Gift Cards for 18 Year Olds: Top Recs for Teen Boys and Teen Girls

It’s no secret that teenagers are hard to shop for. Even harder to shop for? Teenagers who just turned the age of a legal adult. 18 year olds are a tough group to shop for because at this age they’re figuring out who they are and what they like. This means that their tastes and interests are constantly changing. 

So what do you get the teen who might not even know themselves what they like? Well, a gift card is a great place to start. The best thing about gift cards is that they can be used pretty much anywhere and can help ensure your teen likes what you give them. Even if you aren’t sure of their new interests and hobbies, you really can’t go wrong with a gift card that allows them to pick out their own gift that they’re sure to love. 

Before we jump into the gift cards we’ve handpicked that are great for any 18 year old, let’s talk about where to get these awesome gift cards. Gift Card Granny is a site you can use online to search thousands of gift cards from different brands. From food and restaurant gift cards to gift cards for makeup and gaming consoles, Gift Card Granny has a gift card for everyone on your shopping list. And when you buy your gift cards from the Gift Card Granny site you can save money on your gift cards with cash back on your purchase on the site.

So now that you know what Gift Card Granny is and why you should use it, let’s get into the best gift cards for 18 year olds. Here’s what you can expect to see in this article: 

  • Gift cards for cool clothes and accessories 
  • Gift cards for sports and entertainment
  • Gift cards for food and beverage 

*All of the gift cards discussed in the article below are available on Gift Card Granny as of the time this article is published! But don’t wait too long before heading to the site to buy, because these deals are popular and won’t last long!

1. Sephora 

Perfect for any teen who loves to do their makeup 

Buy a Sephora gift card

Sephora is a great gift card idea for any 18 year old girl who is a lover of makeup and likes to experiment with different makeup techniques. Using makeup as a way to express yourself is a right of passage and a Sephora gift card helps your teen do just that. Your teen can use their gift card to buy the makeup they most want. Plus, they can use the gift card in store or online so they’re sure to find a makeup brand they like. 

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2. Ticketmaster 

Give the gift of endless entertainment to responsible teens

Buy a Ticketmaster gift card

Now that your teen is legally an adult they have way more freedom to do fun activities independently, which is both exhilarating and anxiety-inducing. Rather than fret over their safety and succumb to a tsunami of trivial worries, show the 18 year old in your life that you trust them and want them to have fun with their friends. A great way to do this is with tickets to live entertainment from Ticketmaster. 

From concerts and theater performances to sports and festivals, Ticketmaster grants users access to thousands of upcoming live events for folks from all walks of life. There’s nothing quite like going to your first live performance without parental supervision, so show your teen you trust them to look after themselves and be responsible with a Ticketmaster gift card from Gift Card Granny! 

3. Pandora Jewelry 

For any teen who likes a little sparkle 

Buy a Pandora Jewelry gift card

Pandora Jewelry is a fun gift card idea for any 18 year old who loves jewelry. Pandora Jewelry is perhaps best known for their charm bracelets so what better tradition to start with your teen than a charm bracelet with different charms that hold significance to them? Don’t think your teen would like a charm bracelet? WIth a Pandora Jewelry gift card they can choose any piece they want! 

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4. Aerie 

A gift card for the teen who can never have enough clothes 

Buy an Aerie gift card

Aerie is a clothing brand that emphasizes body positivity. In a time when your teen might be just coming into their confidence, what better brand to introduce them to than one that celebrates all body types? With an Aerie gift card your teen can shop in store or online so they’re sure to find some clothing pieces that they love and feel good in. 

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5. Joann Fabrics 

For the teen who loves to be crafty and express themselves 

Buy a Joann Fabrics gift card

If your teen loves to do crafts and is creative, then a Joann Fabrics gift card is the perfect gift for them! WIth a Joann Fabrics gift card your teen can get all the supplies and necessities they might need to create the project of their dreams. Plus, the gift card can be used online so if what they need isn’t in stock in store they can find it online. 

