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American Airlines Tips and Tricks

How do I use an American Airlines gift card?

Although you might be intimidated by the idea of using a gift card to pay for a whole flight, American Airlines makes this surprisingly easy to do. If you have a physical gift card, scratch off the gray film over the pin number (as gently as possible), then enter that four-digit pin number along with the card number, which is also on the back of the card, into their proper places when checking out. For an eGift card, you will be sent an email with a link. When you’re ready to redeem your gift card, you can click on this link, and it will show you your card number and pin number.

If the total price of your purchase is larger than the amount on your gift card, you can then enter your credit card information to complete the transaction. Then your flight will be booked to your desired destination, as easy as that! It’s also possible to use a gift card through calling a reservation, but that’s less convenient because you may be charged a ticketing fee which you won’t be able to pay with your gift card.

What kinds of gift cards are available?

American Airlines offers both physical and eGift cards, so you can use whatever is most convenient for your purposes. You may be charged shipping for a physical gift card, and your signature will be required upon delivery. EGift cards are delivered via email, and though they arrive instantaneously, you will not be able to access your eGift card until at least 72 hours after you’ve made your purchase.

What can American Airlines gift cards be used for?

American Airlines offers you many, many opportunities to purchase their goods or services, so you may want to keep in mind which goods and services can actually be purchased with your gift card. American Airlines makes this easy for you by keeping the avenue for gift card purchases somewhat narrow.

Your gift card can be used to purchase base air fare, as well as any fees or taxes associated with that base air fare. It can’t be used for upgrades, in-flight services, enhanced seat products, or any other products or services offered by the airline, to pay for additional fees, like baggage checks or pet fees. Keep this in mind so that you don’t save your gift card for a specific purpose, then realize that you won’t be able to use it.

When do American Airlines gift cards expire?

American Airlines gift cards never expire, so you’ll be able to catch a flight whenever you’d like!

Will American Airlines replace a lost or stolen gift card?

Sadly, American Airlines will not replace your gift card. Even if the company decides to replace your gift card, you may be charged a replacement fee, so make sure to treat your gift card with care at all times.

Frequently Asked Questions About American Airlines

How many American Airlines gift cards can I use at a time?

You can use up to eight gift cards at a time, which means you can really rack up those savings!

Are there any fees for American Airlines gift cards?

American Airlines gift cards don’t have any fees, and they don’t lose their value over time. Feel free to save your gift card for a vacation, a business trip, or any other fun trip!

How do I check the balance on my American Airlines gift card?

We get it — it can be hard to keep track of all your gift cards, especially when you’re using a bunch of different gift cards as a saving technique. That’s why we make it super easy to check your balance online, so you can worry about catching your flight instead of paying for it!

Are American Airlines gift cards refundable?

American Airlines gift cards are not refundable, except where required by law, so make sure you really want to take that flight before purchasing your gift card. On the other hand, American Airlines gift cards also never expire, so don’t stress — you should be able to find a flight you’d like to book eventually.

How much can be on an American Airlines gift card?

American Airlines gift cards can hold anywhere from $50 to $1,500, so even a little discount on your gift card can make for astronomical savings.

About American Airlines

American Airlines is the world’s largest airlines by some metrics, including destinations served, so wherever you would like to travel, American Airlines has a plane that will get you there. Tropical paradise, cultural intrigue, and far-away family and friends are all within reach for a reasonable price when you purchase a discount gift card for American Airlines.

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