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Tips and tricks

  1. Get a Speedy Rewards Card. Start earning points on the fuel and merchandise you already buy. Then, redeem those points for coupons towards your favorite items or get discounts on fuel.
  2. Shop online at the Speedy Rewards Mall. Head to and shop at your favorite stores to earn exclusive points to redeem at Speedway.
  3. Get 10¢ of per gallon of fuel. When you buy $3 or more of merchandise using your rewards card get 10¢ off/gal. 

Answers to your questions about Speedway gift cards

Where can I purchase a Speedway gift card?

If you are looking to buy one, look no further! Gift Card Granny has you covered! Buy your Speedway gift card right here for an amazing discounted price! Gift cards can also be purchased at any Speedway location. When ordered online, gift cards can be sent to any address in the US.

How do I check my Speedway gift card balance?

So, you have been cleaning around the house and ended up finding three different Speedway gift cards and have no idea what is left on each, if anything? No worries, we have you covered. Check your Speedway gift card balance.

You can also call 1-866-836-6841 or bring it into any Speedway location and have a service member check it for you.

Do Speedway gift cards ever expire or decline in value?

You are thinking about buying or gifting a Speedway card but are concerned about how long you will have to use your card. Worry not! Speedway gift cards never expire. You have a lifetime to use up your Speedway cash card! This is especially great if you are thinking of gifting. No matter how long that gift card sits in the back of your loved one's junk drawer, they will be able to use it when they need it! 

Is my Speedway gift card reloadable?

Speedy Cash Cards can be reloaded on the store’s website or in-store. 

Can I use my Hess express gift card at Speedway?

Since the rebranding of Hess retail stores has been completed for a while, Hess express gift cards will no longer be accepted at Speedway locations. However, if you happen to find an old Hess gift card lying around, you can call 1-800-428-4016 to transfer everything over to a Speedway gift card that will be redeemable at every Speedway location.

Can I use a Speedway gift card to buy another gift card?

No. Speedy fuel cards cannot be used to purchase anything but fuel. 

Can I use my gift card at the pump?

Yes! First, insert your speedy rewards card (if you have one) in the same slot you would normally enter your credit card. Then repeat that with your Speedy Cash card. Just make sure the card you have is redeemable for fuel. It must be a cash card or fuel card, not a food and merchandise card.

About Speedway

Speedy Cash Prepaid Fuel Cards offers consumers the convenience of a credit card without the security issues.

This card is for fuel purchases only and can be re-charged at any Speedway location.

The card is accepted at over 1,400 participating Speedway locations.

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