9 Gift Cards for College Dorms to Spruce Up Your Living Space

College is an exciting time, and getting into a dormitory is, for many, the first time they are in a space of their own. This is great! Unfortunately, many students don’t put too much effort into making their dorms a safe and comfortable space, leaving standard wooden furniture as the dominating feature in their areas. A gift card can be the perfect way to incentivize a little decor shopping. College dorms are generally not the largest spaces, so it only takes an item or two to turn that space into something they really love. 

We recommend the purchase of gift cards for college dorms because it leaves the actual purchase of the item to the college kid. We’d wager that most kids would jump on the opportunity to pick out something at Target or to the store of their choice. If you are struggling to figure out the best gift card for college dorms for this kid, we are here to help! We’ve compiled a list of the top 9 gift cards for college dorms so this young student can pick out an amazing decorative item for their new place. We’re covering topics along these lines: 

  • Gift cards for books
  • Gift cards for supplies
  • Gift cards for decor

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Now that we’re on the same page, let’s jump right into our list! 

1. Target

A gift card for decor, food, and much more

Target is one of our favorite options for gift cards for college dorms. Superstores like Target have an immense quantity of products so there is certainly going to be something for everyone. They have a lot of fun little decor items, a $5 and below section, and an impressive quantity of food and necessary products like soap, shampoo, and other hygienics. Giving a college kid a gift card to Target is a great way for them to go out on an amazing shopping trip. Shopping in college, when you have a gift card to spend, is one of the best feelings there is. It is a treat for them to have the agency to pick out the item that they want at Target.

A Target gift card for college dorms is also a great choice in the middle of a semester when the necessaries they brought from home start to dwindle. Not to jump to conclusions, but especially boys will forget to restock stuff like soap or toothpaste when it gets low, leaving them in an emergency situation when it runs out. Target is a great place to shop! While Target is not an available retailer at Gift Card Granny yet, check back soon!

2. Staples

A gift card for their desk

Get a Staples gift card