Can You Buy a Gift Card Online and Send it to Someone You Know?

Gift cards are great presents for pretty much anyone you know. Purchasing an actual gift can be quite the commitment and sometimes it’s hard to even figure out what someone else may want to receive, but gift cards mean you don’t have to worry about picking out the perfect present. Gift cards allow your recipients to do their own shopping and choose exactly what they want, meaning you can’t mess up. 

Physical gift cards are fine, but if you want to send a gift card to someone who lives far away or simply want to make things convenient through digital delivery, then there’s various retailers who offer egift cards for online purchase. Electronic gift cards can be sent to anyone around the world and provide an efficient and secure way of delivering funds to the folks you know. 

Wondering what kinds of gift cards you can buy online for other people? Pretty much any kind, but here’s a few of the most prominent ones:

  • Gift cards for food and beverage
  • Gift cards for fashion and accessories
  • Gift cards for fun and recreation 

Keep reading for more ideas on gift cards you can buy online. 

Earn Cash Back on Gift Cards with Gift Card Granny

Gift Card Granny carries a wide range of digital gift cards for well-known retailers and brands. Browse gift cards for restaurants, department stores, clothing boutiques, hotels, movie theaters, and more all while earning cash back on your purchases. Gift Card Granny transforms boring old gift card shopping and makes it fun and rewarding for buyers, with savings that really add up after a while. 

Buying an egift card on Gift Card Granny is simple – all you need to do is select a gift card for a retailer or brand that interests you, choose an amount to load onto the card and see your corresponding cash back, and enter all of the necessary information for your recipient. Your gift recipient will have their digital gift in no time and you will have cash back credited to your account, which can come in handy for later purchases. 


Never stress about travel costs again with this helpful site

Buy a gift card

You never know when someone may be planning an overnight trip elsewhere, which is exactly why a website dedicated to finding the best deals on hotel rooms wherever you go is such a perk. A gift card is just the thing to make booking affordable rooms at the top hotels in your chosen city a cinch. provides a vast catalog of hotel bookings from operators in your chosen area, with a range of different hotel types from the modest to the more affluent. gives users accurate, real-time information on hotel listings and allows for prices and deals between different brands to be compared. Furthermore, you can always count on getting the full truth with unbiased reviews from other users. 

Make travel easy with a gift card from Gift Card Granny and earn cash back!

2. Petco

Pets deserve nothing but the best, so shop at a retailer who cares

It is becoming more and more common for folks to have furry, feathery, or even scaly friends nowadays. From dogs and cats to bearded dragons and parakeets, there are millions of pet owners across the country and even more spread throughout the entire world. With all those mouths to feed, it’s important that pet owners have retailers they can depend on for the essentials. 

Petco sells an abundance of pet supplies to help meet the needs and improve the lives of every pet owner. You can pick up dental treats and a new harness for your dog along with food for your ball python on the same trip – how convenient is that? Petco also offers pharmacy services and can handle your pet’s prescriptions. They sell a range of different medications to remedy various issues including antibiotics, allergy relief, heartworm medicine, eye care, and flea and tick prevention. 

Pet care can rack up quite the bill, but a gift card to Petco from Gift Card Granny is guaranteed to rack up cash back in no time!


One bite of these scrumptious pancakes and you’ll be back for more

Buy an IHOP gift card

If there’s one restaurant chain that brings that charming diner feel to the forefront of their locations with a delicious spread of breakfast foods, it is most definitely IHOP. This pancake powerhouse is the prime destination for breakfast classics whether it’s time for brunch or deep into the evening. 

IHOP is known for their iconic buttermilk pancakes, which taste like slices of heaven soaked in syrup and lathered with butter. If pancakes aren’t your thing, IHOP has house-made Belgian waffles, thick French toast, and crepe flavors like lemon ricotta blueberry and cinnamon bun. IHOP has savory menu items as well that are just as good as their sweets; there’s steak and chicken fajita omelets, gooey ham and cheese melts, hefty burgers, roasted turkey and salmon entrees, salads, and more. 

Make the most of the moment with an IHOP gift card from Gift Card Granny and earn cash back! 

4. REI Co-op 

Step outside and see what adventures await you

Lovers of nature and outdoor recreational activities deserve the best equipment to partake in their passions with, whether that involves cycling over rocky mountain terrain or kayaking along volatile rivers. A gift card to REI Co-op provides exactly what any outdoors enthusiast could need to safely experience the thrills of the outside. 

