Our Top 10 Gift Cards for New Parents

If you know a couple who have just brought a new baby into the world, chances are they’ve got their hands full! Whether it’s round the clock feeding times, changing diapers, or trying to catch up on a minute of sleep, new parents have a busy schedule. Put that on top of all their other commitments like work and family, and they probably don’t have much time to think about their own needs.


This is an exciting time for them, but also a stressful one as they learn new routines that center around caring for their new baby. While they will eventually settle into a regimen that works for them, in the meantime they may need a little extra assistance at times. That’s when it’s great to have friends and family to fall back on for help. There’s always something a family member or friend could do to pitch in and help the new parents adjust to life with a young baby.


One of the best ways you can show your love and support to new parents is to help out with a gift card. That’s right, giving them a gift card allows them to make the choice and decide what they need at the moment. Whether it’s another pack of diapers, a new onesie set, or some toys, giving them the opportunity to choose makes all the difference in the world to them. 

We thought we’d put together a list of the top 10 gift cards new parents would love to receive from a family member or friend. In this list we’re going to cover:


  • Gift cards to help with the new baby

  • Gift cards for new parents and self care

  • Gift cards to help with chores


Pick up gift cards for new parents at Gift Card Granny

If you’re looking to help out new parents you can’t go wrong with a gift card from Gift Card Granny. This is the only site that allows you to earn cash back on the gift cards you pick up. Purchase your gift cards here and earn money that you can use towards additional purchases for birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, or baby showers. Gift cards are always welcome because the recipient gets to pick out exactly what they want.


We’ve highlighted the retailers on this list that are offered at Gift Card Granny at the time of this writing. But if you find one that we don’t offer just yet, make sure to check back often because we’re always adding new brands.

Buy Buy Baby

Anything a new parent could need they’ll find at this convenient store!

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When it comes to anything baby, Buy Buy Baby has got new parents covered. Whether they need to pick up new toys, get a car seat, or finally purchase a hands-free carrier, they can do that and more at this store. Designed to help out with everything parents could need when it comes to baby, they have departments geared towards strollers, furniture, bedding, decor, toys, clothing, and even bath and diapering items. 


In addition to having all the essentials for taking care of a new baby, their website also offers lots of advice and information that any new parent could use as they start to navigate the ins and outs of parenthood.


Make sure you get your hands on a Buy Buy Baby gift card from Gift Card Granny and watch your cash back start to add up!

Baby Gap

New parents can pick up anything for their baby to wear at Baby Gap

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Do new parents that you know need some help when it comes to outfits for the new baby? If so, Baby Gap has got them covered. As an offshoot of the popular Gap brand, Baby Gap brings the same sense of fashion to the clothing of little ones. Whether they need some cute playtime onesies, little blankets, socks, or hats, you can find the most stylish baby apparel at the Baby Gap. 


Make sure you get your Baby Gap gift card through Gift Card Granny and earn cash back!

Sam’s Club

Grab anything you need and stock up with a gift card to Sam’s Club


New parents are going to need a lot of stuff for baby. So why not get them a gift card to Sam’s Club! This popular membership store is the best place to stock up on items like diapers, baby wipes, cotton balls, baby formula, or anything that you might want to purchase in bulk.


The prices at Sam’s Club are also reasonable, which makes it even better for new parents who will need to get used to budgeting for more than themselves now!


You can get a gift card for Sam’s Club at Gift Card Granny and help the new parents stay on top of all the baby items they’ll need.  


Bed Bath & Beyond

Gift cards to this helpful store are always welcomed by new parents

Bed Bath & Beyond is one of the most popular stores for a reason, you can literally find almost anything that you need there! New parents would be so grateful to get a thoughtful gift card like this because they can use it to pick up all the new baby items they’ll require. If they need some bath toys, this place is sure to have them. Need a small towel or robe to wrap up baby after a bath? You’re sure to find it here!


There are also plenty of items that new parents could use to indulge in a little self care as well. You’re sure to find items like foot baths, bath bombs, or a great set of sheets to ensure they’re getting enough sleep each night.


Pick up your Bed Bath & Beyond gift card at Gift Card Granny and start earning cash back on your purchases. 


