Gift Cards For Fourteen Year Olds

Need to buy a gift for a fourteen year old? Consider going with a gift card to a popular retailer or brand they are a fan of. Gift cards are wonderful shopping tools for young teens to have in order to purchase their favorite items. Clothing, accessories, shoes, electronics, books, food, and much more can all be bought using gift card funds, allowing any teen to use their gift card on things that actually interest them. 

The type of gift card you get for a fourteen year old will depend on what they like to shop for. Some gift cards will be more suited for certain teenagers than others, and that is why it is important to learn all you can before deciding on a gift card. The delight and appreciation you’ll receive in return for your thoughtful gift card should be enough motivation as any to make you buy one for any special fourteen year old you know. 

Our list is going to feature gift cards for all sorts of products and services that young teens may be into. These types of gift cards include:

  • Gift cards for video games
  • Gift cards for apparel and footwear
  • Gift cards for subscriptions and streaming

Let’s see what’s in store!

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1. Custom Visa

A gift card that can be used at almost any store 

Buy a Visa gift card


Since fourteen year olds can be incredibly picky when it comes to receiving gifts, your best bet is to go with a gift that is impossible to disappoint with. Visa gift cards give teenagers very little to be displeased with because there aren’t a lot of downsides to them. Funds on a Visa gift card can be used at any business that chooses to accept Visa gift cards as a form of payment, exponentially expanding your purchasing power. A gift card that isn’t limited to certain retailers or brands is an asset any fourteen year old could use to improve their shopping experience. 

At Gift Card Granny, you are encouraged to create your own custom Visa gift cards for the important people in your life. These special gift cards can be personalized with touching photos and meaningful messages that say you care. Most fourteen year olds are less interested in gushy displays of affection and are more likely to be touched by a sweet and sentimental gesture. A custom Visa gift card is the perfect balance of thoughtful and practical, making it very suitable for young teens. 

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2. Rue21

Nurture fashion confidence in young teens with this clothing retailer

Buy a Rue21 gift card


Any fashion-loving fourteen year old will be excited over the shopping possibilities that come along with a gift card for Rue21. This clothing retailer is well-known among teenagers and young adults for their colorful catalog of trendy apparel, footwear, and accessories. With tons of stylish clothing items to try on and affordable prices, Rue21 is a huge help to any young person who wants to stay on-trend. 

Clothing from Rue21 embodies the spirit of youth and encourages customers to wear what makes them feel at their prime. Fourteen year olds are about as youthful as they come, but old enough to begin to appreciate their wardrobe selections a bit more. Rue21 offers a fantastic setting for young teens to explore the diverse world of fashion and play around with different styles. 

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3. H&M

Save big on styles you won’t want to miss

Buy an H&M gift card


H&M is one of the largest clothing retailers in the entire world and is a great destination for fashion-forward young adults and teenagers to check out. H&M puts emphasis on apparel that provides quality and affordability in the fast fashion world, which sets them apart from competing fashion brands. For fourteen year old shoppers who need to fill their closet on a budget, H&M has many stylish designs that won’t break the bank. 

Customers of all ages can find all sorts of enticing apparel and accessories online and in-store at H&M. Essential everyday clothes, statement accessories for each season of the year, and unique designer collabs are just a fraction of the fashion possibilities available when you shop at H&M. Everyone is encouraged to explore their personal style with apparel options at H&M, helping to create a more inclusive and diverse world of fashion.

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4. PlayStation

Browse a digital collection of awesome video game titles 

Buy a PlayStation gift card


Video games and teenagers go hand in hand, and fourteen happens to be a great age to get in those crucial gaming hours without grown-up distractions around to circumvent your video game time. They may not realize it now, but fourteen year olds have a lot that they don’t have to worry about, giving them ample opportunity to indulge in their favorite pastimes without worries that are ever anything more than high school gossip. 

A PlayStation gift card is nice for video game-loving teens because it encourages them to spend time doing something that means a lot to them. There are so many different types of video games out there from big and small studios alike, and they all have unique qualities and experience to offer players. A gift card for PlayStation allows teens to explore recent releases and past titles available for download on the PlayStation store. They can have countless hours of fun and entertainment with just one gift card – isn’t it wonderful?

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5. Spotify

Teens who are passionate about music could use a good streaming service

Buy a Spotify gift card


If teens can all share one thing that they have in common, it would probably be their collective interest in music. Most fourteen year olds you talk to will easily be able to tell you who their favorite bands or music artists are. You can encourage young music lovers to listen to what makes them happy and explore new songs and artists when you gift a Spotify gift card. 

A reliable tool for streaming high quality music, Spotify is suited for any teens who like to listen to music as they pass the time. Walks to school and completing chores are much more fun when your favorite music is playing, and Spotify seamlessly integrates any music you choose into your daily life. Spotify also makes it easy to discover new music with personalized mixes that suggest new songs and artists based off your current music tastes. It can often be difficult for teens to branch out, but Spotify makes finding new music to listen to easy and fun. 

Music is for all ages – give a Spotify gift card to a fourteen year old who you know would love it and earn cash back from Gift Card Granny!

6. Roblox

Share fun experiences in this immersive world 

Buy a Roblox gift card


We’ve established that teenagers like video games, and now we can talk about the games you’ll often find them playing. Roblox is a massively popular online game platform where players can interact with other users, program games, and play games that others have created. Roblox has millions of users participating in the universe that you can share exciting experiences with. 

Roblox encourages players to use their imagination and to interact with others. Fourteen year olds can often have trouble socializing and making new friends, but Roblox makes it easy to form bonds with players all across the world. Roblox is available to access free of charge, though players can have even more fun with a Roblox gift card to access add-ons and special features. 

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7. Cinnabon

Life is sweeter when there is frosting on top 

Buy a Cinnabon gift card


Fourteen year olds are still kids at heart, which is why they often have a weakness for delectable sweets. If you want to give a tasty treat to any fourteen year old you know, you can accomplish exactly that with a simple Cinnabon gift card, which opens up a whole world of cinnamon flavored menu items and other sugarcoated baked goods. 

Cinnamon sells a variety of tasty pastries that are perfectly suited for a fourteen year old’s taste buds. Browse cinnamon products including cinnamon rolls, gooey roll centers, and churros, along with sweet coffee and frozen beverages. Enjoy the familiar taste of classic cinnamon rolls from Cinnabon, try out a new treat with caramel and pecan covered rolls, snack on a mini bon bite, and wash down all the sugar with a refreshing cold brew iced coffee or a tart raspberry lemonade. 

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8. Barnes & Noble

Make reading fun with this popular book retailer 

Buy a Barnes & Noble gift card


Fourteen year olds who like to discover new worlds in books will get a lot out of a gift card for Barnes & Noble. This national book retailer is heaven for anyone who’s passionate about books, from young kids who have just started their reading journey to seasoned readers who want to branch out into new genres. For any fourteen year old who may be figuring out which types of books they really like, Barnes & Noble is the perfect place to explore the vast world of literature. 

Barnes & Noble has books for all ages, including little children, teens, young adults, and everyone else. The young adult section in Barnes & Noble locations is ideal for fourteen year olds who have grown out of elementary and middle school reads and now wish to dive into more mature themes. Find books of romance, fantasy, sci-fi, historical fiction, mystery, and much more at a Barnes & Noble retail location or through their website. 

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With so many great gift card ideas above and even more available right now on Gift Card Granny, you shouldn’t have any trouble shopping for the perfect present for any fourteen year old you know!