Our Favorite Gift Cards for Coach this Season

Do you know a coach that is dedicated to their sport of choice? Whether you have kids who are playing in school, or you’re in a sports league yourself, chances are you have a good idea of the kind of work coaches put in. They love sharing their knowledge of the game with their players, and really get excited when the team pulls together to win.

But the best part of coaches is that they’re not only concerned with winning, they really want to ensure the personal growth of their players. Whether that’s on the field, or off it! That’s why we think it would be a great idea if you chose to show a coach you care about this season with a gift card.

Gift cards are always a great idea, especially if you don’t know too much about the coach’s hobbies or interests outside of their sport. Gift cards are super easy to give, and they’re always the right size and color. Plus, you can guarantee they’ll always be something the recipient can use!

In this article, we’re going to discuss gift cards for coaches that include: 

  • Gift cards for gear
  • Gift cards for unwinding
  • Gift cards to make home life easier 

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Now let’s see what the top gift cards for coaches are for a winning season!

1. Finish Line

Coaches can head to this handy store to pick up all the sports gear they need

Buy a Finish Line gift card

If you know a coach who is going to need some uniforms for the next season, or may just need some items themselves, then the Finish Line is the place to get it. No matter what sport they coach, this place is sure to have all the gear they need. Whether it’s new sneakers, shorts, hoodies, joggers, jackets, tanks, or tees, you can find an athletic version at this popular store. If a coach you know needs to find a large amount of a specific product for their team uniforms, the Finish Line is also about to help out with that. 

Buy a Finish Line gift card

2. Reebok

If a coach you know needs some athletic apparel, you can’t go wrong with Reebok

Buy a Reebok gift card

Another place that is sure to have all the apparel necessary to help out the coach’s team is Reebok. While you may think that Reebok is just shoes, it is actually so much more! You can find tanks, tees, shorts, joggers, hoodies, loungewear, jackets, socks, underwear, backpacks, gloves, and more online. If you know a coach that has a team they need to consider each season, a gift card to Reebok will definitely be appreciated. 

The coach you know could also use the gift card to pick themselves up something they need. Whether they’re on their own fitness journey, or play the sport that they coach, Reebok has them covered when it comes to gear. 

Buy a Reebok gift card

3. Office Depot

Coaches need lots of organizing help too, which is why Office Depot can help them out

 Buy an Office Depot gift card


When you think of a coach, you immediately think of them coaching their team and helping players to become better at their sport. Of course they need gear for their game and the right apparel, but did you also know a lot of coaching requires organization and helpful desk items? That’s right, which is why a gift card to Office Depot would definitely be appreciated by a coach you know. Coaches need clipboards, good computers, post it notes, desks, and ergonomic chairs. While it isn’t the especially glamorized side of their job, it is an important one!

It’s easier to ensure they can get out there and help their team in any way possible when everything is organized and running smoothly back in their office. Office Depot has all kinds of items that can help them do that!

Buy an Office Depot gift card

4. Subscription service for sports fans

Get a subscription so they can watch their favorite sports teams!

Buy a Hulu gift card


If you know a coach, chances are they love to watch the sport they coach and play. What better way to ensure they can always watch their favorite team than with a sports subscription service? While if you have cable or dish TV you can get a good amount of cable channels geared towards sports fans, you can’t get them all. A gift card to a subscription service like ESPN+, Peacock, YouTubeTV, Paramount+, or Amazon Prime can help with that. These subscriptions offer sports fans all kinds of options when it comes to how they watch their favorites. 

You no longer have to wait to see the scores from your favorite teams in every sport you can imagine just because you don’t live in that city, or even in that country! Sports streaming services have changed the game when it comes to options, so consider picking up a gift card for your coach!

Buy a Hulu gift card

5. Buffalo Wild Wings

Every coach needs to unwind a little

Buy a Buffalo Wild Wings gift card

What sports fan doesn’t love meeting up with friends to watch the game at their favorite neighborhood restaurant? Remember, coaches are fans too! If you know a coach that also loves sharing their love of the sport with others, consider picking them up a gift card to Buffalo Wild Wings. This place is well known as a popular sports bar because they have everything a sports fan might want! Whether that’s delicious wings in a variety of yummy flavors, amazing entrees you can split, a fantastic selection of beers, or a ton of TVs, this is known as the place where sports fans meet up.

Buy a Buffalo Wild Wings gift card

6. Outback

Head to the Outback Steakhouse after the big game

Buy an Outback Steakhouse gift card


After the big game, it’s always a good idea to head out as a team to celebrate, or console each other if it’s a loss. A great place where the whole team can find something delicious to eat is Outback Steakhouse. There are locations all over the country, so chances are pretty high a coach you know will be able to take the whole team out after a game. While your gift card might not cover the whole bill, it will certainly help! 

Although you may only want to celebrate the victories with dinner after the game, we think it’s important to also recognize the losses as well. After all, by analyzing what went wrong, you can be better prepared for the next game! Head over to Gift Card Granny and make sure you pick up a gift card to Outback Steakhouse to help out a coach you know!

Buy an Outback Steakhouse gift card

7. DoorDash

Coaches are busy, let DoorDash deliver their next meal

Buy a DoorDash gift card


When you’re a coach, sometimes life can get a little hectic. Whether they have a day job that they have to complete before they start coaching, or they’re taking care of a family, coaches are bound to be just as busy as the rest of us. Let them not worry about dinner or lunch with a gift card to DoorDash. DoorDash is a meal delivery service that allows them to choose the restaurant they wish to get their next meal from, and have it delivered right to their door! While having a meal from their favorite restaurant get delivered is pretty amazing, DoorDash also delivers groceries and convenience store items as well.

That means if they forget to get groceries for the week, or need to pick up some extra allergy meds for the upcoming game, they can do that with DoorDash. Help a coach you know take one thing off their to-do list with a gift card to DoorDash from Gift Card Granny!  

Buy a DoorDash gift card

8. Home Depot

Even coaches have home projects they need to get done

Buy a Home Depot gift card


If the coach in your life has some down time, chances are there’s a few home projects they’d like to accomplish on their list. One of the best ways you can help them turn their house into a home is with a gift card to Home Depot. The Home Depot has all kinds of tools and items that can get those long awaited house projects off the floor and running. This may be a great gift card to give a coach you know after their season has ended, as that’s when they’ll have a little more time to get things done. 

Buy a Home Depot gift card

9. Blue Apron

The gift of a meal subscription is a great idea for a busy coach

Buy a Blue Apron gift card


You know that coaches are busy, and when they’re playing through their season, chances are they don’t have a lot of time to shop for food or make healthy, home cooked meals. That can all change with a gift card to Blue Apron! This meal subscription kit is a great way to ensure that coaches have all the ingredients they need to make an easy, healthy meal during the week. All they need to do is follow along with the recipe card and they’ll have a meal ready in no time! 

This is a great way to ensure that these time-strapped people are able to fit in cooking themselves a healthy meal.

Buy a Blue Apron gift card

10. Whole Foods

Healthy meals start with healthy ingredients from Whole Foods

Buy a Whole Foods gift card


One of the best places to pick up quality, fresh ingredients to make weekly meals is at Whole Foods. And while coaches might not have a lot of time to get to the grocery store, that’s not a problem because you can get Whole Foods items delivered right to their door! Their season is a busy time of the year, so make it a little easier on them with a gift card to Whole Foods. You can pick one up at Gift Card Granny and earn cash back! 

Buy a Whole Foods gift card

Coaches help us become better at our sport, and better people off the field as well. Show them you appreciate all they do with a gift card to any of these top places!