There are all kinds of options for new parents to stock up on items from Target

Target run and done is the saying, and it couldn’t be more true! When you stop in at Target new parents can pick up anything that they need for the new baby including diapers, formula, some cute clothes, pacifiers, and even a baby car seat. Parents can also get their shopping done while they’re at Target, and pick up anything they need to ensure they’re getting healthy meals and snacks.


It takes a lot of energy to ensure that a new baby is cared for, which is why Target is a great place to shop for easy on the go snacks like granola bars, water jugs to stay hydrated, and even quick and easy meals that you can just pop into the oven.


While they’re there, they might even find time to pick up a new phone or camera to store all the new pictures of baby they’ll be taking!


Gift Card Granny doesn’t offer Target gift cards just yet, but make sure you’re stopping back often because we’re always updating our retailers.



They’re baby section has everything new parents might need

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Burlington has a specific section of their stores that are devoted to helping new parents with baby items, and that’s Baby Depot. A gift card to Burlington can help out new parents a lot, especially if they need to pick up some additional items to add to the baby’s room. You’ll find all the best cribs, bath mats, rocking chairs, and toys for new babies, at prices that are very affordable. In addition to important furniture and items for the nursery, Burlington also offers a great selection of baby clothes, shoes, and coats.


You can pick up a gift card to Burlington’s Baby Depot at Gift Card Granny and ensure new parents can find exactly what they need for baby!


Give the gift of MasterCard and allow the new parents to choose what they need

When you want to make sure the new parents will be able to use a gift card you give them, you turn to a MasterCard! This card is accepted just like cash at almost any place new parents would need to spend money at. This can help with groceries, filling up their tank of gas, stocking up on baby supplies, or even just ordering take out from a local restaurant. Sometimes parents need a break from cooking, which is why if you’re unsure what to give, you can’t go wrong with a MasterCard gift card.


New parents may also want to use these helpful gift cards to help pay for supplies to spruce up the baby’s room such as painting it a new color, or adding some stencils to the baby’s room’s walls. All of this can be purchased from most retailers with a MasterCard gift card!


Make sure to give the gift of a MasterCard gift card to the new parents in your life, and earn cash back from Gift Card Granny!

Blue Apron

Help new parents tackle cooking with a gift card to Blue Apron!


New parents often struggle to find time to properly cook a good, healthy meal for themselves. At the end of the day it can be hard to muster the energy necessary to cook, and that’s totally understandable! New parents are focusing on the needs of the new baby first, but in order to feel their best, they can’t rely on snacks or convenience food.


This is why a gift card to Blue Apron would be such a fantastic gift idea. Blue Apron is a meal delivery service that gives all the ingredients you need to create a healthy, balanced meal from scratch. They also include all the instructions, which cuts down on cooking time a lot. New parents are sure to be pinched for time, so having their meals all ready to go for the week will be really appreciated.


Snag a Blue Apron gift card at Gift Card Granny and help the new parents you know cook a good meal for themselves!

Uber Eats

Get your food delivered right to your door with Uber Eats

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Although it’s a great idea to ensure the new parents you know are able to cook meals at home, you could also give the gift of easy food delivery with Uber Eats. Sometimes it’s just easier to order out, and when that time comes, you can be prepared with a gift card for Uber Eats. There are all kinds of restaurants available to deliver, from Italian, Asian, Mexican, and pub food, the new parents in your life are sure to find a place that just hits the spot.


Ordering from Uber Eats is super easy, and when they’re in a time crunch, new parents will definitely appreciate this thoughtful gift card.


You can pick up a gift card to Uber Eats for new parents at Gift Card Granny and earn yourself some cash back in the process!

Merry Maids

Because no new parent has time to clean the house!

If there’s one thing on the list of new parents, it’s finding the time to clean the house! While they’re busy getting used to a new baby and a new routine, keeping up with the housework usually gets forgotten about. This is where a gift card to Merry Maids would help them out!


This cleaning service does it all, from one time cleans, to weekly or monthly visits to wipe down and dust the house. Merry Maids even offers deep cleans and specialized cleans, should the new parents need a specific room cleaned in addition to the house. Allow them to worry about one less thing so they can concentrate on the baby, and have this cleaning service pick up the housework!


Gift Card Granny doesn’t offer gift cards to Merry Maids yet, but check back often!


Help out new parents with a gift card to these top choices!


While you won’t be able to take all the stress away from new parents, you can certainly help lighten their load with a timely gift card. Pick up any of these options and you’re sure to make a difference in their daily lives!