Clothing Gift Cards Ideas

Sooner or later, that comfortable t-shirt you’ve come to love lounging around the house in will succumb to gradual wear and tear. It’s inevitable. All clothing items become damaged over time simply because they are being worn, which is why people have to regularly purchase new clothes to keep their closets filled. It’s a never-ending cycle that some folks may participate in way more frequently than others, but one that everyone goes through nonetheless. 

If you know someone in need of new clothes or even if you’re on the hunt for fashionable new finds yourself, know that there are plenty of gift card options out there for clothing merchants. Whether it’s a national department store chain or a fashion boutique tucked away in a small town, there are so many different types of gift cards out there that can help connect you with spectacular clothing finds. 

We’ve prepared this helpful list of clothing gift cards for various retailers known for their diverse selection of stylish apparel, footwear, and accessories for both men and women. With no two clothing retailers being exactly alike, shoppers can discover quality new products that speak to them. 

Let’s take a look at what’s in store!

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1. Old Navy 

Essential American attire fit for the whole family

Buy an Old Navy gift card


While Old Navy is not a luxury brand by any means, they offer competitive prices on high-quality clothing that is well-made and manufactured to last a long time. Old Navy is a great store for folks shopping for whole families or for anyone who needs to add some casual, stylish attire to their wardrobe. Old Navy has plenty of fashionable apparel to pick from for men, women, kids, babies, and even maternity wear. Customers can find a variety of designs and styles across all-inclusive sizes to ensure that every member of the family can find something suitable for them. 

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2. American Eagle 

Still selling trendy clothing after all this time 

Buy an American Eagle gift card


If you have a love of denim jeans, then you’re going to enjoy a gift card for American Eagle. This clothing retailer is popular among crowds who like comfortable fashion that makes them feel like their authentic selves. For younger generations, clothing from American Eagle can help them improve their well-being by connecting them with apparel that inspires confidence within them. 

American Eagle has a lot to offer in terms of great fashion choices, including a variety of denim jeans that both men and women will love. Some of the jeans available at American Eagle are bootcut jeans, athletic fit jeans, curvy jeans, skinny jeans, cropped jeans, overalls, and premium denim. American Eagle can fill more of your closet space with shoes, swimwear, hoodies, dresses, accessories, and loungewear. No matter what you walk out of American Eagle with, you can count on getting quality merchandise that makes you feel like yourself. 

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3. Eddie Bauer 

Live every day as if it is an adventure 

Buy an Eddie Bauer gift card


This Washington-based clothing company sells apparel, footwear, and other gear that encourages and inspires customers to fully embrace everything life has to offer by living their own adventures. Eddie Bauer seeks to empower shoppers by way of high-quality clothing that is manufactured to last throughout the seasons. Affordable and stylish, gear from Eddie Bauer is the perfect match for adventurers and other travelers who have a budget to stick to but need products that are functional and durable.

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4. Aerie

Intimate apparel that women can look forward to

Buy an Aerie gift card


Women have a lot to worry about when it comes to shopping for intimate apparel, but the worries are well-founded. With so many retailers out there offering uncomfortable underwear that doesn’t take into account womens’ needs, Aerie is the retailer that stands out from the rest by providing customers with a nice selection of buttery soft undergarments that will keep you comfortable throughout the day. 

Aerie encourages women to love their bodies and find beauty within themselves no matter what their physical shape happens to be. A genuine devotion to diversity and inclusion, along with exceptional merchandise that resonates with young people, are some of the components that help make Aerie such a successful brand. 

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5. Macy’s 

A legacy clothing retailer that just won’t quit

Buy a Macy’s gift card


Everyone knows the name of this iconic American department store that has withstood change and evolved over the decades. Macy’s is a sweet destination to discover cute fashion from top brands at a discounted price, especially when it comes to the items on clearance. Customers can take more than half off the original price tag of premium products when browsing on-sale apparel. 

Macy’s stores are as still as symbolic of American shopping as they ever were, but the rise in online shopping among consumers has caused Macy’s to adapt with the times. Now, folks can browse impressive styles and designs in-store at nearby locations or find amazing clothing and accessories online 24/7. This merchant certainly knows how to stay on top of the business game. 

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6. Saks Off 5th 

Buy a Saks Off 5th gift card


Sister brand to the luxury department store chain Saks Fifth Avenue, Saks Off 5th is an off-price retailer where customers can shop for discount designer clothing that will make them feel just as magnificent. For customers who are committed to high fashion but must stick to a certain budget, Saks Off 5th provides the perfect bargain on premium designer products and everyday favorites. 

Shoppers can increase their savings even more by browsing the many stylish items that happen to be on clearance. Jeans, pumps, polos, skirts, sandals, and even jewelry can all be found for half off or more at Saks Off 5th. 

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7. Chico’s 

Clothing that empowers women every single day

Buy a Chico’s gift card


Chico’s is a clothing and accessories retailer that is catered towards women and folks with a feminine preference for dress. Bright colors and prints that stand out are just some of the prominent features of clothing from Chico’s, allowing shoppers to be bold with their looks and feel confident in their self-expression. And of course, the consistent quality of clothing from Chico’s is another attractive factor for women shoppers who need apparel that they can rely on for both work and leisure. 

Chico’s always has stylish new arrivals for customers to look forward to, and their clothing catalog is overall very impressive with all kinds of options for everyday essentials, business clothes, and more. Women can shop for vests, sweaters, coats, tops, activewear, matching sets, and plenty of accessories to dazzle and get heads turning. 

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8. H&M

Shop for fresh fashion at the best price

Buy an H&M gift card


H&M is a passionate fashion company that seeks to exceed customers’ expectations and produce fast, quality fashion that folks can afford in a sustainable way. H&M is the perfect store for anyone whose wardrobe changes with the seasons, as they always have an impressive lineup of on-trend clothes available at a lower cost. Customers of H&M appreciate how they can find a wide variety of products in their stores, from one-of-a-kind designer collabs to essential everyday apparel to bold accessories that can be worn year-round. 

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9. Maurices

Always around to make a woman feel her best

Buy a Maurices gift card


Based in Minnesota, this women’s clothing retail chain is comprised of more than one thousand stores across the United States and Canada. Maurices carries women’s attire in sizes 0-24 that is both well-made and always in style. Women may walk out of Maurices locations with trendy new items they snagged at bargain prices and feel a renewed sense of self-worth, shifting their perspective for the better. 

Some of the clothing items available at Maurices locations include cardigans, blouses, dresses, rompers, skirts, leggings, jeans, sleepwear, and shoes. Ladies can finish off their dazzling outfit with a range of stylish accessories, from scarves and sunglasses to jewelry and handbags. It all comes together for a look you can’t get anywhere else. 

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10. Nautica

Explore an endless ocean of fashion

Buy a Nautica gift card 


Nautica is a global lifestyle brand that offers durable apparel that is both high-quality and stylish. Clothes from Nautica are made to last a long time and make for solid everyday wear, especially with such an affordable price point. The apparel at Nautica sport classic looks and are preppy rather than flashy and offbeat, which is attractive to those customers who desire a more subdued presentation in casual and business clothing. 

Coastal vibes are present in all of the apparel at Nautica, contributing to an unmistakable oceanic environment. Nautica has a vast selection of fashionable finds for men and women that will freshen their closets. You can shop for shoes, dress shirts, sweaters, polos, coats, belts, watches, cologne, and so much more at any Nautica store and online. 

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Do any of these gift cards for clothing retailers resonate with you? Check all of them out and discover even more clothing gift card ideas when you visit Gift Card Granny for your shopping needs!