Birthday Gift Cards for Kids: 10 Ideas to Help Kids Celebrate on Their Special Days

Bring a smile so blindingly bright to any kid’s face with these wonderful, fun-filled ideas for birthday gift cards for kids – and please the parents too!

Shopping for a child’s birthday should be fun. Whether they’re a niece, nephew, grandkid, or the child of a dear friend doesn’t matter. Children are children, and they are often pleased with any gifts they receive. 


Still, though, you don’t want to disappoint. Even if the kid is happy with your gift, it’s important to satisfy the adult as well. 


That’s why giving them both a say in picking the perfect birthday gift is the best thing you can do. Gift cards are a marvelous way to do just that, as they give the person of your choosing complete freedom over what they buy while your money still does most (or part) of the work. A parent and child will be able to freely collaborate over what they believe the gift card should be used to purchase, making both parties  satisfied. 


Now that you know how great of a birthday present gift cards can be, go ahead and explore the various options out there on Gift Card Granny. With so many amazing retailers fit for the many different interests of kids, there’s tons to choose from. Get ready to see ideas like the following:

  • Gift cards for fun and entertainment

  • Gift cards for clothes and toys

  • Gift cards for sweet treats

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Disney Store

Experience the Magic Firsthand 

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Any child who grew up hearing that whimsical opening with the little blue castle flickering on their TV screen knows the magical allure of a Disney film. Whether raised on golden age classics, renaissance era films, or contemporary features, Disney is an iconic brand beloved by many. 


If you so happen to know a kid who can’t cram enough Disney movies into one sitting, then it’s fair to assume they wouldn’t pass up a chance to experience the magic in real life at the Disney Store!


The Disney Store is an international chain of specialty stores and toy outlets selling Disney-brand items, many of them exclusive. With twenty-two locations around the world, the Disney Store adds a wonderful dose of enchantment to any vacation. 


And if getting to New York City or Walt Disney World isn’t a viable option, then shopDisney is their e-commerce website where you can browse a whole realm of Disney-inspired toys and signature items. Find the very latest releases of Disney products, accessories, clothes, and decorations to bring a little magic into any household. 


Make any kid’s birthday one they’ll fondly reminisce over in the future with a gift card to the Disney Store from Gift Card Granny. Inspire jubilation, cheer, and cash back all with one card. 


Step Into a World of Infinite Comfort

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Kids deserve to look their best and feel good about what they wear. With Bombas apparel, you can be confident any kid will easily accomplish exactly that.


Founded in 2013 as a comfort-focused sock brand, Bombas has grown exponentially since their beginning. They currently sell a range of apparel items designed for maximum comfort and functionality. A pair of socks from Bombas is guaranteed to make any kid’s day with their soft, cloud-like texture and stylish patterns.    


It should also be mentioned that, for every item purchased, Bombas will donate a clothing item to a homeless shelter or charity. They are a company committed to giving back and helping those in need, making them one worth putting your money towards. 


Bombas is not currently available on Gift Card Granny, but we’re always adding more amazing retailers to our catalog, so watch out for who joins next. 

Chuck E. Cheese

Birthday Celebrations Done Right

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Envision the best birthday party a kid could have. There’s balloons, cake, plenty of brightly-wrapped gifts, endless laughter, pizza – the list goes on. And yes, you’ve imagined a perfectly pleasant birthday party fit for almost any youth. But didn’t you forget something? 


A birthday celebration at Chuck E. Cheese!


Yes, your scenario sounds fun, but when it comes to entertainment galore, Chuck E. Cheese is the place to be. Coveted by children since 1977, Chuck E. Cheese operates over six hundred locations that function as family entertainment centers and pizza restaurants. 


From the flashing lights of arcade machines to the distinct rolling of skee balls, there’s an abundance of fun activities for kids of all ages to take part in at Chuck E. Cheese. Focus on earning tickets to later redeem for prizes, watch the animatronic shows performed live on stage, and gorge yourself on fresh slices of delicious pizza.  


Hurry over to Gift Card Granny for easy cash back and give any kid the best birthday party ever with a gift card to Chuck E. Cheese.

Lego Store

Give Your Creativity the Outlet it Deserves

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Kids are creative souls by nature, and any adult who wants to perpetuate positivity and self-discovery would do well to let them explore the limits of their imaginations. Toys may just look like, well, toys, but they have the potential to be tools of incredible importance. 


Take, for instance, legos. At first glance, these little plastic toys seem to be ideal for entertaining toddlers and young kids. They can stack them in creative positions, make structures, and destroy whatever they create to build something new. Definitely sounds fun, but doesn’t it also sound a bit more intricate than that? 


Giving a kid Legos is like giving them the tools required by engineers. They can assemble pieces how they see fit, experiment with different designs, and construct a variety of useful objects such as vehicles, buildings, and even functioning robots!


Plus, there’s no such thing as messing up with Legos. Not too fond of a project’s progression? Take it apart and start over with no added mess. It’s a truly wonderful gift for kid and parent alike. 


