Best Gift Cards to Give to Your Employees for Christmas

With each passing moment, Christmas draws ever nearer until it is hovering right over your shoulder and gives you a shock with its close proximity. December comes much more quickly than you may realize, and by the time you see the snow falling outside your living room window or sip on your first hot chocolate of the season, you had better have your Christmas preparations underway. 

If you are the type of person who waits until the last minute to start shopping for Christmas presents, then you know how much of a life-saver gift cards can be. From giving your gift recipient the freedom to shop for what they want to helping out in a pinch when you don’t know what you’re looking for, gift cards are a fantastic gifting option that rarely disappoint. 

As an individual who manages or is in charge of a group of employees, whether that number is large or small, you definitely want to make a good impression on your workers, and what better time to do that than Christmas? Show your employees how much you appreciate the work they do for the company year-round and spread some positive holiday cheer all in one with thoughtful gift cards. Even though you may have to put in a little extra effort when it comes to Christmas gift shopping for the year, the gratitude and respect you will earn from your employees will be well worth the work. 

Some of the gift card ideas we’ve featured below include:

  • Gift cards for leisure and travel
  • Gift cards for bath and beauty 
  • Gift cards for home decor 

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1. Mastercard Gift Card

It’s the gift that any employee would want for the holidays

Buy a Mastercard gift card

In order to successfully kick off this list of employee gift cards for Christmas, we have to talk about Mastercard gift cards. If you aren't familiar with Mastercard gift cards, you should know that these versatile payment methods are guaranteed to be appreciated during the holidays. Unlike gift cards for specific retailers and brands, which may only be used at the merchant the card is designated for, the funds on a Mastercard gift card are essentially like the funds on a debit card, except you aren’t taking any money out of your bank account. Mastercard gift cards can be used to pay for goods and services at an array of businesses, from independent mom and pop shops to franchises that stretch across the country. Use your Mastercard gift card at any place of business which accepts the Mastercard brand as payment. 

If you’re thinking about giving your employees a convenient and practical gift they can use on anything they please, then a Mastercard gift card is definitely an option you want to consider for Christmas this year. It’s just like gifting cash, but a lot more professional in terms of presentation and just the kind of gift a boss would give to their employees to show their thanks. 

Gift Card Granny offers the perfect Mastercard gift card bundle for anyone who manages a team of workers, large or small. You can purchase bulk Mastercard gift cards for businesses and even customize your gift cards with your company logo, or choose from a list of pre-designed card backgrounds. Gift Card Granny provides flexible delivery options as well, and deliveries can be done in bulk or to each individual. Both physical and digital Mastercard gift cards are available for ultimate convenience and accessibility. 

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2. Bath & Body Works

Clean and fresh skin is just over the horizon  

Buy a Bath & Body Works gift card

Spoil your workers with their own personal spa day at home by gifting them a gift card to Bath & Body Works. Anyone can run a bubble bath, but it’s important to keep your household stocked with the quality bath time essentials you need to get clean and feel pampered. For fragrant soaps, shower gels, body scrubs, hand sanitizers, body wash, and plenty of other bath products, Bath & Body Works has a variety of classic and brand new aromas in all kinds of different forms. 

From body scrub that exfoliates and revitalizes the skin to bubbly shower gel that makes shower time fun, Bath & Body Works sells an array of pleasant bath and body care products to make you feel like the best version of yourself. Earn cash back right now when you buy a Bath & Body Works gift card from Gift Card Granny!

3. REI

Get refreshed and take pleasure in the natural world 

Buy an REI gift card

If you have employees who prefer to spend their free time outside of work getting acquainted with the great outdoors, then you don’t have to worry about making the right choice with an REI gift card. Whether their outdoor recreation consists of camping, climbing, snowboarding, or just plain working out to keep their fitness levels in check, REI has the gear for all manner of outdoor fun. REI makes products that are built to last and give you the support you need when performing under pressure, from days spent under the scorching sun to ventures through freezing temperatures. REI also offers rentals on equipment, classes, events, advice from experts, and much more. 

Give your employees who love the outdoors a great gift this Christmas with a REI gift card from Gift Card Granny, and don’t forget that you’ll earn cash when you do!

