12 Gift Cards for Your Mother-in-Law to Show You Care

A gift card for your mother-in-law as a gift during the holiday season is a great way to do it. Gift cards make gift-giving easy, and take away the fear that she’s not going to like your gift and she’s going to let you know just how much she doesn’t like it. A gift card lets her make the final decision as to what she’s going to get, and we love that. 

Deciding on a gift card is the first step, but you still have to figure out the store. That’s where we come in. We will provide you with a list of potentially excellent ideas to spark your imagination. Perhaps one of these items will be the one for you but perhaps nothing really catches your eye. If that’s the case, we hope this list is the inspiration you need for that lightbulb moment where you know exactly what gift card to get for your mother-in-law! 

Not sure where to start? No worries! In this article, we are covering the top 12 gift card ideas for your mother-in-law, including: 

  • Gift cards for superstores
  • Gift cards for clothes
  • Gift cards for coffee

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Now that we’re on the same page, let’s jump right into our list!

1. Prepaid Visa Gift Card

A gift card for the everyday expense

Buy a Visa gift card

We will start this list off with some sure hits. Prepaid visa gift cards are an easy way to give a gift card to your mother-in-law that allows her to spend it wherever she wants. This is a great way to find a gift without, well, any worry that it might not land. If you aren’t certain what your mother-in-law likes, or want to play it safe, a prepaid visa gift card is the way to go. 

Buy a Visa gift card

2. Target

A gift card for shoppers

Next up on our list is a gift card to Target. Target is an amazing superstore with a ton of options. This opens the door for some more fun purchases. Target has household staples, sure, but they also have a clothing section and a lot of hobbyist items where your mother-in-law may find herself spending the gift card getting something a little more out of the ordinary! Visa gift cards are great, but they are almost a little too good, making it hard to spend them on anything except groceries or something along those lines. 

3. Amazon

A gift card for all things a mother-in-law may need

Amazon is a classic. They’ve got it all, and we’re pretty sure that no one who has ever received an Amazon gift card was disappointed. They are so versatile! When you give a gift card, you want to make sure that they will be happy to use it. One of the big dangers of gift-giving is that the gift card makes them spend money on something they don’t want. Even if you, say, give a gift card to a nice restaurant they still have to cover the difference. With an Amazon gift card, that is never the case! 

3a. Audible

Not all reading has to be done with a book in hand! 

Buy an Audible gift card

While we love readers, not everyone is interested in sitting down for hours with a book in hand. Audible is a fantastic substitute for old-fashioned reading as it lets people enjoy some spectacular stories while up and moving. They could pop in some headphones while they are doing chores, shopping, or on a walk. 

4. Nordstrom

A gift card for a fantastic shopping trip

On to the clothes! A clothing gift card is a great choice for a mother-in-law. They have racks upon racks of new and stylish stuff that is sure to put a smile on her face. This department store is one of the best ones around, and a gift card is perfect as long as she likes to shop here. There is, of course, a little risk with a gift card here knowing that it will likely not come close to covering the cost of the trip. The clothes are expensive! You don’t want to push a shopping trip if she is content with what she has.

Nordstrom hosts a ton of high-end brands for its customers to choose from. They have an abundance of brands and items to catch your mother-in-law’s eye as she walks down the aisles of clothing.

5. Macy’s

The perfect gift card for affordable seasonal shopping 

Buy a Macy’s gift card

Macy’s is a much more affordable department store that houses loads of fun and fashionable items. They open the door for your mother-in-law to go clothes shopping for a fun new outfit. Macy’s has an amazing selection of clothes and brands so they’ve got something for everybody. More money-minded clothing shoppers will love a Macy’s gift card because they can get a few items for the cost of one at Nordstrom!

Macy’s is a great store to shop around when you don’t have a specific item in mind. There are so many different colors and styles laid out that inspiration could strike at any moment.

Buy a Macy’s gift card

6. Ulta

Personal-care products are always in! A gift card to Ulta could be a big hit

Buy a ULTA Beauty gift card

If your mother-in-law wears makeup, a gift card to Ulta is a great choice! There’s always a product that needs a refill, and Ulta is a perfect place to do it! They have tons of brands that are certain to satisfy even the most complex skincare routine. We love gift cards to stores like this one because your mother-in-law is likely to know better than anyone what products they need to be refilled.