Get any kid inspired with a Lego store gift card from Gift Card Granny, and don’t forget about earning some cash back while you’re at it. 

Children’s Museum

Get Inspired with Local Museum Wonders


Education is a priceless gift, and museums exist to give accurate accounts of history and encourage exploration of creativity, science, and culture. Traverse mesmerizing exhibits, enchanting time periods, and the products of imagination with a visit to any local museum of your choosing. 


Children’s museums are fantastic ways to get the youth of today interested in pushing boundaries and making discoveries that will shape the very future they are headed into. Explore natural history, innovative technologies, expressive artistic pieces, and many more exhibits available at your local children’s museum. 


From young children to curious teens, museums offer an expansive display of fascinating objects to appreciate and interact with. There are also plenty of learning programs and educational resources generously provided by children’s museums to benefit the development of any kid. Find classes, get in touch with educators, or enroll your child in a summer camp program to give them the opportunity to explore a range of different fields like theater, fashion, art, and metalworking!


A day spent at the Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh will make for a very memorable birthday gift any parent would be thrilled to enjoy with their kid. Though the Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh is not currently available on Gift Card Granny, stay on high alert – we’re always adding new options to our catalog.


Because Ice Cream is Never a Bad Idea

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What kind of birthday is it if there’s no delicious ice cream in sight?


Help out any kid with a chance to shop at Coolhaus, an American ice cream company based out of Los Angeles, California. Coolhaus is a women-led artisanal ice cream brand that specializes in the production of bold, unique flavors that combine sweet with savory, unable to be found elsewhere. 


Coolhaus ice cream can be found in select grocery stores, such as Whole Foods, or it can be purchased frozen from the Coolhaus online shop and shipped directly to your door.


Though Coolhaus is not currently available on Gift Card Granny, remember we’re always adding more awesome retailers to our catalog.    

Janie and Jack

Find the Best Looks in Kids’ Fashion

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Just because they’re a kid doesn’t mean they can throw on whatever is lying around their room and expect to look great. Sure, you can settle for whatever sporadic sense of fashion they’ve delicately crafted since they became self-aware enough to start putting on their own clothes; or you can help their budding taste in fashion by pointing them in the right direction. 


The latter is possible with the stylish inventory of Janie and Jack. A children’s clothing brand founded in 2002 in San Francisco, California, Janie and Jack has an expansive catalog of clothing fit for newborns up to twenty-four months old, along with boys and girls up to age eighteen. 


Shop for the best family attire and cultivate a good fashion taste in any kid with the amazing selection offered by Janie and Jack. From comfortable one-pieces for infants, floral-patterned dresses for girls, and distinguished polos for young boys, this fashion retailer stocks only the latest and greatest selection of kid’s clothes on the market. 


Spare any parent the dread of worrying what kind of embarrassment to expect with their child’s fashion sense with a Janie and Jack gift card from Gift Card Granny. Not only is it a wonderfully convenient gift, but it will also earn you some well-deserved cash back for being an awesome adult.  

Cirque du Soleil 

The Scent of Burnt Sugar and Buttery Popcorn Beckons You


A birthday is a day of endless fun and exhilarating entertainment encompassed within an overwhelming aroma of sugary goodness that dances across the taste buds of any eager child’s tongue. They deserve a world of fun, and a world of fun they shall receive at the big top!


Cirque du Soleil is a Canadian entertainment company and the largest contemporary circus producer in the world. Since its founding in 1984, Cirque du Soleil has been putting on awesome performances that captivate audience members, children and adults alike. 


Each Cirque du Soleil production combines various circus styles from around the world to give a truly unique experience with its own themes and storyline. Touring shows include live music and talented performers who showcase their abilities for anywhere from two to two-and-a-half hours, with an intermission squeezed in about midway through. 


No kid is going to pass up the chance to see the greatest show on earth, so get them a gift card for Cirque du Soleil from Gift Card Granny to spread the magic of the circus and earn cash back. 

Custom Visa Card

Anything You Need It to Be

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Sometimes, decisions are better left to be made by the parents. Gift cards offer a lot of flexibility, but choosing the right place can be a difficult matter too. That’s why a custom Visa gift card might be the best option. 


Help any kid celebrate their special day with a gift card that can be used practically anywhere, for anything. A Visa gift card can lighten the financial burden for the parent, or even make it possible to squeeze in an extra dose of birthday festivities. 


Plus, the parent has complete control over how that money will be used, which is a life saver when you might not be familiar with the interests of their children.


Pick up a custom Visa gift card from Gift Card Granny and earn easy cash back. 



Well, that about wraps up our list. Hopefully you won’t have any trouble finding the best birthday gift for any kid in your life, even if you don’t know them too well. Gift cards are real life savers sometimes. 


Explore many of this list’s options and more on Gift Card Granny, and see how simple it is to earn cash back while you’re at it.