Great Christmas Gift Card Ideas

Shopping for Christmas presents should always be something to look forward to. There’s no feeling that quite compares to the joy and excitement that comes from giving gifts to the people you love, and planning what you are going to buy is just a part of the fun of the season. 

When it comes to picking out the best gifts for Christmas, you definitely want to make choices that are fresh and appreciated. Don’t get different versions of an old gift, veer away from gifts that are outdated or out of style, and above all else keep in mind the activities and interests of your gift recipient. 

A great modern, practical gift that has the capability to delight anyone in the family are gift cards. Gift cards may not look like much on their own, but giving the right ones to the right person is a good way to guarantee that your Christmas gift will be appreciated. You can’t buy just any old gift card for anyone on your shopping list, however. To make gift cards an effective Christmas gift, they must be able to fulfill the shopping needs of your gift recipient. Make sure to purchase gift cards that correlate with your recipient’s interests and desires so that you make a good impression this Christmas. 

To help you on your quest for gift cards, we put together this list of great gift card ideas that will be sure to delight the important people in your life. We have included gift cards for a variety of merchants in order to appeal to a range of different folks. Some of the gift card options we have featured in this list consist of the following:

  • Gift cards for department stores 
  • Gift cards for services and subscriptions 
  • Gift cards for movies and entertainment 

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1. DoorDash

There’s nothing better than eating the food you want most

Buy a DoorDash gift card

Have you ever been caught standing in your kitchen, disappointed with everything you see in the fridge and pantry? Spare friends and family that same fate with the help of a DoorDash gift card. This delivery service enables users to browse a variety of menus from neighborhood restaurants and dining establishments in the area. Place orders for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and any other time you feel peckish with ease when you use DoorDash and get exactly what you’re craving in a matter of minutes. 

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2. Chewy

Don’t leave the pets out of the festivities this year

Buy a Chewy gift card

A practical Christmas present always makes for a great Christmas present. When you give a gift card to Chewy, you are giving more than just a gift – you are helping a pet parent provide for their furry children. Chewy sells all manner of supplies for pets big and small, hairy and feathery, loud and quiet. Get the pet essentials you need such as food, medicine, grooming tools, carriers, toys, cages, bedding, treats, and much more when you shop at Chewy. 

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3. Masterclass

Intuitive classes for creative and professional topics

Learning a new skill is priceless, but you can help anyone on your Christmas list achieve their dreams when you gift them a Masterclass membership. Learn brand new talents straight from famous celebrities and experts, such as cooking from Gordon Ramsey or writing for television from Shonda Rhimes. Whether you want to cultivate your skills as a musician or you desire to take science classes to expand your knowledge, Masterclass has plenty of courses that will appeal to your interests. 

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4. Walmart 

Make shopping for the essentials quick and easy

Buy a Walmart gift card

Walmart is the best shopping destination for anyone who doesn’t like to run around to multiple stores just to purchase the everyday basics. Groceries, electronics, toys, decor, bedding, bath products, clothes, shoes, jewelry, and so much more is available at Walmart. There are thousands of Walmart stores littered across the country, making it an easily accessible store to pretty much everyone. 

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5. Best Buy

Don’t get left behind when it comes to tech

Buy a Best Buy gift card

It’s hard to exist nowadays without having some sort of electronic device by your side. Whether you’re looking to upgrade your smartphone to a new model, need a travel-friendly laptop for your job, or you want fancy new tech gear to enhance your entertainment experience, Best Buy has the equipment to get the job done. Browse aisles filled with computers, printers, appliances, cell phones, TVs, video games, cameras, and plenty of accessories for all of your electronics. Best Buy can even help repair your damaged cell phones and computers for an affordable price.

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6. Uber

Travel doesn’t have to be a hassle 

Buy an Uber gift card

Transportation is important each day of the year, not only on Christmas. In order to guarantee your recipient has access to reliable transportation when they need it, give them an Uber gift card. For anyone who does not own a car, an Uber gift card is a sensible choice that is bound to come in handy sooner or later. An Uber gift card may also be used to order food through Uber Eats. Your recipient will be able to order their favorite meals from local restaurants and eateries and have it delivered right to their front door. 

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7. StubHub

Secure your seats to live shows and more

Buy a StubHub gift card

There’s nothing that compares to the thrill of seeing your favorite musician or band perform on stage in person. You can give anyone you know the gift of awesome live performances with a StubHub gift card. With StubHub, customers can access a massive ticket marketplace filled with other people looking to resell and exchange extra and unwanted tickets. StubHub offers all kinds of tickets for live entertainment including tickets for concerts, sports, theater, and comedy shows. 

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8. Amazon

Browse through thousands of items suited for you 

A reliable gift card option for Christmas, Amazon gift cards provide an easy way for their users to shop for the items they want from wherever they please. Amazon sells many of the same products you would fine in your average department store, plus more than you could ever fit inside of one building. An Amazon gift card allows users to order the products they need and have them promptly shipped to their front door, which is just about as magical as Christmas is. 

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9. Fandango

Find a movie on your schedule and enjoy

Buy a Fandango gift card

You may not have plans to spend your Christmas at the movie theater, but that doesn’t mean you can’t help someone make plans for later with a Fandango gift card. Find movie tickets for film showings at theaters close to you, watch trailers for upcoming films, and look up movie times all with Fandango. Movie buffs and anyone who likes the big screen will definitely appreciate a gift card for Fandango. 

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10. GameStop

Discover loads of great games all under one roof

Buy a GameStop gift card 

Make the gamers on your Christmas list happy this year with a GameStop gift card that they can use to buy what they want most. GameStop carries the latest video game releases on all of the major consoles and keeps its customers updated with the current video game news so that they stay informed. A GameStop gift card is excellent for video game enthusiasts of any age, from young teens who may still be trying to find their footing to experienced, impassioned adults.  

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11. Hulu

Buy a Hulu gift card

The gift of good entertainment doesn’t come with a price tag, but you get to decide the value of your Hulu gift card and give the gift of great shows to your family and friends. Hulu is a streaming service with thousands of hours of content to offer, from serious, dark and gritty television dramas to comedy specials that leave your sides aching from laughter. Hulu has shows for young kids, melodramatic teens, adults, and anyone else who likes to pass the time with a good show playing. 

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12. Custom Visa Gift Card

A gift from the heart that comes with cash value

Buy a Visa gift card

A Christmas gift that opens up so many present possibilities that you couldn’t possibly count them all? If that sounds too good to be true, then you clearly haven’t thought about how amazing Visa gift cards are. Holidays, celebrations, special occasions, and so many other events are made that much better when you give a Visa gift card, and you can even make it uniquely yours by customizing it with a photo and a personal message. Custom Visa gift cards are gifts that are as practical as they are sentimental, which makes them perfectly suitable for Christmas. 

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There is no step by step recipe when it comes to building the perfect holiday, but you can start cultivating a good foundation by loading up on Christmas gifts that your recipients are guaranteed to appreciate. Use these gift card ideas from Gift Card Granny to begin planning what you’re going to give to those you love to show them just how important they are to you!