Buy a Joann Fabrics gift card for the crafty teen in your life and save some extra money when you purchase one through Gift Card Granny today.  

6. Free People

For the teen who loves a boho twist on their fashion 

Buy a Free People gift card

Free People is a clothing brand that has a boho style to them. If your teen is a fan of fun colors, fringe, and quality made pieces of clothing then a Free People gift card is a great gift idea for them. WIth a Free People gift card you can be sure your teen gets the style they want and the pieces they feel best in. 

Give your teen the gift of expressing themselves through their clothing style and buy a Free People gift card today. 

7. Xbox

For the teen who’s always gaming online with friends 

Buy an Xbox gift card

Xbox is probably one of the most well-known gaming console brands out there. If your teen seems to spend hours on their Xbox playing games with friends or others online, then an Xbox gift card is a good gift for them. With an Xbox gift card they can use it to purchase games, game add-ons, or even gaming accessories online. 

Buy an Xbox gift card for the gamer teen in your life who is always on their gaming console with friends. 

8. Chipotle 

A non-traditional fast food experience all teens can get behind 

Buy a Chipotle gift card

Even though your teenager has technically reached adulthood, they still have plenty of room for growth and require calories to continue a healthy development. Ensure their stomach stays full and satisfied with Chipotle, your neighborhood chain of fast casual restaurants that serve convenient Mexican fare with the ability to customize creations to your heart’s content. 

There’s a variety of ways you can order your meal at any Chipotle; burritos, tacos, bowls, salads, and so much more make for a fresh and unique experience each time you visit. Choose from an array of savory meats, beans, grilled vegetables, salsas, and delicious condiments to personalize your meal to your exact liking. 

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9. Hibbett Sports 

A gift card perfect for the teen who’s into sports 

Buy a Hibbett Sports gift card

Hibbett Sports has pretty much anything and everything when it comes to sports clothing. No matter what sport or hobby your teen is interested in, Hibbett Sports has the clothing and accessories they might need in order to perform at their best. From shoes for almost every sport to workout tops that allow you the most mobility, your teen is bound to find something here! 

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10. American Eagle 

Classic looks for stylish outfits teens can get behind

Buy an American Eagle gift card

Any fashionable, freshly turned 18 year old deserves to add some new threads to their wardrobe to celebrate reaching such a prominent milestone. American Eagle is a modern lifestyle and clothing retailer that attracts plenty of teens and young adults with their vintage style of apparel. 

Men and women will both have tons of stylish options to consider at their local American Eagle, so you can bet a shopping trip to this retailer will always be appreciated. Pick up an American Eagle gift card from Gift Card Granny to earn cash back!

11. Game Stop 

For any teen who loves to game or loves gaming merch 

Buy a GameStop gift card

GameStop is the perfect gift card idea for the gaming teen in your life. Whether your teen plays XBox, Playstation, Nintendo, or any other gaming service, they can find something at GameStop. Not only can they buy games here but they can also trade them in to get even more bang for their buck. GameStop also sells gaming merchandise so they can wear their favorite gaming character on a t-shirt. 

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12. Barnes & Noble

Encourage reading at every age with books they’ll adore

Buy a Barnes & Noble gift card

There is no age where reading becomes obsolete; in fact, any responsible parent should do their best to motivate their kids to read and develop a love of books that will follow them for years to come. That’s why it’s so important to find a bookstore that carries the titles that pique their interest, and there’s no bookstore chain quite as compelling as Barnes & Noble. 

Discover millions of intriguing books for all kinds of different genres such as romance, sci-fi, fantasy, young adult, non-fiction, and countless more. Plus, there’s tons of cool merchandise and games for endless hours of entertainment. It’s a lot to fall in love with, so pick up a Barnes & Noble gift card and earn cash back today!