Buy a ULTA Beauty gift card

7. Sephora

A gift card for beauty products

Buy a Sephora gift card

Sephora and Ulta are similar stores in their products, and we recommend finding out which one your mother-in-law likes to go to more before you purchase one or the other. Sephora is home to a tremendous quantity of beauty products, and she may frequent there to replenish her stocks. 

Getting your mother-in-law a gift card to Sephora is a great way to show that you care and allows her to stock up on her favorite products that she uses every day. Your gift card can take a bit of the weight off of her getting that expensive bottle of hand cream that she loves. 

Buy a Sephora gift card

8. Dunkin’ Donuts

Coffee, coffee, coffee!

Buy a Dunkin’ gift card 

Coffee is the lifeblood of many mothers. Does she drink coffee? While Dunkin’ Donuts has a wide variety of items, their coffee is king. Dunkin’ is great for the ease in which she can order coffee when she goes if, perhaps, she’s forgotten to get a cup in the morning or is out and wants a nice cup to start her day. Whatever the reason, we know that this is one of the best gift cards for mother-in-laws!

Buy a Dunkin’ gift card 

9. Starbucks

For that special seasonal drink 

Just like Dunkin’ Donuts, Starbucks is a great place for coffee-goers to get their morning, afternoon, or evening drinks. As with Sephora and Ulta, we believe that these two businesses provide, in essence, the same product, but you should tailor your gift card to what business you believe she likes more. 

10. Caribou Coffee

Gift the joy of a freshly-made cup of coffee in the morning

Buy a Caribou Coffee gift card

Caribou coffee is a great place to pick up coffee beans and other accessories. They create some delicious and affordable bags of coffee that are sure to spruce up any household coffee pot. If your mother-in-law likes to make coffee in the morning it could be the perfect time for a Caribou coffee gift card! This coffee store is full of fun and seasonally apt blends to turn that normal pot of coffee into something grand. 

We love gift cards to Caribou coffee because it leaves the final decision up to the recipient. They can go with the standard Caribou blend or switch it up and go with a seasonal flavor. They can get coarse-ground coffee, fine-ground coffee, or whole-bean coffee! They have coffee accessories to fill out their coffee corner. They’ve got it all! 

Buy a Caribou Coffee gift card

11. Barnes and Noble

A gift card for readers

Buy a Barnes & Noble gift card 

Barnes and Noble is an excellent choice for a gift card. They have such a diverse collection of books on their shelves that readers of all ages and interests can find a book that they enjoy. There is a certain pleasure in walking around the store without a specific destination, just looking at covers and titles as they catch your eye. Also, it could be the perfect occasion if she has a book on their mind and this spurs her to go and pick it up. 

Buy a Barnes & Noble gift card 

12. Bed Bath and Beyond

A gift card for the essentials

Buy a Bed Bath & Beyond gift card

To finish up our list, we have a gift card to Bed Bath and Beyond! We love their selection of household products and we think your mother-in-law will too! They have a ton of candles, soaps, sheets, and much more that she can peruse at her leisure and pick out what she wants. This kind of gift card gets at one of the things we love the most about giving gift cards as gifts. The recipient is able to go out and find something that they like and purchase it with the knowledge that the price they see on the tag is not the price they are going to pay. 

Buy a Bed Bath & Beyond gift card

These are our most popular gift cards for mother-in-laws

Those are our gift cards for your mother-in-law. If you are still coming up blank on what to get for them, do some brainstorming with your partner. That little bit of insight can lead you down the path to the perfect gift card, especially now that you are equipped with this list of excellent possibilities. An Amazon or Visa gift card is perfect when you aren’t sure what activities they are most interested in because it covers, well, just about all of them. If you get a broad card like that, however, you run the risk of them spending it on something entirely different. To avoid that, a card that is more tailored to their particular interests is essential. 

Gift cards are a fantastic way to show your appreciation and a great gift. Gift cards allow them to take the initiative, and sometimes you get to come along for the ride. Gift cards are always valuable gifts, and we hope that you have found the perfect card for the occasion with the new knowledge you possess. 

Remember: many of the retailers on this list are available at Gift Card Granny, where you can earn cashback and rewards on all of your gift card purchases. 

From all of us here at Gift Card Granny, happy shopping!