Gift Cards for Musicians: 7 Ideas Bound to Inspire

Music is something that has the power to bring people together, transcending language and culture to ignite the human spirit and evoke emotion through sound. Many of us only see music as a form of entertainment and do not delve very far into its creation, but those musicians passionate for the craft grasp certain concepts beyond the public’s reach. 

There’s music enthusiasts everywhere, and no small number of talented musicians creating art. If you happen to have a family member or friend who has a knack for musical talent, then you’re already well aware of the influence music can have on its listeners and those who create it. Musicians are artists simply trying to spread their messages through a medium that accurately captures the intent of the artist. 

You’re going to be hard pressed finding gifts that could possibly measure up to such talented souls, but you’ll never go wrong with the limitless potential of gift cards. Gift Card Granny makes shopping for gift cards super simple, and there’s no shortage of gift card options to choose from. Some of these options includes things like:  

  • Gift cards for live events and performances 
  • Gift cards for musical instruments
  • Gift cards for music streaming services 

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1. Guitar Center

The Tools to Succeed in Any Musical Endeavors 

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A musician without an instrument to create with is similar to a painter devoid of canvas and pigment, which is to say that it’s an utter shame that it should ever happen at all. Unfortunately, instruments can run a hefty price tag, one that quite surpasses the cost of acrylic paints and new parchment to decorate with artistic visions. That can hinder a musician’s ability to afford quality instruments, preventing them from letting their creativity flourish.  

While a brand new instrument would certainly be a gift worthy of appreciation by any musician out there, odds are your budget isn’t cut out for such a large expense either. But you don’t need a grand gift to express your care for someone; helping them afford their next big purchase is just as good, if not preferred. Plus, it gives your gift recipient the final say on the matter, sparing you the opportunity to make a mistake by purchasing the wrong instrument.  

When it comes to respectable retailers of musical instruments, you don’t have to look beyond the nearest Guitar Center to fulfill all of your instrumental needs. Guitar Center’s inventory is packed full of the latest sound equipment, recording software, and all the tools you’d need to start producing high quality music. Shop guitar amps, gig bags, electronic synthesizers, spotlights, and plenty of other items to amplify your music experience. 

If you’re all good on music enhancing gear and just in it for the new instruments, don’t think you’re limited to guitars and drum sets. Though the Guitar Center sounds rather restricting in the musical instrument department, their inventory includes a lot more than guitars. Build an entire orchestra with all types of instruments, from woodwinds and brass to strings and percussion. Whether shopping for an oboe, flute, violin, or you simply desire to pluck away at guitar strings on lonely nights, the Guitar Center has everything a musician could ever need to express their musical talents with.  

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2. Spotify 

Let Other Artists Give You Motivation

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Even the most talented of musicians didn’t manifest out of thin air. From contemporary artists to the vintage musical stars, all musicians from across the decades have found inspiration for their creations through the work of others. 


While CDs may have been coveted by your parent’s generation, most of modern music is consumed via streaming services like Spotify. With a library of millions of songs by thousands of artists across countless different genres, the potential of discovering captivating new music is as high as ever. Store your favorite songs on your account to access them with ease, build playlists perfect for your mood, and enjoy your tunes no matter where you are by downloading them straight to your device. 

Being able to play your favorite music whenever you want is nothing short of a musical miracle, but Spotify is a lot more than just a reserve of your tasteful music collection. Spotify will curate songs on your feed based on your listening history and allow you to easily find new favorites with weekly discovery playlists. 

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3. J.W. Pepper

Find Inspiration with Every Note

Any musician, whether with twenty years of experience or two, will tell you how important having quality tools to create is. After all, music doesn’t come from nothing, and even the most prodigal of musical talents needs the resources to breathe life to their artistic visions. 

Instruments are an obvious necessity for any musician, but another crucial part of music making is having adequate sheet music to follow. Sure, some folks prefer to rely on their ears and play based on sound alone, but a lot of musicians need visual cues to follow when encountering new music. And when it comes to sheet music, no company does it with such grace as J.W. Pepper. 

