Fun Gift Card Ideas to Give Your Garbage Man or Woman to Say Thanks

Possibly one of the most underappreciated jobs out there is the job of a garbage man or woman. Day in and day out they collect our trash so that our streets and homes can stay clean. Maybe you’re looking for a way to show your appreciation for what they do or you just want to show them you care. 

We don’t often get to celebrate them and maybe you’re feeling sentimental. Whatever the reasoning, if you’re looking for a gift to give your local garbage man or woman we have the gift ideas for you. Gift cards are a great way to show your appreciation to your garbage man or woman because gift cards can be used pretty much anywhere. Chances are even if you’re wanting to get a gift for your garbage man or woman you still might not know everything about them. 

Just because you appreciate what they do doesn’t mean you are good friends. This is where gift cards can come in handy. By getting your local garbage person a gift card you’ll be able to show them you appreciate their hard work while still getting them something they’ll like. You don’t have to know everything about a person to get them a gift card they’ll be sure to use. So we’ve gathered our top gift cards that we think would make a fun gift for your local garbage man or woman to show that you see their hard work and you appreciate them. 

Here’s a list of the types of gift cards you can expect to read about in this article:

  • Gift cards to department stores
  • Gift cards for food and drink
  • Gift cards for clothes and footwear

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1. Regal Cinemas 

Treat your garbage man or woman to a movie night out 

Buy a Regal Cinemas gift card


Everyone loves going to the movies, so getting your local garbage person a movie gift card is a great place to start. Regal Cinemas has locations all over the place so there’s sure to be one near you. With a movie theater gift card you can treat your garbage man or woman to a fun night out seeing a movie. Gift cards can be used for their ticket and concession so your garbage man or woman won’t have to worry about buying anything and can enjoy a relaxing movie night out with friends or family. Everyone loves to see a movie so a theater gift card is a good way to go if you’re looking for a gift idea. 

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2. Subway 

Give your garbage man or woman the gift of lunch on you 

Buy a Subway gift card

A Subway gift card is another great gift card idea to get your local bin person because at Subway you can build the sandwich you want so you can be sure they’ll be able to order something they like. Subway is also a great place to stop and eat lunch or to take it to go. Garbage men and women might not have a long lunch break but they still want something tasty to eat. A Subway gift card ensures they can have a delicious lunch whether it’s sitting down to eat it or eating it on the go. Plus they have delicious cookies and everyone loves a good cookie! 

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3. Target

There’s so much to shop for at this retailer 

Nothing specific coming to mind when thinking of potential gifts? No worries, because a gift card to Target is just the thing to make anybody’s day ten times brighter. Department stores like Target are great when it comes to getting everyday shopping needs finished. From clothes and home decor to toys and groceries, Target has everything the average shopper needs to stay stocked up on the essentials. 

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4. Groupon

Fun for the whole family or just for yourself 

Buy a Groupon gift card

When you want to do something special for a garbage man or woman in your area but aren’t sure what they may like, then a Groupon gift card is the perfect present to surprise them with. Groupon provides an excellent way to score deals on local happenings and save at businesses near you. From outdoor concerts and family activities to gyms and nail salons, Groupon has plenty of deals to go around. 

With something for everyone (and cash back for you), a Groupon gift card from Gift Card Granny is an awesome choice for your neighborhood trash collector! 

5. Sunoco 

Gas isn’t cheap, help out with a gas gift card 

It’s no secret that gas prices are high and no one really looks forward to buying gas in these times. Your local garbage men and women are no different, and probably hate it just as much as you. A Sunoco gift card is a great gift idea to help combat this problem! WIth a Sunoco gift card you can actually treat them to a tank on you or, if we’re being honest, a portion of a tank. Either way the thought is what counts and your garbage person will appreciate the gesture! Sunoco gift cards can also be used inside the store so they can use it for a midday snack as well or a coffee if they need a pick me up! 

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6. Cabela’s 

The perfect gift card for the outdoorsy type of person 

Buy a Cabela’s gift card

Cabela’s is a great gift card option if you know your garbage man or woman is an outdoorsy type of person. Cabela’s has tons of outdoor sporting goods to choose from including fishing, hunting, kayaking, and other outdoor activities. A Cabela’s gift card is a fun way to treat them to something they might have been wanting for a while to try for their sport, or to treat them to a sport or activity they’ve never tried before but might have wanted to! If your garbage man or woman isn’t an outdoorsy person or you just aren’t sure, Cabela’s has other things to offer as well like select apparel and shoes so everyone is sure to find something here. 

