Gift Cards For Kids: 10 Places to Get the Newest and Most Popular Toys and More


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Getting gifts for kids can be a lot of fun, especially when you’re looking to see what is hip and new at this very moment. Kids love toys, books, coloring books, and so much more. There are plenty of incredible gifts that you can get for your own kids, nieces, nephews, cousins, and so much more, no matter what the occasion it is. 


No matter if it’s for birthdays, Christmas, or Easter, we think that you should consider getting these amazing gift cards for a kid in your life today!


Not sure exactly what to get a kid no matter what the occasion is? Lucky for you, we’ll be covering the top ten gift cards for kids of all ages. This list includes:

  • Gift Cards for Toy Stores
  • Gift Cards for Bookstores
  • Gift Cards for Video Game Stores
  • Gift Cards for Ice Cream Shops

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Now, let’s jump right into our list of the best gift cards to get those kiddos in your life today!

Build-A-Bear Workshop

Kids love stuffed animals, so why not have them make their own right here!


There is nothing that some kids love more than stuffed animals and for many, it can be their first toy. Stuffed animals are comforting because of how soft they are and that they also come in a lot of different kinds of animals and sizes as well. If you are thinking about treating a little one to a stuffed animal, then make sure to get them a gift card to Build-A-Bear Workshop!


Build-A-Bear Workshop is one of the best places to go because of the endless amount of options that a kid has whenever they go in. They can pick through the many types of bears or animals to get, get it stuffed with the softest cotton, bathe it, pick out an outfit for it, and even name it too. Why not let a kid create their own stuffed animal at Build-A-Bear Workshop today!


Get a Build-A-Bear Workshop gift card to help a little kid create their very own best friend and earn cash back too!

American Girl

Besides stuffed animals, many kids also love dolls too, so why not get the most popular ones!


Do you know a little kid in your life that has been dying for a doll? If you are interested in getting a gift card as a gift for a kid in your life, then you need to get an American Girl gift card right away! Dolls are something that a lot of little girls, and just kids in general love, and American Girl is known for having some of the prettiest dolls that someone could get!


If you want to get a gift card for a kid that you know who loves dolls, then you need to get one for American Girl as soon as you can! American Girl is known for their beautiful 18-inch dolls that range from boy dolls, girl dolls, and much more in many ethnicities, faiths, social classes, and even throughout different time periods in history. 


We truly think that a kid in your life will love a doll as a new gift, so make sure to get an American Girl gift card for them today!

Barnes & Noble

Reading is a great thing for kids to do, so why not get a gift card so they can buy books!


One of the best things that you could ever get a kid into is reading. Reading opens up a child’s imagination where they can escape into a fun supernatural, dystopian, or fantasy world, and read lots of incredible genres of books. If you know a kid that loves nothing more than reading new books, and a lot at a time, then you should consider getting them a Barnes & Noble gift card today.


We’re sure you’ve heard of Barnes & Noble because it is one of the most popular book stores and one of the largest book retailers in the United States. This amazing book store is full of kids books, fiction, romance, sci-fi, fantasy books, and more, along with comics and manga as well. If you know a kid that loves diving into a new book any chance they get, make sure to get a gift card for Barnes & Noble for them!


A Barnes & Noble gift card never steered anyone in the wrong direction, so make sure to get one for a kid in your life today!


Maybe another book store will do the trick, so make sure to check out this one too!


Are you looking to have a couple book stores in mind whenever you’re getting a gift card for a kid in your life? If so, then you need to get a gift card for Books-A-Million! Much like Barnes & Noble, Books-A-Million, or BAM!, is also known for operating lots of stores throughout the United States where they sell just a little bit of everything.


If you are thinking of getting a Books-A-Million gift card for a little one, then you should be aware of just about everything that they sell. They have lots of books in many different genres, comics, manga, collectibles, such as Funko Pops, magazines, gifts, and so much more. Make sure to get a Books-A-Million gift card for a kid today!


There are a lot of incredible gift cards to get out there, but why not get a Books-A-Million gift card that is perfect for kids today!


Lots of kids enjoy playing video games, so why not get a gift card for a video game store today!


Do you know a kid that doesn’t play video games? Most kids nowadays love to play video games, so we think that another great gift card to get them is one for GameStop! GameStop is one of the best places to go to for all of the newest games, but you can also get some older games, consoles, and so much more there too.


