy a bowl with a great combination of rice and beans topped with their meat of choice. It has also become a common post-gym meal so, hey, if your friends are big into the gym this could create the best after-workout meal they’ve had all year. 

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5. Panera Bread

They’ve got it all. A gift card to Panera Bread is always enjoyed!

Get a Panera Bread gift card.

Soup season is officially upon us! In this most wonderfully cold time of the year, Panera Bread is uniquely equipped with all manner of warming dishes, from savory soups to fresh bread and morning bagels, coffee, and hot cocoa. This gift card is best enjoyed in the wintertime, when the cold is upon us and these dishes can be enjoyed to the max. 

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6. Applebees

The meeting place for friends

Get an Applebees gift card.

Applebees is a classic, chill restaurant where friends and family can go to enjoy a nice, affordable meal. It’s nothing crazy and it (likely) is not your favorite restaurant but it is a great place to meet and there is always something for everyone. 

We have this on our list of the best food gift cards for Christmas because this is the perfect place for a gift card to cover their whole meal so they can leave with their pockets just as full as when they arrived. We love the fact that friends can all go to Applebees to enjoy a great night of chatting and enjoying bottomless appetizers!

Applebees is one of many retailers at Gift Card Granny. You can pick up an Applebees gift card today and if you are lucky you might get invited the next time they go out!

7. Panda Express

Express and delicious food awaits

Get a Panda Express gift card.

Panda Express is back and better than ever with new plant-based options. They have a menu full of delicious items and now that they have plant-based items as well there is no reason not to go and enjoy a nice meal at Panda Express! These restaurants are great for takeout meals, but one thing that is nice about getting a gift card to a specific restaurant rather than a delivery service like UberEats is that it is limiting. There are benefits to keeping them focused on one restaurant if you know they like it and you also know they probably wouldn’t choose it if they could go anywhere. 

Applebees is one of many retailers at Gift Card Granny. You can pick up a Panda Express gift card today and if you are lucky you might get invited the next time they go out!

8. The Cheesecake Factory

Cheesecake and pasta? Oh, yeah, this is one of the best food gift cards for Christmas 

Get a Cheesecake Factory gift card.

We love Cheesecake Factory. They occupy a fantastic niche where their food is tasty, their cheesecake is phenomenal, and their decor is amazing. On top of that, their food is very affordable! A Cheesecake Factory gift card is one of the very best food gift cards for Christmas and we think you’d be hard-pressed to find someone who would not enjoy a night out at the Cheesecake Factory. 

There are many retailers available at Gift Card Granny and we are happy to say that the Cheesecake Factory is one of them! There are many amazing possibilities awaiting the recipient if you buy a Cheesecake Factory gift card today!

9. Noodles and Company

All the noodles your friends could ask for await at Noodles and Company

Get a Noodles and Company gift card.

Oh, noodles. They are the backbone of some of our favorite dishes and we would be remiss not to include them in this article! Noodles and Company is, like, the best kind of fast food. Their dishes are affordable, their portions are great, and they provide some serious quality food without it being too greasy and heavy. If your friend enjoys pasta dishes on the regular, we cannot recommend a Noodles and Company gift card enough! We are certain that they will appreciate the nudge to enjoy a fantastic meal at this quality restaurant. 

There are a wide variety of retailers available at Gift Card Granny, and Noodles and Company is one of the best! Don’t leave your friends waiting any longer and buy a Noodles and Company gift card today!

And those are our best food gift cards for Christmas! 

‘Tis the season of giving, and there is no better gift than a gift card. If you’ve gotten to the end of this food-filled list and are still uncertain of what kind of gift card to get, feel free to ask! You can ask some of their friends and family or just give them a call to find out about their favorite foods. That little bit of insight can lead you down the path to the perfect gift card, especially now that you are equipped with this list of excellent possibilities. 

As long as your friend is going to be nearby the restaurant that you get for them, we think that they will love the gift card and, well, might appreciate getting a bit of money instead of another item to add to their home. 

Gift cards make such amazing gifts for everyone out there, and some of the best food gift cards for Christmas are to such different restaurants that there, truly, is something for everyone. We hope that you have found the perfect gift card on this list and will have a very merry Christmas this year!

Remember: many of the retailers on this list are available at Gift Card Granny, where you can earn cashback and rewards on all of your gift card purchases. 

From all of us here at Gift Card Granny, happy shopping!