10 Gift Card Ideas for Europe

Nothing beats a vacation, especially when the destination is as lovely and picturesque as Europe. From historic cities with monuments taken straight from the glossy pages of textbooks, to scenic beauty and flourishing landscapes that seem to come straight out of an old painting, it’s not hard to fathom why Europe makes for such a compelling travel destination. 

It can also be quite expensive, which makes the trip a luxury many have difficulty budgeting for. If you know a family who’s planning a European excursion and could use some financial relief, offer a bit of support with the help of gift cards. 

Gift Card Granny has plenty of options for useful gift cards that are guaranteed to take any trip to the next level. Some of these options include: 

  • Gift cards for lodging and rentals
  • Gift cards for apparel and luggage 
  • Gift cards for travel and commutes 

Earn Cash Back on Gift Cards for Europe with Gift Card Granny

As tempting as a European vacation may sound, it certainly isn’t going to be the cheapest experience out there. Luckily, gift cards are here to save the day. With services like Gift Card Granny around to provide opportunities to save money while delivering the best gift experiences out there, you can keep your friends and wallet happy. Choose from a variety of awesome retailers and brands available locally and internationally, all while earning cash back in the meantime. 

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1. American Airlines

Fly the Skies in Style

Buy an American Airlines gift card

American Airline Gift Card

Helping someone afford their next plane ticket may not be the most conventional present, but it is extremely considerate with the ever-increasing cost of travel. If you happen to know anyone planning a European getaway while managing a tight budget, why not step in and help out with the airfare?

Of course, the first step is finding an international airline that suits the needs of your friend’s European vacation. American Airlines, a major United States-based airline and the largest airline in the world, is a trusted airliner with great travel deals and discounted flight tickets. 

While primarily operating as a domestic airline company, American Airlines flies to over eighty international terminals around the world. Choose from a variety of round trip flights to premium European destinations such as Madrid, Barcelona, Rome, Amsterdam, and Paris. 

Airfare can be expensive, but an American Airlines gift card from Gift Card Granny can help take some of that financial strain away, so get one today and start earning easy cash back!

2. Airbnb

Enjoy the Appeal of Booking Local

Buy an Airbnb gift card

AirBnb Gift Card

Whether it’s a domestic vacation in a nearby city or an overseas stay in a remote European village, Airbnb provides plenty of top rated rentals and short-term homestays for travelers looking to branch out from traditional hotels and get a more local experience. 

As a premium lodging service, Airbnb allows customers to choose from an assortment of living quarters managed by local residents and secured by a reliable customer service team. From cabins and beach houses to condos and unique homes, there’s no shortage of bookings available in over two-hundred countries and regions across the globe. And with local hosts who are familiar with the area, travelers are guaranteed to get an authentic, knowledgeable European experience wherever they go. 

Never settle for second-best when you can get premier, reliable lodging and hassle-free cash back with an Airbnb gift card from Gift Card Granny! 

3. Tinggly

Give the Gift of Opulence 

Tinggly Gift Card

Looking to go all out on a gift for those you hold near and dear to your heart? Have funds to spare? Then look no further than Tinggly for all your exotic gift-giving needs. 

If you haven’t heard of Tinggly, prepare to be amazed at the unlimited possibilities attainable through the experience boxes available via Tinggly. From luxurious European vacations to gift boxes made for tropical honeymoons and romantic escapes, couples can enjoy the freedoms of adventure and make memories to last a lifetime.

With a diverse assortment of gift boxes to choose from that range from thrilling experiences to unforgettable getaways, Tinggly has the perfect gift box for anyone on your shopping list. Say sayonara to tacky presents and give the most precious gift of all to couples – the opportunity to make everlasting stories that will follow them for the rest of their lives. Whether it’s an exciting vacation in London, a cinematic escape in the glow of the Eiffel Tower, or an elegant weekend in a historic Austrian hotel, couples will find themselves falling in love all over again.

Unfortunately, Tinggly is not available through Gift Card Granny at this moment. Check back soon to see which magnificent gifting opportunities join our catalog next!

4. Uber

Take the Hassle Out of Travel 

Buy an Uber gift card

Uber Gift Card

Never underestimate the power of a car ride. Sure, it may not be at the top of your gift-giving list, but having the cost of a ride covered certainly comes in handy for folks who just want to enjoy their exotic vacation and not pay any mind to their bank statements. All of that and more is possible with an Uber gift card!

Say goodbye to the nuisance of hailing a costly taxi and ensure a stylish ride to any destination with mobility provided by Uber. Available in a majority of enchanting European cities such as Prague, Berlin, Athens, and London, Uber can help travelers bypass the struggle of navigating unfamiliar public transit and unforeseen travel expenses. 

Access transparent fees for rides, get accurate estimates on ride times, and ensure smooth vacation planning by reserving rides up to thirty days in advance when booking with Uber. If this sounds like the perfect vacation gift, be sure to check out Gift Card Granny for an Uber gift card and earn cash back in no time. 