13. Bass Pro Shops 

The perfect gift card for any teen that loves the outdoors 

Buy a Bass Pro Shops gift card

Bass Pro Shops is a great gift card option for the teen in your life who loves anything and everything outdoors. With so many outdoor hobbies to choose from, it might be hard to know which one your teen is interested in or wants to try. With a Bass Pro Shops gift card they can choose for themselves and get the gear to help them get started. Or, if they already have a hobby they love they can use their gift card to stock up on anything they need. 

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14. NBA Store 

For the teen that’s into professional basketball 

Buy an NBA Store gift card

For any teen who loves to watch professional basketball or has a favorite professional team, an NBA Store gift card is a great gift to give them. An NBA Store gift card can be used in store or online so your teen can pick out their favorite team’s merchandise that they love so they can show their support for the team year round. 

Buy an NBA Store gift card for the teen boy in your life who is obsessed with NBA sports! 

15. Uber

For any teen who doesn’t own their own car 

Buy an Uber gift card

If your 18 year old is one of the many who haven’t gotten their driver’s license or they don’t have a car yet, an Uber gift card allows them to still have their freedom without having their own car to drive around. An Uber gift card allows them to have a ride to wherever they need to go and it’s also great for the parents because they won’t have to drive them to every friend get together they attend. 

Give your teen the freedom of traveling where they need and buy an Uber gift card today. 

16. Old Navy 

A gift card that gives the gift of style to any teen 

Buy an Old Navy gift card

Old Navy has styles of clothes for everyone, including teens of all ages. Your teen is sure to find something they love at Old Navy that fits their personal style, whether they use their gift card on shoes or a new jean jacket. Old Navy is always updating their styles for the season so your teen can always find something they love. An Old Navy gift card can also be used online so there’s twice as many ways to shop.

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17. Dunkin’

Get your caffeine fix quick with tasty brews from this chain

Buy a Dunkin’ gift card

Adulthood comes with a bucketload of responsibilities and certain commitments you can’t simply afford to put off. It can definitely be a lot for newly turned 18 year olds to handle, but caffeine makes it way more bearable. You can start their love of love early with one of America’s most beloved coffee franchises around: Dunkin’!

Thousands of Dunkin’ locations can be found across the United States, so you’ll be hard pressed finding a city devoid of this signature coffeehouse. From iced coffee and cold brew to lattes and cappuccinos, Dunkin’ has plenty of delicious caffeinated beverages to choose from. Their breakfast menu is packed with tons of savory and sweet food options, too. 

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18. Top Golf 

A gift card for a fun night out with friends 

Buy a Top Golf gift card

Top Golf is a fun outdoor golfing experience that is enjoyable for people of all ages. But, if your teen is constantly looking for things to do with their friends then getting them a Top Golf gift card can help solve the problem. WIth a Top Golf gift card they can get together with friends for a fun night out. 

Send your teen on a fun night out with friends on you when you buy a Top Golf gift card

19. Groupon 

The perfect gift card for any activity at a lower cost 

Buy a Groupon gift card

Groupon is a site where you can book experiences and tickets for a lower price. This is a great gift card idea for teens because they can use it to save money on fun things to do with friends. From mini golf to museum trips, Groupon has so many offers to choose from there’s something for everyone on the site. 

Buy a Groupon gift card and give your teen the ability to experience fun memories. 

20. Regal Cinemas 

For the teens who love a good movie night 

Buy a Regal Cinemas gift card

What teen doesn’t love going to the movies? A Regal Cinemas gift card is perfect for that teen who loves to go see movies with friends. A Regal Cinemas gift card can be used to purchase tickets to the movie itself or it can be used at the concession stand to purchase snacks for the movie. With movies being updated all the time, your teen can use the gift card now or save it to see something they really love. 

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If you don’t see a gift card you think your teen will love, then check out the other gift card options offered on Gift Card Granny’s site. Then leave us a comment to tell us which ones you think should be included on the list!