10 Gift Card Ideas That Are Perfect For the Avid Plant Lover in Your Life

We get it, plants are beautiful. They’re bright, colorful, smell great, and just have a tendency to brighten up any room they’re in no matter what. It’s no wonder that so many people love plants when they’re great for so many different things. If you’re a plant lover yourself then you probably understand. But if you’re a black thumb but you know a plant lover, then you might have a hard time understanding why they love them so much. 


Even worse, if you’re shopping for a plant lover and you know nothing about plants then gift giving can become a huge task very quickly. If you’re not well-versed in all things plant life, then buying a gift for someone who lives and breathes plants is probably a task you wish you didn’t have to think about. If this sounds like you, then you’ve come to the right place. What do you give a plant lover who seems to have everything? A gift card, of course! But not just any old gift card will do. If you want the plant lover in your life to feel extra special, then choosing the right gift card is essential. Luckily, we’ve gathered the top 10 gift cards we’re sure any plant lover will love just as much (if not more) than their plants. 


So where do you get these magical gift cards that the plant lover in your life will obsess over? We recommend using Gift Card Granny for all your gift card purchasing needs. With Gift Card Granny you can log onto their site, search thousands of gift cards from different retailers, and purchase them anywhere right from your phone. But what’s so great about shopping online with Gift Card Granny? 


Well, when you use Gift Card Granny’s site you not only have access to all the gift cards you can think of, but you can also save money on your gift card purchases. When you buy a gift card from Gift Card Granny you save extra money by earning cash back on the gift cards you buy. So not only can you get the plant lover in your life a gift card they won’t forget, but you can save money on it as well! So what are you waiting for? Let’s get into the gift cards! 


To make things even easier for you, here’s a list of the 10 gift cards we’re going to talk about below. This way, if you see one you know they’ll love you can just skip to the number to find the link to purchase! 

  • 1800 Flowers

  • Lowes

  • Walmart

  • Rainforest Cafe

  • QVC

  • Michael’s 

  • Home Depot

  • Pier 1 Imports

  • Hallmark

  • A Customizable Mastercard 


*All the gift cards discussed below are available on Gift Card Granny’s site as of the day this article is published. Just don’t wait too long to check them out because these deals don’t always last long and sell out fast! 

1. 1800 Flowers 

The perfect gift card to brighten any plant lover’s day



Some plant lovers like flowers and some plant lovers like the more green and leafy plants. 1800 Flowers is the perfect gift card idea for the plant lover in your life who loves all things flowers and color. 1800 Flowers is a fun gift card to get your plant lover to spice up their living space with a colorful bouquet that’ll make them think of you every time they see it. You can either give them the gift card to pick their own flowers or surprise them with a bouquet that you saved money on through Gift Card Granny. 


Head on over to Gift Card Granny and get a 1800 Flowers gift card to help brighten up your favorite plant lover’s home today! 

2. Lowes 

A gift card for every plant and outdoor lover in your life




Lowes might not seem like an obvious choice of gift card for the plant lover in your life, but trust us, they’re sure to love it. Lowes has a huge selection of outdoor accessories and necessities that any plant lover will want (or can use). Lowes also has a selection of plants in their garden center that any plant lover would love, so you can give more with one gift card than just a trip to a hardware store! 


Grab a Lowes gift card for the plant lover in your life and help them create the backyard oasis of their dreams! 


3. Walmart

Make your patio the plant sanctuary of your dreams 



Walmart is one of those stores that just seems to have anything and everything. So why not go to Walmart for your plant needs? Walmart not only has a selection of plants in their garden center, but they also have all the necessities any plant lover would need to create the patio of their dreams filled with plants and plant accessories. With a Walmart gift card your plant lover can create an outdoor space they’ll spend more time in than inside. 


Get your Walmart gift card at Gift Card Granny and save money today on your purchase with cash back. 

4. Rainforest Cafe 

Treat your plant lover to a dinner they won’t forget 



If you’re wantign to treat a fellow plant lover to dinner or an experience they won’t forget, then a Rainforest Cafe gift card is the perfect solution! Rainforest Cafe is a fun dining experience that feels as if you’re, well, in the rainforest! With a Rainforest Cafe gift card you or the plant lover in your life can experience a dinner like no other dinner you’ve had before! Surround your plant lover with exotic looking plants and a fun dinner night out with family or friends! This is a fun gift card you can give a friend to enjoy, or you and your friend can enjoy it together! 


Use Gift Card Granny to buy a Rainforest Cafe gift card and treat your plant lover to a dinner they won’t forget! 

5. QVC

A gift card perfect for all things plant decor 



QVC is a fun online site that has anything you could want when it comes to plants. Maybe you know a plant lover who loves plants but can’t seem to keep them alive (or maybe you are that plant lover). Well, QVC has tons of fake plants to choose from that look and even feel real! So your plant lover who might kill every plant they get can finally have the garden they’ve always dreamed of! QVC also has a selection of decor pieces to choose from, including some that are plant themed or can incorporate plants into your home. 


Head to Gift Card Granny and purchase your QVC gift card so that special someone in your life can pick out all the plant accessories they want! 

6. Michael’s 

A gift card for the plant lover who also has a crafty side


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