REI Co-op for pretty much everything – they’ve got you covered on all your climbing, hiking, camping, and watersports needs. Browse an impressive lineup of state-of-the-art gear that includes items like tents, mountaineering boots, river tubes, bodyboards, hydration vests, snowboards, hybrid bikes, and a variety of exercise equipment. In addition to quality gear, REI Co-op has adventure-ready apparel and accessories to make exploring everything nature has to offer a piece of cake.  

Gift cards to REI Co-op are not currently available through Gift Card Granny, but be sure to check back soon for updates to our catalog! 

5. PlayStation 

Give endless hours of entertainment with a gift card

Buy a PlayStation gift card

Shopping for any gamers? A gift card to one of the number one gaming companies of this century is certain to please anyone who can often be found with a video game controller in hand. 

PlayStation has been providing its customers with excellent gaming software for decades, and they don’t appear to be stopping anytime soon. Now more innovative than ever, shop for your favorite game titles on the online PlayStation store and get your hands on the latest RPGs, first-person shooters, dungeon crawlers, platformers, indie titles, and tons of other great video games. Whatever you have a taste for, you can count on PlayStation to deliver on. 

Pick up a PlayStation gift card from Gift Card Granny to earn cash back!

6. Dunkin’ 

Good for breakfast or as an evening pick-me-up

Buy a Dunkin' gift card

A majority of folks start their day off with an energizing cup of coffee to give them that much-needed boost. With this in mind, there’s no doubt a gift card to one of the most prevalent coffee chains in the country will be appreciated by many. 

Dunkin’ offers a broad selection of caffeinated beverages to sip on and enjoy. Choose from signature lattes and foamy cappuccinos, bold cold brew, iced tea, fruity refreshers, and frozen blended beverages. They also offer a range of tasty pastries including their iconic donuts, bagels, and muffins, plus breakfast sandwiches and savory snacks. 

Start your day off right with a Dunkin’ gift card from Gift Card Granny and earn easy cash back! 

7. Abercrombie & Fitch 

Don’t let your fashion go out of date with great designs from this brand

Buy an Abercrombie & Fitch gift card

Shopping for gift cards can be tricky when you aren’t sure which retailers or brands your recipient is a fan of, but it can become outright painful when the person you’re shopping for is an older teen or young adult. That age demographic is notoriously difficult to shop for, but you can bet a major fashion retailer like Abercrombie & Fitch has just the styles these lively youths have been looking for. 

Shop a wide range of stylish apparel for men and women at any Abercrombie & Fitch location. Their clothes are casual with a hint of laidback sophisticism, helping you effortlessly blend in with fashion-forward folk and the youth aesthetic. Browse an impressive array of attire including items like dresses, jumpsuits, jeans, intimates, swimwear, coats, sleepwear, athletic clothing, shoes, accessories, and fragrances. 

gift card to Abercrombie & Fitch is the right choice for any young fashion enthusiast – get one from Gift Card Granny today to earn cash back!

8. Mastercard

Do and buy almost anything you want with this liberating gift card

Buy a Mastercard gift card

Sometimes it can be hard to decide which retailer you should get your recipient a gift card for. After all, there’s a lot of options out there and with so many retailers and popular brands to choose from, making a final decision quite anxiety-inducing. Good thing there are gift cards out there that can be used at almost any location you shop at. 

A Mastercard gift card isn’t bound by a specific brand name or store, so you can use it at a variety of different locations to purchase whatever catches your fancy. Spend an evening out at a premier restaurant, catch a flick with your pals, load up an entire shopping card with fashionable finds, or use your Mastercard gift card to pay off a long overdue expense. How you use it is completely up to you – just make sure you make the most out of it. 

Pick up a Mastercard gift card from Gift Card Granny!

Send a GiftYa

GiftYa provides folks with an extremely easy way to send digital gifts to friends and family. With a massive online catalog consisting of thousands of locations around the country, GiftYa allows users to send digital credit to anyone they know through something as easy as a text message or email. What’s more, GiftYa gives your recipient the ability to swap out the retailer you chose for a similar merchant that better fits what they are looking for, at no detriment to either of you. 

Try GiftYa and see if it’s the right service for you! 

We at Gift Card Granny believe that buying gift cards for amazing retailers should be a hassle-free endeavor. With that in mind, we strive to provide customers with an easy and reliable method of purchasing gift cards for local and national retailers. Electronic gift cards available at Gift Card Granny give users access to hundreds of different brands, and customers can easily send digital gift cards to friends and family members. 

There’s nothing to lose a lot of cash back to be gained, so get your gift card shopping done at Gift Card Granny and save today!