4. Away

Give away a gift for those who adore traveling 

Do your employees travel a lot for work, or is travel simply a pleasurable pastime enjoyed by some of your workers? Whatever their reasons for traveling to exciting new destinations happen to be, you can help them get new gear in time for their next big trip with a gift card for Away. Traveling and remote workers can get everything they need for safe and secure travels when shopping on Away. You can browse a catalog packed full of premium luggage designed for modern travel, including suitcases, bags, and accessories. 

Learn more about Away here. Unfortunately, gift cards for Away are not currently offered via Gift Card Granny. 

5. Darden Restaurants 

Help them get their fill in any way they wish

Buy a Darden Restaurants gift card

You can gift your employees with a great meal at one of their favorite restaurants when you give a Darden Restaurants gift card. Dining out is fun anytime of the year, but the holiday season really gives you an excuse to encourage your workers to spend some time relaxing with friends and family. When you give a Darden Restaurants gift card, you open up so many dining possibilities at restaurants like Olive Garden, Yard House, Bahama Breeze, and Seasons 52. It’s a delicious gift that is certain to satisfy the stomachs of your hungry workers and make you a benevolent boss. 

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6. The Sill

Appease the plant fanatics who work with you

The plant parents and botanical caretakers that are a part of your team deserve some TLC just like everybody else, and you can deliver that tenfold with The Sill. Shop for live plants, faux plants, planters, care accessories, decor, and more at The Sill. The Sill is a great resource for botany lovers from all kinds of different backgrounds, from those with tons of experience and knowledge to plant newbies who are trying to find their footing. A gift card for The Sill can be just what your employee needs to brighten up their office space, living room, kitchen, or bedroom. And with easy-care and pet-friendly options, they never have to worry about buying the wrong type. 

Check out The Sill. We do not offer gift cards through Gift Card Granny at this time. 

7. Belk

Get great prices on some of the best brands 

Buy a Belk gift card

Belk is a department store chain that has over three hundred locations in sixteen different states. If any of your employees are located close to a Belk location or if they are particular fans of the department store, then a Belk gift card is a great option to go with. Belk stores sell a range of everyday items and essentials that the average worker needs, including apparel, footwear, accessories, cosmetics, home furnishings, bedding, bath, and plenty of other goods. Belk even offers a wedding registry for couples who are looking to tie the knot. 

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8. Shari’s Berries

A gift so sweet they just can’t get enough of it

Buy a Shari’s Berries gift card

Assortments of fine chocolates and fresh fruit have never disappointed even the pickiest of gift recipients. Discover decadent sweet treats to give to those you truly appreciate when you shop at Shari’s Berries. You can browse a rich catalog of chocolate covered strawberries crafted with customer satisfaction in mind. From bold dark chocolate covered strawberries to milder milk and white chocolate coatings, Shari’s Berries offers a delicious range of chocolate coated fruits that are guaranteed to delight anyone with a prominent sweet tooth. 

You can earn cash back when you buy a Shari’s Berries gift card from Gift Card Granny!

9. Audible

The best way to read while remaining on-the-go

Audible is a great service for those employees who value time with a good book. Audible enables avid readers to listen to novels, stories, and many other forms of written content while being active and engaged with other tasks. You can listen to books while driving, cleaning around the house, and while completing various other responsibilities, that way you can conquer two birds with one stone. 

An Audible gift card gives you access to millions of hours of your favorite novels across all genres, from science fiction and fantasy to dramas and thrillers. No matter what your employees prefer to read, Audible gift cards can help unlock access to it all. 

Gift cards for Audible are not currently available for purchase through Gift Card Granny.

10. Spotify

Lovers of music and podcasts are certain to enjoy this gift 

Buy a Spotify gift card

Entertainment is a gift that never disappoints, and you can deliver access to audio-based entertainment to your employees with a Spotify gift card. Thousands of musical artists, podcasts, and even audio books are free to listen to when you have a Spotify membership. Spotify makes listening to what you want easy whether you are traveling to new places or snuggled up at home. Never experience interruptions again when it comes to listening to what you love as long as you have a Spotify gift card. 

Give good gifts and good music this year with a Spotify gift card from Gift Card Granny, and don’t forget about earning cash back in the process! 



How do you feel about our list of gift cards you can surprise your employees with for Christmas? Do any of these options resonate with you? If not, you can check out even more retail gift cards available right now on Gift Card Granny.