12 Gift Card Ideas for 13-Year-Olds

Finding the perfect gift for a thirteen-year-old is quite the challenge. Their interests, fashion, and just about everything else are changing by the day. And the scariest part is — if you get them something they don’t like at that moment, they will probably let you know exactly what they think of it. You do not want to get them something that they aren’t into. The stakes are high when it comes to gift-giving. 

There is, however, one gift that almost guarantees that they will enjoy it: a gift card. While gift cards are sometimes thought of as impersonal and less-than-perfect gifts they open up so many doors that the kid can choose for themselves. This allows them to choose exactly what they want on a given day, even if what they wanted a week ago was totally different. 

Not sure where to start? No worries! In this article, we are covering the top seven gift card ideas for thirteen-year-olds, including: 

  • Gift cards for hobbies
  • Gift cards for clothes
  • Gift cards for food

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Now that we’re on the same page, let’s jump right into our list!

1. Michaels

A gift to help keep the kids active and engaged 

Buy a Michaels gift card

What does this thirteen-year-old like to do with their time? They have a lot of it, and in order to keep them from watching hours and hours of television every day, hobbies are encouraged for teens. But, the eternal question, what do they like to do? Kids that age have so many directions in which they can go that pinpointing the one they are currently chasing can seem like an impossible task. However, a gift card that allows them to channel their creative energy is always a safe bet, such as one for Michaels. 

With a gift card to Michaels, young teens can indulge in their artistic sensibilities in a variety of different ways. Paint sets, crafting equipment, fabric – you name it, Michaels is bound to have it. Plus, instead of getting them tools they don’t want, a gift card enables teens to do their own shopping and pick out what they want the most.

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2. Barnes & Noble

Thousands of books for readers of all types 

Buy a Barnes & Noble gift card

A lot of adults have this misconception about teenagers hating books, but that couldn’t be farther from the truth. A good portion of young teens adore reading, so long as they have access to books that pique their interest. Of course, that all comes down to which retailer they do their book shopping at. 

Barnes & Noble is unquestionably one of the greatest book retailers around. With massive interiors, shelves packed full of interesting titles, and a variety of genres to explore, Barnes & Noble has just the book to get your teenager on a binge-reading session in no time. 

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3. Panera Bread

Cozy dining that will make teens feel grown-up 

Buy a Panera Bread gift card

A thirteen-year-old is no baby, no matter how much you wish them to remain little forever. A lot of change occurs as kids grow older, including their taste for food. Teens want to be taken more seriously by those around them, and having some say in what they eat is one way they can start asserting their influence. 

In terms of food establishments appealing to maturing youths, Panera Bread has got to be one of the most coveted options out there. Panera Bread feels a lot more upscale than your typical fast food restaurant, and with a menu that is both delicious and nutritious, any teenager who eats here will feel on par with adults. 

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4. Xbox 

Gift cards to Xbox can turn into their next favorite video game

Buy an Xbox gift card

Tons of teens love video games. A gift card to the Xbox game store could be the perfect gift for them, as it lets them pick out the perfect video game for themselves to play. Before getting this gift card, you have two major questions to answer. One, do they play video games? If not, that’s a hard stop for this gift card. If they do, then the next question is: do they have an Xbox? There’s a good chance the typical gaming teenager either owns or has access to an Xbox, but if you aren’t sure, just ask!

There are so many games getting released nowadays. It is not often that teens can peruse the game store knowing that they have money to spend. Also, now that games are primarily digitally downloaded, it is much harder to purchase a certain video game for the kid even if you know the title of the one they want the most. We recommend getting a gift card so they can purchase it directly on their system. 

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5. Sephora

Get a gift card for a quality beauty product

Buy a Sephora gift card

Sephora is a fun place for thirteen-year-olds to go. It is geared towards girls, with a lot of self-care products like shampoos, makeup, perfume, and jewelry. Giving a gift card to Sephora could result in a fun outing with the mother and daughter to the store to pick out a couple of fun items. 

Just about all the products here are consumable, and, if they like what they get a lot, it could be a great start to a bit of a routine, where you get them a Sephora gift card every birthday and Christmas. As a thirteen-year-old, they probably haven’t gotten many opportunities to take the initiative and pay for their specific items, and a gift card is a great way to promote that. Around this age, they are probably very conscious about their appearance, and will happily take the opportunity to get a new makeup set! 

Teenage years are a scary set, and Sephora is a great place to stock up on makeup and perfume. Start earning cash back when you pick up a Sephora gift card today.

6. AMC Theatres

Cozy up in front of the big screen with your besties

Buy an AMC Theatres gift card

Every kid enjoys a trip to the local movie theater, and being thirteen means you're responsible enough for mom to drop you and your pals off at the movies without adult supervision. This newfound freedom is both exciting and nerve-wracking, but AMC Theatres is here to support you on your cinema journey. 

AMC Theatres operates thousands of locations throughout the country and is always playing a variety of entertaining films. Comedy, action, thrillers, animation, and everything else under the sun can be found at any AMC location. It’s a great place for teens to hang out in a secure space without the constant supervision of a parental figure. 

