9 Gift Card Ideas That Your Employees Will Actually Want This Christmas

The Christmas season is the perfect time to give back to your employees and show them how much you appreciate them. With these 9 gift card ideas you can do exactly that. 

With Christmas right around the corner it’s time to get serious about Christmas shopping for everyone on your list. With Christmas fast approaching you’ll be attending festive holiday parties now and you definitely don’t want to be left standing there without a gift to give. If you’ve waited this long to do your Christmas shopping, you’re probably finding yourself a little overwhelmed right about now as you rush to finish shopping and to find that perfect gift for everyone on your list. 

What do you get those hard to shop for people on your list? And what can you get them that can be delivered fast?And if you’re an employer who needs to get their employees a gift this year it can be even more stressful. With how much your employees do for you, you don’t want to get them just any old gift. But how do you tell your employees you appreciate them with a gift you know they’ll love? Luckily, we’ve got the gift ideas to help you sleigh your Christmas gift-giving this year! 

What about gifting your employees a gift card? Gift cards are the perfect gift for anyone on your list, but they’re especially great to give to those you work with. With a gift card you can be sure that they’ll actually use their gift. Besides, who doesn’t like getting a gift card to treat themselves to something nice? We’ve gathered 9 of our favorite gift card ideas that we think would be perfect for gifting to your employees this Christmas and we’ve broken it down into 2 categories.

The first category is gift cards that you can gift for your employees to use on their own. This is the traditional way of gifting a gift card where you give someone a gift card and they can use it whenever. The second category is gift cards that your employees can use together. This way of gifting a gift card is special because when you use Gift Card Granny to buy your gift card you’ll actually save money with cash back when you purchase a gift card from their site. This means that when you buy gift cards for a fun night out you can save money, and your team can make a bonding experience of it and use their gift cards together. 

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Gift Cards Perfect for Any Employee 

1. Visa Gift Card 

A gift card that can be used anywhere and is perfect for any employee

Buy a Visa gift card


Probably one of the most foolproof gift card ideas for any employee on your list is a Visa gift card. Visa gift cards can be used just about anywhere and everywhere that accepts Visa credit cards. With a Visa gift card they can use it toward almost anything they want, and they can even use it online just like a real credit card. A Visa gift card is the perfect gift idea if you either don’t know some of your employees very well, or you want to be sure to get them a gift that they will actually use this Christmas. 

Buy a Visa gift card

2. Delta Airlines

Help your employees take their next big adventure 

Buy a Delta Airlines gift card


The world is beginning to open back up and traveling is starting to become a normal thing again. Help your employees plan their next great adventurous vacation with a Delta Airlines gift card! With a Delta Airlines gift card they can use it toward a Delta Airlines flight to their desired destination. Everyone needs a vacation but paying for one can be expensive, as can flights home to visit family. With a Delta Airlines gift card you can help take some of that stress away this holiday season! 

Buy a Delta Airlines gift card

3. Total Wine and More 

Celebrate the holidays with a gift card to help you pick out any drink you want

Buy a Total Wine and More gift card


With a Total Wine and More gift card you can help your employees celebrate the holiday season. Around Christmas and New Years everyone is hosting and attending parties a lot more than usual. With a Total Wine and More gift card they can choose their favorite wine to serve or bring to a party, or even to keep for themselves to enjoy after all of their stressful Christmas shopping is done. If they don’t like wine, no worries. Total Wine and More has (as its name suggests) more than just wine. So they can choose their favorite drink option to help them celebrate the holidays this year. 

Buy a Total Wine and More gift card

4. Books a Million 

A new book is one of the best Christmas gifts to give and receive 

Buy a Books-a-Million gift card

If you know a lot of your employees are book lovers, then a Books a Million gift card might just be the way to go! Shopping for a book lover can be hard, especially if you don’t know what kinds of books they like to read. A Books a Million gift card takes away this guessing game and ensures they’ll love their new book because they can pick it out themselves. With Christmas coming up, who doesn’t love a good new book to read by the fire at night with a cup of hot chocolate?  Plus, a Books a Million gift card might just end up being their favorite gift this year! 

Buy a Books-a-Million gift card

5. Cold Stone Creamery 

A gift card for a sweet treat that the whole family can enjoy 

Buy a Cold Stone Creamery gift card

Everyone loves ice cream and with a Cold Stone Creamery gift card they can get their favorite ice cream flavors on you! At Cold Stone Creamery you can actually watch them make your ice cream creation in front of you, choosing different toppings to add in. Even if your employees aren’t big fans of ice cream, Cold Stone Creamery also has other tasty treat options on their menu to choose from as well! A Cold Stone Creamery gift card is a gift card they can use on their own or take the whole family out to enjoy a sweet treat. 

Buy a Cold Stone Creamery gift card 

Gift Cards to Treat Your Team to a Bonding Night Out 

1. Dave and Busters 

Take game night to the next level with a Dave and Busters gift card 

Buy a Dave & Buster’s gift card

Perhaps one of the most well-known team building exercises is to play games and have some healthy competition. With a Dave and Busters gift card your employees can let loose and feel like a kid again while they play some fun arcade games and win some cool prizes. Dave and Busters also has a restaurant side so you can grab dinner before you play! A Dave and Busters gift card offers a fun night out with coworkers that can also help build company morale! 

Buy a Dave & Buster’s gift card

2. Top Golf 

A fun gift card to treat your employees to a night out together 

Buy a Topgolf gift card


Top Golf is a unique golfing experience where basically no golfing experience or even any skill is really needed. You don’t need to be a golf expert to have fun at Top Golf. All you need is a fun group of people to go with and an attitude read to have a good time. This is a great team building gift because your employees can hangout and have fun! Plus, a little healthy competition never hurt anyone so you can even make it a competition and pick teams! 

Get a Top Golf gift card 

3. Sing Sing 

Treat your employees to a night out on the town for some fun musical performances 

Buy a Sing Sing gift card


If you’ve ever been to a dueling pianos bar then you know what Sing Sing is! SIng Sing is a fun bar where the band takes requests for songs and the music they play is often fun and interactive where you can sing and dance along. Gifting Sing Sing gift cards to your employees is a unique way to give them all a chance to hangout in a different environment outside of work! Sing Sing is a fun experience for everyone and promises a good time to everyone who attends! 

Buy a Sing Sing gift card

4. Red Lobster 

Because nothing says thank you like a lobster dinner out 

Buy a Red Lobster gift card

A Red Lobster gift card might not be your first gift card thought when trying to decide on a place to take your team of hardworking employees. But what better way to say thank you than a nice lobster (or other option on the menu) dinner out with their fellow coworkers? Red Lobster has more than seafood so if they’re not big on seafood there are other options on the menu. A Red Lobster gift card is great for those employees who would enjoy just a nice dinner out together. 

Buy a Red Lobster gift card

Christmas shopping can be stressful, especially when you’re shopping for your employees and you want to show them how much you appreciate them. But Christmas shopping doesn’t always have to be hard! With these 9 gift card ideas you’re sure to be popular with your employees as a boss that gives the best gifts. So give them a gift you know they'll love this Christmas! 

If you don’t see a gift card on this list you think your employees would enjoy, head to Gift Card Granny and search our other great gift card options to find one you know they’ll actually like. Plus, you’ll save extra on the gift card with cash back on your gift card purchase from Gift Card Granny today! So get shopping today!