5. Royal Caribbean 

Fall in Love with the Sea

Buy a Royal Caribbean gift card

Buy Royal Caribbean Gift Cards

Some of the most beautiful European destinations are best enjoyed from the deck of a cruise ship. While backpacking through Europe is an endearing novelty, sailing across the tranquil, borderless blue expanse of the ocean is equally as lovely and inspiring as a trek across the serene European countryside. 

Royal Caribbean, the world’s second-largest cruise line operator, hosts a number of exotic, multi-day cruises to a variety of premier European destinations. Explore the breathtaking Acropolis of ancient Athens and the pristine white stone houses of Santorini while sailing the cobalt waters of the Aegean; reconnect with nature among the enchanting botanical wonderland of the Canary Islands while sipping fruity sangria; and don’t forget about the luminous waves and wistful caverns lining the Croatian coast. 

From weekend escapes to tropical paradises to week-long getaways to the frosty ports of Scandinavia, Royal Caribbean has the perfect cruise for every family. Step right into a colorful scene derived from a painting with a gift card to Royal Caribbean from Gift Card Granny and make any fairytale come to life! 

6. Hilton Hotels

Stay Anywhere in the World

Buy a Hilton Hotels gift card

Hilton Gift Card

When vacationing abroad, it’s nice to experience novelties that are otherwise unavailable in your native country. At the same time, residing in a hotel that harbors some semblance of home is also undeniably pleasant and makes the whole foreign experience much less anxiety-inducing to folks who are stepping outside of their typical comfort zone. That’s exactly why booking with Hilton Hotels is never a bad idea, no matter where you decide to take your vacation. 

As one of the largest American multinational hospitality companies, Hilton is a long trusted vacation companion that can be found across ninety-four countries and territories, meaning there’s a good chance you’ll find one at your next vacation destination. With flexible prices, excellent service, and rooms catered to your lifestyle, Hilton has plenty of premier hotels and resorts to pick from. 

Live your best vacation life with a Hilton Hotels gift card from Gift Card Granny! 

7. Hotels.com

Transparent Rates on Spectacular Bookings

Buy a Hotels.com gift card

Hotels.com Gift Card

Even though vacations present the perfect opportunity to rest and recharge while not being swamped by work and other responsibilities, the booking process could stand to be less of a pain. If only there was some incredible website out there that gives you an accurate account of all your hotel options. 

Wait, there is – just use Hotels.com!

Rather than overspend on famous hotel chains, find the best offers for lodging available in countries all across the globe by booking with Hotels.com, and that includes Europe. Stay right in the middle of historic cities and get the best tourist experience around, all while paying the lowest rates and earning rewards towards your next stay. 

Check out Gift Card Granny and earn cash back on a gift card for Hotels.com. 

8. L.L.Bean

Trusted Apparel For the Outdoors

Buy an L.L.Bean gift card

L.L. Bean Gift Card

If you’re going all-out for a European vacation, there’s a good possibility you’ll be doing a fair bit of exploration while overseas. Whether that constitutes scaling mountainsides in professional climbing gear or taking long strolls under the canopy of a humid forest, be sure to dress for the climate and the terrain with trendy fashion from L.L.Bean. 

Founded in 1912, L.L.Bean has been providing customers expertly crafted gear for all your outdoor needs. Shop for durable, high quality footwear made for running, hiking, and withstanding the worst weather conditions out there. From insulated jackets and rain-resistant pants to fleece tops and warm sweaters, L.L. Bean has all the apparel you’ll need to navigate the outdoors safely. 

Those who live for adventure will be thrilled to receive a L.L.Bean gift card from Gift Card Granny!

9. Vera Bradley

Patterns That Please the Eye

Buy a Vera Bradley gift card

Vera Bradley

Accounting for luggage space is always a pain, but any European venture is best tackled with a trusty handbag equipped with all the travel essentials you can imagine. From medical paraphernalia and outdoors gear to hygiene sundries and the like, it’s important to always have the necessities on hand. 

Before running off to Europe with any old bag, give the Vera Bradley catalog a good look. Brightly colored and stylistic, Vera Bradley designs handbags and luggage with an iconic flair that’s as easily recognizable as top luxury brands, minus the hefty price tag. Find a pattern that speaks to your soul and never be caught off-guard while backpacking across lush European fields again. 

Check out Gift Card Granny for a Vera Bradley gift card!

10. Custom Visa

Funds That Always Come Through

Buy a custom Visa gift card

Buy Visa Gift Cards

The great thing about Visa cards is that they are accepted pretty much anywhere. So whether you’re itching for a casual night out back at home or find yourself lost in the enchanting streets of Paris, count on Visa to get you through it. 

Load a custom Visa gift card with your desired amount and send it to your recipient digitally or by mail. Since this card is not bound by brand nor retailer, it is bound to be helpful when exploring the various shops and European boutiques of the local neighborhoods. 

Get cash back on a custom Visa gift card from Gift Card Granny!


We hope this list helps anyone hoping to give Europe a visit soon!