7 Gift Cards to Give to Your Neighbor That Will Make the Perfect Gift

Need a gift idea for your neighbor? Well, we’ve got you covered with these 7 gift card ideas perfect for any neighbor! Yes, even the one you don’t know very well! 

If you just had a ew neighbor move in across the street or next door, you might be on the hunt for a nice house warming gift to welcome them to the neighborhood. Or, maybe with the holidays coming around, birthdays coming up, or really if you just want a gift idea to say thanks for being a great neighbor, we’ve got the gift ideas for you! 

Gift cards are always a great gift idea when shopping for anyone on your list whether you know them well or not. So why should this be any different when shopping for a gift for your neighbor? We’ve gathered 7 of our favorite gift card ideas that we think your neighbor will love and actually use. So if you’re in need of some gift inspiration, then keep reading! 

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  • Home Depot
  • Sephora 
  • DoorDash
  • Bed bath and Beyond 
  • Michaels 
  • QVC 
  • Boscovs

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1. Home Depot 

A gift card for the DIY neighbor who wants to fix up their space a little 

Buy a Home Depot gift card

For all of the neighbors you know who love to do home improvement projects, always seem to be updating their home, or they just love to make their outside area look nice, a Home Depot gift card is a great gift choice for them! Home Depot has so many tools and supplies to choose from for any home improvement project and their stores have employees who are well-versed in all things home and are always willing to help with questions or advice. 

So whether they need a new paint color, their faucet broke, or they want to change out their vanity, Home Depot can help them do this! Along with home improvement tools and supplies, Home Depot also has a selection of outdoor furniture to help revamp their space align with some plants and other decor options to choose from! Home Depot is also a great stop to get seasonal decorations and you can even use the gift card online to have your supplies delivered right to your front door! 

Buy a Home Depot gift card

2. Sephora 

The perfect gift card for the neighbor who seems to be a self-made makeup artist. 

Buy a Sephora gift card

Sephora is the perfect gift card idea for the neighbor that is very into makeup and considers themself a makeup artist. Sephora is one of the larger makeup distributors and for good reason, because they have a lot to choose from. So whatever kind of  makeup style your neighbor is into, they are sure to find what they like at Sephora with their new gift card. 

Not only does Sephora have makeup, but they also offer a selection of hair care products, skincare items, and even some hair and body tools like curling wands and body scrubbers. So even if your neighbor isn’t very big on makeup, if they like skincare and love to pamper themselves, then they will surely love a Sephora gift card that can allow them to pick out these items so that they can get the ones that they want or love. If they aren’t big on going to the store to shop, they can also use their gift card online on Sephora’s website as well! 

Get a Sephora gift card 

3. DoorDash 

A gift card for the neighbor who always seems to be ordering out for dinner

Buy a DoorDash gift card  

If you notice your neighbor is always ordering food online to be delivered to their door, then a DoorDash gift card is something they will probably love and appreciate, especially if the only place that really delivers is pizza. With a DoorDash gift card your neighbor can order food online through the app from any of their favorite local places to eat and have it delivered right to your door. Not only is this great for ordering food for those who work from home, but a DoorDash gift card is also great for when they don’t feel like cooking and they don’t want to go out for dinner or any other meal during the day. 

DoorDash also has a grocery shopping option where they can get their weekly groceries delivered to them instead of having to shop themselves, as well as having pharmacy and convenient store purchases delivered to them. With a DoorDash gift card you can give them a gift they won’t forget and are sure to use daily! 

Buy a DoorDash gift card  

4. Bed Bath and Beyond 

A gift card for the neighbor who loves to shop for all things home 

Buy a Bed Bath & Beyond gift card

Maybe your neighbor just moved in or you know they are taking on a new decorating project. Whatever the case, if they are on the lookout to shop for some home products, then a Bed Bath and Beyond gift card is perfect for them! Bed Bath and Beyond has a huge selection of bedding and bath products that your neighbor can use to completely redo their space. But, as the name suggests, Bed Bath and Beyond also carries more than just bed and bath supplies and accessories. 

At Bed Bath and Beyond you can get kitchen gadgets and supplies from large items like a new coffee maker or airfryer, to smaller items they might need like a new spatula or a pair of tongs. Bed Bath and Beyond also has an “As Seen on TV” section so if your neighbor loves to buy things advertised on TV they can use their Bed Bath and Beyond gift card to try out something new! Bed Bath and Beyond also has a big online site with more products to choose form as well! With a Bed Bath and Beyond gift card your neighbor can really make their space their own! 

Grab a Bed Bath and Beyond gift card 

5. Michaels 

The gift card that is perfect for the neighbor who has a crafty side to them 

Buy a Michael’s gift card

If you have a neighbor who has a big crafty side and is very much into DIY projects, then a Michaels gift card is the way to go! Chances are if you live next to a crafty neighbor you’ve noticed them doing projects around their home and a Michaels gift card is a great way to help them out while showing you care and you know what they like! People who are into crafts are often tricky to shop for because they are usually doing a different craft or project all of the time so knowing what they might want or need can be a little hard. 

With a Michaels gift card you do not have to worry about this, because they can use their gift card toward a project they are currently working on or save it for their next craft idea. This way you know they will get the supplies they want or need. Plus, they can use their Michaels gift card online as well so if the store doesn’t have what they might need for their project or DIY craft, then they can get the supplies they need online with their gift card! 

Buy a Michael’s gift card

6. QVC 

The best gift card for the neighbor who loves to shop for anything and everything online 

Buy a QVC gift card

QVC is an online shopping site that has so many different things you can shop for, all in one place. A QVC gift card is the perfect gift card for the neighbor that you notice is always having things delivered to their home or you know loves to do most of their shopping online (and who can blame them). With a QVC gift card your neighbor can use it for any home decor pieces they might be looking for, clothes, gift ideas for people on their own gift list for the holidays, games, and much more. 

So whether they are looking for gardening tools and options or they’re interested in jewelry, QVC has something for them! QVC has a department for pretty much anything you can think of, and they are always running deals on a lot of their products. Plus, QVC offers an easy pay option at checkout so they can pay over time and save even more with their gift card! A QVC gift card is a great gift idea for any neighbor whether you know them well or not because they are guaranteed to find something on QVC that they want or need. 

Buy a QVC gift card

7. Boscovs 

A gift card where your neighbor can buy everything home related all in one place

Buy a Boscov’s gift card

Boscovs is a department store that has pretty much anything you can think of from home goods to clothing. A Boscovs gift card is a great gift idea for the neighbor who is sort of hard to shop for but you want to give them something nice. Because Boscovs has so many different departments, your neighbor is sure to find something here that they love. At Boscovs you can shop for a lot of different things both for the home and clothing and other gadget type items that are advertised on TV. 

With a large home section, your neighbor can use their gift card toward a new bed, some living room furniture, bedding and towel options, or really anything that has to do with their home. Or, if you notice they love to shop for clothes, Boscovs has a large clothing department as well as a large beauty department. Whatever your neighbor is looking for or likes to shop for, chances are Boscovs has it! A Boscovs gift card can also be used online as well as in store so they can shop online if they prefer or if their store doesn’t have what they are looking for. 

Buy a Boscov’s gift card

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