If you are interested in getting a gift card for GameStop for a youngin that you know of, then you should consider it if they’re playing all of the newest Nintendo Switch games, consisting of Animal Crossing, Mario Bros., and so much more, or the newest Xbox and Playstation games,. 


We truly think that a GameStop gift card is the perfect gift card for any kid you know of, so why not get them a gift card for this place right now!


Spending the day playing arcade games and more is great for any kid!


Are you maybe looking for something new when it comes to getting a gift card for a kid? If so, then maybe you need to check out GameWorks for something new! This is the perfect place to go to if you know a kid that loves going and playing old arcade games, newer games on PC, Xbox, Playstation, and more.


There are plenty of video game places to go to whenever you’re looking to get a new game, but at GameWorks, this is the place to go to so you can play a lot of video games all in one place. You will love GameWorks because they offer lots of video games to play and try out, along with bowling, billiards, and laser tag too.


Get a gift card for GameWorks for a fun day out with a kiddo in your life for something new!

Chuck E. Cheese

Get a gift card for a fun place where kids can run around and be kids and play lots of fun games too!


Are you still on the hunt for the best gift card to get a kid that you know? If so, then you need to get a gift card for one of the best places in the world, and that’s at Chuck E. Cheese! Chuck E. Cheese is one of the greatest places to take any kid to because not only can they be kids, but they can relax and enjoy hanging out with other kids playing games all day.


Chuck E. Cheese is a fantastic place to go to because of the fun things that kids can do while they’re there. They can play a lot of games, win tickets, and save up those tickets to earn some potentially big prizes as well. Chuck E. Cheese is a fun place to take any kid to so they can continue to act like a kid and play some games, and meet the famous mouse himself!


Why not get a Chuck E. Cheese gift card for a kid in your life who loves arcade games, pizza, and so much more right away!

Baskin Robbins

What kid doesn’t love ice cream? Make sure to get them the best gift card ever!


We don’t think there’s a kid out there that doesn’t love ice cream. If you are thinking about getting a gift card for a kid that you know in your life, we believe that you should look no where else other than Baskin Robbins! Baskin Robbins is known for being an ice cream and cake specialty shop where they have a lot of incredible flavors for whatever you’re looking for.


At Baskin Robbins, there are so many delicious ice cream flavors that include everything from watermelon burst, coconut swirl, chocolate, caramel turtle truffle, chocolate chip, chocolate chip cookie dough, cotton candy, icing on the cake, and so much more that a kiddo will have a hard time trying to choose just one flavor!


Stop what you’re doing and get a Baskin Robbins gift card for an incredible kid in your life to treat them to something as sweet as they are!

Cold Stone Creamery

More ice cream because we know that many kids can’t turn down a scoop or two of sweetness!


There is nothing better than some ice cream after a long, hot summer day. No matter what time of the day, or even time of year it is, make sure to check out Cold Stone Creamery as soon as you can! Cold Stone Creamery is the perfect place to go to whenever you’re interested in some incredible ice cream that is unlike anything you've ever had before.


Make sure to snag a gift card for Cold Stone Creamery so you can enjoy some of the best ice cream flavors around that even a kid will love. From peanut butter cookie dough, peanut butter pretzel time, berry flavored, apple pie, cheesecake fantasy, mint chocolate chip, cookies and cream, and lots more. 


Get a deliciously sweet gift card for Cold Stone Creamery as soon as you can for a kid in your life today!

Visa Gift Card

Sometimes a simple gift card for anything is just what any kid needs!


Are you stuck on what to get a kid no matter if it’s for their birthday, Christmas, Easter, or any other kind of special occasion? Regardless of how stuck you think you may be on giving gifts to a kid you know, sometimes there’s nothing better than a Visa Gift Card!


Visa gift cards are great because you can add as much money on there as you want and you can let a kid use it for whatever they want! If they want to add it to their next big purchase, buy a couple of toys with it, or wherever they want to use it. It really is the best thing to get since kids are able to use it anywhere they want to.


Get a Visa Gift Card for your favorite little munchkin so they can treat themselves to something they really want and design a custom gift card for them now!


Gift cards are amazing gifts to get anybody, so why not find the perfect one for a kiddo that you love today! Image courtesy of Insider. 


There are plenty of incredible gift cards to choose from when it comes to resting a young one to something that you know they will love. Gift cards are great gifts because it allows a kiddo to go out and get something that they truly like without having you try and guess what it is that they want.


Get one of these ten gift cards off of Gift Card Granny that are perfect for kids so they can have fun doing out and getting something they like!