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7. Macy’s

A gift card perfect for seasonal shopping

Buy a Macy’s gift card

A Macy’s gift card lets the thirteen-year-old pick out a new outfit just in time for the start of the next school year. Back-to-school shopping is a must for kids, and we’d wager that they and their parents would greatly appreciate a gift card to Macy’s or one of their favorite clothing stores.

There are a lot of clothing stores perfect for different kinds of thirteen-year-olds. There’s Macy’s, Gap, Old Navy, Banana Republic, American Eagle, and many more that might better suit their current style. You can always ask the kid’s parents what styles they’ve been dreaming about, and progress accordingly. Macy’s is a great place to shop around, especially if you don’t have any specific item in mind. 

Walking into a store with a gift card in your pocket is a powerful feeling. The thirteen-year-old and their parents will remember your awesome contribution when they purchase and wear their new outfits. Also, a gift card is nice for the giver, because it takes the stress off of finding the right articles of clothing for them. It is just about impossible to figure out what a thirteen-year-old wants from the store. 

A Macy’s gift card opens up a lot of options for the kids to pick out the items they really want. Start earning cash back when you pick up a Macy’s gift card today.

8. Aeropostale 

Add some serious style to any teen’s closet

Buy an Aeropostale gift card

When it comes to being a teenager, fashionable apparel is of the utmost importance. Long gone are the days of super soft sweatpants and baggy tee shirts stained carelessly with mud and other arbitrary liquids; teenage vanity demands a bit more thoughtful consideration when it comes to styling outfits. 

Aeropostale is a great retailer for casual apparel and accessories, and it’s quite popular among young adults and teenagers alike. With designs that are both charming and modern, apparel from Aeropostale is just the thing to make any young teen feel mature and independent. From bootcuts and skinny jeans to cute camis and tanks, Aeropostale has a fine selection of fashionable pieces to try out. 

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9. Dunkin’

Free coffee and donuts? Yes, please

Buy a Dunkin’ gift card

A gift card to Dunkin’ is a superb gift for thirteen-year-olds. There are some who do not like coffee, and some who do not like donuts, but neither? Impossible! This is a low-risk high reward gift card in that you can be sure they’ll enjoy all of their free orders at Dunkin’. There are so many coffee drinks and specialty donuts nowadays that a handful of free orders are always appreciated. You might, however, get an exasperated text for the kid’s parents when they talk about how much their kid’s been asking to go to Dunkin’ lately! 

From coffee to pastries, Dunkin’ Donuts lets him get a variety of sweet treats when the mood strikes him. Start earning cash back when you pick up a Dunkin’ Donuts gift card today.

10. Cold Stone Creamery 

A gift card to a local creamery is always a great choice! 

Buy a Cold Stone Creamery gift card


The great majority of teenagers love a good ice cream cone piled high with sprinkles, chocolate, and their favorite flavor. Treating them to a few cones at their leisure is a fantastic way to deliver a great gift. Ice cream is always in season. Even in the coldest winter months, there are those kids who will beg their parents to take a trip to the local ice cream shop. 

Ice cream is a special treat, and if you are the giver of the gift card, your recipient will think happily about all of the delicious bowls and cones of ice cream they got to enjoy with your gift card. We recommend doing a little research into what the kid’s favorite places are before settling on the gift card you are planning on purchasing.

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11. Hot Topic

Where teens don’t have to worry about being authentic

Buy a Hot Topic gift card

Searching for the right gift to help your thirteen-year-old express how they feel inside? When it comes to making a statement and being uniquely yourself, Hot Topic is a number one mall destination any teenager should check out at least once. 

Hot Topic is an alternative fashion store that has evolved a lot since its beginnings, yet it still carries an air of unquestionable personality and character. Teens can browse a variety of stylish apparel, from studded skirts and gaudy belts to crop tops and fashionable jewelry, including tons of awesome options for piercings. There’s also plenty of cool fandom merch to sift through for both niche and mainstream pop culture. 

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12. Apple

Games, music, tv shows, and more 

Buy an Apple gift card

Teens and phones are almost one and the same. There's a surprising amount of stuff you can pay for on your phone, and teens are, most likely, not able to make any purchases. A gift card can change that! If there’s a game, a movie, or something else that they’ve had their eyes on but avoided because of the few bucks it costs, a gift card is a perfect way to let them splurge! 

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Those are our gift card ideas for thirteen-year-olds. We hope that this gift will put a smile on their face and get their mind racing to all the possibilities. If you don’t know the kid all that well, don’t hesitate to reach out to their parents for ideas. That little bit of insight can lead you down the path to the perfect gift card, especially now that you are equipped with this list of excellent possibilities. 

Depending on how much you know about the kid’s interests, a more tailored gift card might be best, since it is often a specific experience that they wouldn’t usually get to do.  As long as your friend is going to be nearby the experience or the store that you get for them, we think that they will love the gift card and the opportunity to go out and buy something for themselves. 

Gift cards are a fantastic way to show your appreciation and a great gift. They allow the recipient to go out and try something new. Gift cards allow them to take the initiative, and sometimes you get to come along for the ride. Gift cards are always valuable gifts, and we hope that you have found the perfect card for the occasion with the new knowledge you possess. 

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