10 Gas Station Gift Cards You’ll Want to “Add to Cart” Now

Gas for your car: everyone needs it. And if you’re the one that is constantly filling up your family car’s tank then you’ve probably noticed gas prices have risen lately. And if you’re buying your own gas for your own car, then you’ve probably noticed this even more. So what can you do to make your time getting gas at the pump a little less painful to you and your bank account? Well, how about using a gift card at the gas station? But not just any gift card; a gift card that you can save some money on. Buying gift cards is a great hack for anyone who wants to save some extra money or enjoy some extra benefits because gift card companies and sites are constantly having deals on gift cards. These deals can range from earning points at the grocery store you shop at to getting money back. So when you really think about it, why wouldn’t you use a gift card for when you get gas? If you often find yourself disheartened at the pump then let’s take a look at these 10 gas station gift cards we’ve picked out that you’re sure to want and love. 


In this article we’re going to talk about 10 gas gift cards you’re going to want to get your hands on ASAP. These gift cards are perfect to either gift to someone you know (because everyone can use a gas gift card)  or to keep and use for yourself on your next run to the gas station. Here is a list of all of the gas gift cards that you can expect as you read through this article:

  • A Speedway gift card

  • A BP gift card

  • A Shell gift card

  • A Chevron gift card

  • A Sunoco gift card

  • A Sheetz gift card

  • A Marathon gift card

  • A Mastercard gift card

  • An Auto Zone gift card

  • An Advance Auto Parts gift card 


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But how and where do you get started so that you can begin saving money on gift cards with Gift Card Granny? Well, now that you know about the benefits of using Gift Card Granny to search and buy all of the gift cards you might want or need, and you know how to search Gift Card Granny, let’s start talking about some of the gas station gift cards that you’ll want to add to cart sooner rather than later, not to mention saving some money while you’re at it. Buy these gas station gift cards on Gift Card Granny and not only will you be able to search and buy gift cards for your local gas stations, but you’ll be able to save some money on these gift cards too when you get cash back after purchasing them from the Gift Card Granny website!


*All of the gift cards mentioned below are available on Gift Card Granny as of the time this article is published! But don’t wait too long before heading to the site to buy, because these deals are popular and will sell out fast! 


1. Speedway 

Gas the speedy way 


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Speedway is a fairly common gas station and can be found at plenty of different locations around the globe. So why not use a gift card to get your gas? At speedway you can use your gift card for both gas and anything in their store; that’s right, we’re talking road trip snacks! Speedway is a great gas station gift card to get a friend or family member or even just to keep for yourself (we won’t blame you). 


Buy a Speedway gift card from Gift Card Granny’s website and start saving money when you get cash back on your purchase. 

2. BP

The gas gift card you didn’t know you needed


Save money on every day gas purchases.


BP is another great gas station that can be found pretty much anywhere. Like any other gift card, a BP gas station gift card can be used to purchase snacks, car supplies found inside, and of course gas. Use your BP gift card and feel good about your purchase with knowledge that you saved money on it. 


Head over to Gift Card Granny to buy a BP gift card and you can earn money with cash back. 

3. Shell

A gift card with the iconic shell icon 


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Not only does Shell have the look of an old fashioned gas station, but they’re pretty well known for their friendly service. Grab a Shell gift card and start using it to get your gas and a friendly encounter with the attendees! And better yet? You’ll have that reassurance that you saved some extra money because you got cash back on your gift card purchase! 


Buy a Shell gift card on Gift Card Granny and save money with cash back on your gift card. 

4. Chevron 

The energy efficient gas company 


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Chevron is a gas station that is constantly actively trying to get and maintain a clean energy system that is good for the environment. So why not support Chevron’s business and their cause? A Chevron gas station gift card can be used at any of the participating Chevron gas stations and it’s a card you’ll feel good about using. 


Buy a Chevron gift card on Gift Card Granny for all your gas-getting needs while also saving money with cash back.  

5. Sunoco 

A gas gift card for the gas station that’s always sunny 


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Sunoco is a pretty famous gas station that everyone seems to have heard of. With competitive gas prices and plenty of locations to pick from to get your next gas fill up, Sunoco is the perfect gift card. You can give this gift card as a gift to someone you know could use it, or you can keep it for yourself! Not to mention, your Sunoco gift card can be used on anything in the store. 


Gift Card Granny is the perfect place to buy a Sunoco gift card if you want to save money with cash back on your gift card purchase. 

6. Sheetz

A gas station that is so much more than a gas station 


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Sheetz is one of those gas stations that are so much more than just a gas station. From hot food, cool smoothies, and even milkshakes you can mix yourself, Sheetz is known for many things. You can use your Sheetz gift card on any of your food purchases in the store (which make great late night munchies), as well as for your next gas purchase. It’s a win-win! 


Buy a Sheetz gift card on Gift Card Granny and you can use it on so much more than just gas. 

7. Marathon 

A gas gift card that goes the extra mile for you and your car


Using a gas gift card is both efficient and rewarding. 


Marathon is one of those trusty gas stations that you know you’ll always be able to find somewhere. Buying and buying a Marathon gift card is always a great idea because you can always use gas, and you can always find a Marathon gas station somewhere along the way in your journey. 


Buy a Marathon gas gift card from Gift Card Granny and see why so many people love it too!  

8. Mastercard 

A gift card you can use at any gas station


Mastercard can be used anywhere and everywhere


When in doubt, a Mastercard is always the perfect gift card, even one to use at gas stations. Mastercard gift cards can be used almost anywhere and everywhere that accepts Mastercard credit cards. This makes a Mastercard gift card the perfect idea if you want to be able to use it at different gas stations, or if you’re buying it for a friend and you aren’t sure what gas stations are around their area. 


Buy a Mastercard gift card from Gift Card Granny and not only will you save with cash back, but you can also use your mastercard gift card at any gas station you want (where accepted). 

9. Auto Zone 

Keeping your car in good shape is just as important as filling up the tank 


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While an Auto Zone gift card isn’t technically a gas station gift card, taking care of your car is just as important. After all, you can’t put gas in a car that doesn’t work. Auto Zone is a great place to go for any car part or car advice you might need, so having a gift card on hand is always a great idea. 


Keep your car in great condition and buy an Auto Zone gift card from Gift Card Granny today.

10. Advance Auto Parts

For when you just need a little extra help with your car



SImilar to Auto Zone, Advance Auto Parts is another great place to go for any and all car troubles. The staff at Advance Auto Parts are knowledgeable and friendly and can usually help you with whatever car troubles you might run into. While Advance Auto Parts isn’t a complete replacement for a mechanic, they can help you with basic needs and give evaluations on your car. 


Buy an Advance Auto Parts gift card on Gift Card Granny today and save it for a time you need a little help with your car troubles.  


So there you have it: 10 gas station gift card ideas that are perfect for your next trip to your local gas station pump. Gas stations are everywhere and there are so many different ones to choose from (you might even have a favorite that you like to frequent). Lucky for you we have plenty of gas station gift card options to choose from. Use this list of our handpicked 10 gas station gift card picks to choose your next gift card purchase and you’ll be saving some extra money at the pump in no time! 


Didn’t see a gift card on the list that you liked, or do you think we missed one? Share it with us in the comments; we’d love to hear from you! And when you’re done, don’t forget to head on over to the Gift Card Granny website to search and buy thousands of other gift cards as well! We’re positive you’ll find one you love!