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Double Deals: How To Combine Coupons And Discount Gift Cards

We have to talk.

You know that I hate to break it to you this way, but you haven't been getting the best deal when shopping only with coupons. Believe it or not, you're missing out on extra savings.

I want to help you receive the largest discount possible on your purchases. And I'm going to teach you how by stacking discount gift cards with coupons. Let's take extreme couponing to the next level.

I saved $15.95 on the $236.24 discount Kohl's gift card I bought through Gift Card Granny. Then I added coupons found on Granny worth $92.86.  This gave me a $108.81 savings on a $303.96 purchase!

  • $303.96: total cost of my shopping cart without coupons or discounted gift cards
  • $92.96: coupon code discounts
  • $15.95: discount gift card savings
  • $108.81: total savings

I paid $195.15 for $303.96 worth of Kohl's merchandise. In less than 10 minutes I saved more than $100. Time well spent just by following a few easy steps. This is how I did it. 

What Are Discount Gift Cards

People can sell their unwanted, unused or partially used gift cards for cash. Savvy shoppers then benefit by purchasing discount gift cards for less than the card’s full value. Wondering where to find discount gift cards? Gift Card Granny aggregates and compares thousands of cards from trusted sellers.

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How To Use Discount Gift Cards And Coupons

Follow this step-by-step process to combine discount gift cards and coupons:

Find Your Card

I’m a frequent Kohl’s shopper and always have a discount gift card on hand. When using Gift Card Granny, I first sort by type (plastic or eGift) then filter the data table by putting the highest percentage discount at the top. I then choose a value around the amount I plan to spend.

For example, today I paid $220.29 for a Kohl’s eGift card valued at $236.24. I saved $15.95 by following these steps.

1. Search For The Brand
Use the search box or click on the ‘Buy Gift Cards’ tab to browse available gift cards.

Search box on Granny site

2. Find Your Deal
Once you’ve found a gift card you would like to purchase, click on the ‘View Deal’ button. You will then be redirected to the partner who is selling the card. In my case, ABC Gift Cards had the card I wanted.

View deal

3. Choose Your Card
Once redirected to the partner's site, pick which card you would like to purchase and add it to your cart.

Partner site

4. Proceed To Checkout
Click the checkout button when finished with shopping.

checkout process

5. Apply Coupon Code
Enter a promo code if applicable. Granny tip: sign up for partners' newsletter to receive coupon code alerts.

Checkout summary

6. Login
Provide login credentials. New customers will be prompted to make an account. Note that some partners may allow for guest checkout.Login

7. Review The Order And Checkout
Key in your credit card information and verify your order for any last minute updates. Granny tip: Check if the partner is running a promotion or sale for extra savings.


8. Gift Card Delivery
Note that delivery can take up to 48 hours via email for electronic gift cards. Plastic cards may take 7 to 10 business days to arrive in the mail. If you know an upcoming sale is occurring for your favorite store, order ahead to ensure cards are delivered on time.

Find Your Coupons
Did you know that you can find coupons on Gift Card Granny? I found three different Kohl’s coupon codes to use towards my purchase by following the steps below. Don’t give up if coupons for your brand are unavailable on Granny; search on Google or coupon sites such as MyCoupons and Coupon Sherpa.

1. Search For The Brand
Use the search box or click on the ‘Buy Gift Cards’ tab to browse available brands.

Search box on Granny site

2. Choose Your Coupon
Once you’re on the brand page, click on the ‘Coupons’ tab located on the top right of the table. You will then find a table of coupons available for that specific brand.

coupons tab

3. Search For The Best Savings
Find the deal that works best with your purchase. Click on the button to be redirected to the brand’s site or apply the coupon at checkout.

Make Your Purchase
Once you’ve found your discount gift card and coupons, head to checkout (in-store or online) to make your purchase. I’m redecorating my living room and was able to save a total of $108.81 when combining coupons and discount gift cards; $15.95 with the Kohl’s discount gift card and $92.86 in coupons. As an added bonus I even received free shipping on my order. Follow these steps to use discount gift cards and coupons on your next purchase.

1. Check Out
If you've not signed in, log in with your credentials or choose guest checkout.

Kohl's checkout

2. Add Shipping Information

Kohl's shipping checkout

3. Provide Payment Information
Type the gift card barcode and pin in the gift card payment section. Verify the numbers are correct and hit apply. When providing payment information, select another payment option if funds on the gift card are less than total of your purchase. Other payment options might include another gift card or credit card. Note that stores may cap the number of gift cards used per order. Check the company’s policy and review how many gift cards you can apply.

Kohl's payment information

4. Add Coupons
Be sure you’ve applied all available discounts. For example, you can stack up to 4 Kohl’s offers and up to 6 Kohl’s Cash per order.

Kohl's promo

5.Place Order
Review your order to verify the products, payment information, address and you provided is accurate.

And voila! Just like that you’re a money-saving expert. This worked for me at Kohl's, but don't forget to use this trick while while shopping for groceries, back to school, Christmas, etc. 

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