Gift Cards for Older Parents: 7 Options that Mom and Dad Will Be Sure to Love


Parents aren’t necessarily known for being easy to shop for, so don’t leave it to chance – browse the best gift cards around for older parents in one concise list!

Every year that goes by is indicative of another earthly revolution around the sun, and you get to experience the pleasant, wistful sensation of aging one more year. In the physical sense, it doesn’t feel like much, but when you glance back at the past years and realize just how far you’ve come since childhood, you begin to understand the impact of age. 


An even greater force to place you face to face with the beloved and abhorred concept of time and its unavoidable effects are your parents. Watching yourself grow older is almost surreal in a way, but witnessing more wrinkles and increased joint pain in your parents makes the consequences of time all the more concrete. 


Aging is like clockwork; it’s going to happen, unimpeded, as the gears of time continue to turn. It’s up to you to make the most of the time you do have, so cherish the relationship you have with your parents while you have the opportunity. 


Gift cards from Gift Card Granny are a fantastic way to show appreciation for all of the hard work your parents put in to raise you, and they make for tasteful gifts for any occasion, whether you’re celebrating a birthday, holiday, or a just-because-I-love-you day. 


Time is precious, but a parent’s love is boundless. Though gift cards can only repay a fraction of their affections, the gesture is always appreciated. Let’s go over some great gift cards ideas for older parents and see which best resonate with you. 


Get ready to explore the following:

  • Gift cards for department stores

  • Gift cards for food and fun

  • Gift cards for good health

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You Don’t Have to Be Rich to Feel Rich

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Yes, mom and dad are both getting older, but that doesn’t mean their taste in fashion and lust for the finer things in life has exited the picture. Why not humor them with a gift that measures up to their high tastes? 


Bloomingdale’s is an American luxury department store chain that is perfectly equipped to handle such a task. Bloomingdale’s has been delivering quality goods and satisfaction since the opening of their flagship store in Manhattan, New York, all the way back in 1861.  With fifty-five locations in operation throughout the United States, this high-end chain is the epitome of refined opulence and never fails to become the highlight of the shopping trip.


Wade through their expansive collection of impressive products like designer handbags, clothing for all ages, footwear, furniture, jewelry, beauty and personal care items, housewares, and other wonderful accessories. 


In terms of gift cards for older parents, Bloomingdale's really takes the cake. Get your Bloomingdale’s gift card from Gift Card Granny, where luxurious products and cash back await!

AMC Theatres

See the Next Best Flick in the Best Possible Way

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As the years begin to catch up with you, the desire to go out gradually decreases until it’s almost nonexistent. If you happen to notice that your older parents aren’t getting out of the house like they used to, try not to fret too much – simply give them the nudge they need to have some fun. 


The prospect of an afternoon spent at the local AMC movie theater could be the inspirational spark they’re looking for. After all, movies are for everyone, and nothing beats the experience of going out and witnessing the latest box office hits on the big screen. 


No other theater company does it quite like AMC Theatres, and it’s hardly a wonder as to why. Since its foundation in 1920, AMC Theatres has spectacularly provided entertainment to American audiences across the country, and it currently holds the largest share of the United States theater market. 


Any parent will be able to enjoy a gift card to AMC Theatres, and it’s even more fun with a spouse or friend, so pick one up today from Gift Card Granny and rake in easy cash back. 

Outback Steakhouse

Serving Up the Best Dinner Night Around

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A lot changes as you age. It can be a difficult reality to accept, but certain aspects of your parents’ health will grow and change the same as anything else. Being mindful of your diet is one surefire way to stay healthy, though. 


If you happen to make a habit of worrying about your parents’ diets, be a considerate kid and treat them to a tasteful evening out at one of the best restaurants in town. At Outback Steakhouse, not even picky parents will be able to leave without eating a plateful of delicious American cuisine in a delightful Australian-inspired setting. 


With over one thousand locations that span across countries in North and South America, Oceania, and Asia, an Outback Steakhouse location is never far from reach. Give the mouthwatering gift of a dish that’s out of this world to your parents with a gift card to Outback Steakhouse from Gift Card Granny. They’ll get to partake in a truly scrumptious meal and you’ll get a lovely dose of cash back. How splendid!


The Next Level of Reading is Here

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Reading is a form of entertainment that never goes out of vogue. From books with colorful illustrations to novels that took an entire tree to produce one copy of (minor exaggeration), books are something people of all ages should be able to enjoy.