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7. Cold Stone Creamery

A gift card for anyone and everyone who loves ice cream 

Buy a Cold Stone Creamery gift card

Nothing is quite as refreshing after working a long day in the hot sun than a sweet treat after work. A Cold Stone Creamery gift card is a fun gift card idea to treat your garbage person to an ice cream or other cool treat on you! Garbage men and women work out in the sun all day long and in the summer months this is an especially grueling job. What better way to reward them for all they do than with free ice cream? Cold Stone Creamery hand mixes all of their ice cream creations and they even have their own homemade waffle cones. So not only are you gifting them a sweet treat to cool off with after a long day but they’ll also be getting a sweet treat like none they’ve had before! 

Get a Cold Stone Creamery gift card for your local garbage man or woman and treat them to a sweet treat on you. 

8. JCPenney 

A gift card with so many possibilities 

JCPenney is a department store that carries everything from new bedding, to furniture, to tons of clothing options. If you’re not sure what to get your local garbage person or you don’t know them well enough to know what kind of gift card they would like, then a JCPenney gift card is a good gift idea. JCPenney has so many different departments that they’re sure to find something they like! Plus, the gift card can be used online as well so if they don’t find something they like in store they can shop JCPenney’s online store too. 

Gift Card Granny is not currently offering gift cards to JCPenney at this time. 

9. AutoZone

Keep your car in top shape year-round 

Buy an AutoZone gift card

Keeping up with car costs can be a struggle for many folks who own a vehicle. On top of insurance and car payments, there’s also the annual maintenance costs to factor in. For the average garbage man, any unforeseen car problems popping up may mean reluctantly dipping into that savings account. 

While it’s not much, a gift card to AutoZone can be just the thing to help out your neighborhood garbage man or woman when they run into car troubles. Whether it’s an oil change, a new tire, or a simple touch-up, AutoZone employs professionals to help you get the best service in town. 

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10. DSW

Find fantastic pairs of shoes for every day of the week

Buy a DSW gift card

Your garbage man or woman spends a lot of time collecting trash and dealing with rubbish, so it’s only natural their shoes wear down after a while. Why not surprise them with a brand new pair by way of a DSW gift card?

DSW is a national retailer of footwear that stocks all the best brands on the market. You can browse great quality shoes in a variety of styles and designs, including sneakers, work boots, dress shoes, loafers, oxfords, slippers, sandals, and more. DSW also offers general apparel such as jackets, bottoms, tops, and other accessories. 

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11. Carhartt 

Give your garbage man or woman the gift of some nice work clothes 

Carhartt is known for making quality work clothing and work boots, but Carhartt also has other clothing options to choose from too which are just as high in quality. Garbage men and women are working all day every day so it’s only natural that they will go through work clothes pretty fast. Not to mention that their job can sometimes be messy so owning quality pieces that can last wash after wash is important. Getting them a Carhartt gift card is an easy way to say thanks by helping them get their next pair of work clothes on you! 

Gift Card Granny does not offer gift cards to Carhartt at this time, but check back soon for updates to our ever-growing catalog of retailers!

12. Taco Bell 

Because who doesn’t love getting tacos for lunch?

Buy a Taco Bell gift card

Everyone loves tacos and everyone loves Taco Bell. Taco Bell is always a great lunch option because they are fast, warm, and delicious. Treat your garbage man or woman to lunch on you with a Taco Bell gift card and we’re sure they’ll love it! Not sure if your garbage man or woman likes tacos? Taco Bell has more on their menu than just tacos! Not only does Taco Bell have a selection of quesadillas, desserts, and other tasty treats, but Taco Bell also has a wide selection of drinks to choose from to help them cool off on a hot summer day after working in the sun. 

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13. Dave and Busters 

Give the gift of a fun night out with friends

Buy a Dave and Busters gift card 


Dave and Busters is a fun restaurant that offers dinner and an old school arcade experience. A Dave and Busters gift card is a fun gift card to give any garbage man or woman because regardless if they are young or old, single or have a family, everyone can have fun at Dave and Busters. Treat them to a night out of playing games and eating good food with friends and family as a way to say thanks for all that they do! 

Treat your local garbage man or woman to a fun night out with friends or family when you purchase a Dave and Busters gift card.

14. Dunkin’ 

A gift card for everyone who can use a coffee break 

Buy a Dunkin’ gift card