Founded in 1876, J.W. Pepper has been delivering sheet music to musicians for literal centuries and is currently thought to be the largest retailer of sheet music in the world, with well over seven hundred thousand titles in its database. Browse for beloved classics, tunes from iconic pieces of media, contemporary compositions, and so much more when you use J.W. Pepper for all your sheet music needs. It’s a great resource to have when you need to prepare for your next performance, and J.W. Pepper’s same day shipping means it gets to your doorstep quick.

Gift cards for J.W. Pepper are not currently offered through Gift Card Granny, but keep an eye out on which amazing retailers join our catalog next!

4. Ticketmaster

There’s Nothing Like the Appeal of Live Music

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There’s little as inspirational as hearing the captivating melody of a live performance. When stuck in a rut and unable to produce new music, any musician can find peace in listening to their favorite artists perform at a concert, orchestra, or any other kind of musical show.  

Still, most concerts don’t run cheap, and it can take a great deal of effort locating and securing tickets to events. Ticketmaster can help any musician or music lover in general stay on top of the ticket buying game with instant access to thousands of tickets for a host of exciting performances. Whether it’s for the opera or to see the band you’ve always dreamt of seeing live, Ticketmaster has no shortage of live performance options to peruse. 

Another great thing about Ticketmaster is its credibility. There will be no hidden fees, no chance of oversale on tickets you thought were secure, and certainly no shady dealings with anonymous internet sellers. Ticketmaster even offers ticket insurance with every purchase, allowing you to protect your tickets (and bank account) in the event of unforeseen circumstances, such as sickness or family emergencies.  

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5. Sweetwater

Music Accessibility is Important

A lot of work goes into being a musician, and even more work goes into making a successful career out of it. While no musician needs to make money from their craft, the reality of music is that it isn’t cheap and premium instruments cost quite a pretty penny. 

Though it’s always tempting to go with the more expensive, higher quality options from brands that milk you for all you’re worth, the truth is that there are plenty of retailers out there not looking to take advantage of you for the sake of music. Sweetwater happens to be that kind of company, providing customers with a prime selection of instruments, music accessories, gear, and more.  

The Sweetwater catalog includes a diverse range of instruments of various brands, types, and styles for a variety of prices to be inclusive to musicians operating on different budgets. If flat out buying an instrument is out of the picture, save big time with renting through Sweetwater for a reasonable monthly fee. And when it comes time to part with old music equipment, consider trading in your old gear so others can benefit from it as well. 

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6. Groupon

Big Discounts on Music Near You

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Musicians thrive when they are among folks who share their love of music as a medium to properly express their creativity. After all, bands and orchestras, musicals and choirs, they all depend on collective effort and shared passion to thrive. 

The next time you’re stuck scrolling through secondhand ticket postings of live events and looking to avoid the drastic price tags, remember that musicians who stick together are more likely to succeed. Groupon proves that point by offering huge discounts on access to some of the hottest musical events near you. Attend gatherings with like minded, musical individuals and feel the fire in your creative soul ignite! 

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7. Custom Visa Card

The Freedom is Everything

Having a diverse social sphere means you’re constantly enriched by the warm presence of family, friends, and peers. It’s a wonderful feeling, except for when it comes time to give gifts and you’re left blindsided by all the shopping you have to do. 

Even if you consider yourself to be a prime giver of gifts, it’s impossible to keep track of every single interest, passion, and hobby of all the folks you know. That’s why you deserve a dependable, low effort option that has just as much potential to surprise and delight as even the most thoughtful of presents. 

A custom Visa gift card is the perfect gift for when you’re in a pinch and can’t devote time or resources to proper gift shopping. Able to be used almost anywhere for anything, a custom Visa card is as versatile as it is magical. And for the eclectic tastes of your average musician, it couldn’t be more perfect. 

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Well, that’s the end of our list. With so many great gift card options fit for musicians and lovers of music alike, the gifting potential is nearly endless. No matter which options feel right for you, be confident knowing you’re doing your part to spread the joy of music to those around you with the help of Gift Card Granny!