That being said, there are some factors outside of our control in terms of reading, a very crucial one being eyesight. Older folks may experience a lot of difficulty reading text in small print, even if they have a helpful pair of glasses on hand. 


Take text out of the equation completely with Audible, an online audiobook and podcast service that provides access to spoken word content of all types. Browse millions of different audiobooks to purchase and stream, all conveniently accessible in one cohesive library.


Audible is essentially a bookstore that all fits into your phone, meaning no overstocked bookshelves or forgotten copies collecting dust in the cabinet. Any parent can enjoy listening to their favorite books from the comfort of their living room, on the go in their car, or while vacationing in the blissful beach sunlight. And with a plethora of genres to choose from, Audible caters to anyone’s tastes. 


Gift Card Granny hosts many amazing retailers to select from, but Audible is unfortunately not among our current options. Check back soon to see which brands join our catalog next! 

Crate & Barrel

For the Best Furniture on the Market


Buying new furniture might not sound too appealing when you’re young, but plenty of parents can attest to the exhilarating thrill of anticipation that grows stronger as the delivery date draws closer. New furniture adds an extra dose of life to any room and transforms the space into the perfect residence for mom and dad. 


If your parents are on the market for some quality furniture that matches their simple yet pleasant tastes, then Crate and Barrel is the place to be. An international home decor store with locations across North America and Europe, Crate and Barrel offers a stylish range of upmarket housewares, home furnishings, decor, and related items. 


Crate and Barrel specializes in modern, simplistic designs that don’t take up too much attention. Their furniture is neutral in design and meant to promote a calm, clean mind free from unnecessary distractions. Coupled with the fact that Crate and Barrel is committed to responsible design by sourcing their wood from ethically managed forests, their sleek furniture can be thoroughly enjoyed, guilt-free.  


Help your folks freshen up their home with a gift card to Crate and Barrel from Gift Card Granny and get rewarded with easy cash back. 

Plant Therapy

Turn Your Health Around with Essential Oils

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Getting older comes with a lot of drawbacks, including limitations in physical and mental ability. While there are certain things you cannot avoid as you age, there are habits you can implement to improve certain aspects of your well-being. 


Essential oils contain distilled chemical compounds from plants that retain some of their benefits, helping to promote feelings of calm, focus, and relief from pain. Many older adults may struggle to stay relaxed or experience regular bouts of physical discomfort, but essential oils can be the key to unlocking the powers of rest and relaxation. 


Plant Therapy is an online retailer of expertly crafted, high-quality essential oils, CBD, and body care products. They have a broad catalog of oils, diffusion paraphernalia, household accessories, and personal care items to make any home into a temple of tranquility and bliss. 


We host a lot of great retailers on Gift Card Granny, but Plant Therapy is not yet one of them. However, we’re always looking out for new additions to our catalog!


Access Thousands of Food Providers from All Fifty States


Your parents had whole entire lives before you entered the picture, and it probably isn’t too far off the mark to assume they enjoyed a lot of little pleasures over the years, including certain delicious foods from around the country. They don’t travel as much as they used to anymore, though, and there’s a disappointing lack of tasty snacks in their house as a result.


While dear old mom and dad might not be up for traveling, Goldbelly is here to save the day by bringing the goods straight to your front door. Goldbelly is an online marketplace for regional and artisanal foods crafted throughout the United States by local food providers. Their online catalog is extensive and curates thousands of items from restaurants, bakeries, delis, and other shops to ship across the country. 


Whether you’re craving the spice of Southwestern cuisine, freshly baked bagels, or warm cookies that melt away in your mouth, Goldbelly has enough options to appeal to anyone’s taste buds. They even have meal kits to make becoming your own personal chef a dream come true. 


While you can’t find Goldbelly on Gift Card Granny quite yet, we’re always adding more retailers to our catalog, so stay tuned for who joins next!


It’s up to you to take life moment by moment and make the most of what each day gives you. After all, your parents aren’t getting any younger, so be there while you can. 


Parents get older. That isn’t something you can change, nor is it a concept worth fearing. What’s important is the love that they gave you throughout your upbringing, along with their continued devotion to you well into adulthood. Time changes everything, but a parent’s love is unconditional and timeless. 


Cherish the moments you can still spend with your parents, especially the little things. Whether it’s a new dining room table or a ticket to the next blockbuster hit, be sure to show your parents just how much you truly appreciate them and all they do.